Greed Fuels Climate Change

Climate Denyers Get Fat Cash Rewards $$$

Denying climate change pays well. Congress and Senate Climate Denyers received over $80 million in contributions. Unfortunately denying climate change is the quickest way to destroy our planet. Here are some photographs of what climate change does.

Miami Flooding








Port St Lucie





Florida Coastal Flooding

Florida Population Grows Despite Flooding Losses

Florida has the greatest amount of land at or near sea level of any US state. Average elevation is 100 ft. This makes it the most susceptible to flooding. Surprisingly Florida’s population has grown significantly in recent years. Two years ago the Space Coast Daily reported that population was growing at more than 1000 people per day. In 2016, Florida continued growing. But losses could reach $200 billion dollars from a single large hurricane according to the Washington Post.

Try St Lucie’s interactive flood mapper to see why population in Florida should stop growing.

Blindly Following Dreams Can Cause Worst Nightmares!

Florida has long been one of the most popular places for vacationing and retiring and continues to be one despite the sharp increases in flood insurance premiums. This does not mean that it is safe. It simply means that people prefer to hold on to beliefs that comfort them in the face of all evidence. Donald Trump exhibits this same kind of delusional state of mind.  His standing on the topic may very well be set in stone because denying climate change pays well. Unfortunately, he is responsible for leading the nation (at least for now).

Why Donald Trump is an Extinction Level Event

Will Trump cause extinction level event?
Venus Surface is Red
Earth Surface is Blue

Today all life on earth faces the most severe threat in history. Our atmosphere will continue heating up, passing a point where no life survives on the planet’s surface without containment by geoengineering. Such technology research and development has been supported by NASA and NOAA. But our president elect denies the existence of Climate Change, placing it in the same category as Snow White and the Easter Bunny.  He plans to cut Federal Government support for essential climate research and technological development. There could not be a worse time to cut climate change mitigation funding. Following through on his perilous guidance may ensure the extinction of humanity.

Here are some extinction policies Trump supports:

  • Increased coal mining and its use in filthy power plants Causes temperatures to rise more quickly
  • Decimation of the Environmental Protection Agency Eliminates Green Energy and Subsidies
  • Fracking that will increase fossil fuel production, negatively impact planetary surface stability (isostasy) and poison our water and soil Poisons the planet
  • Eliminating oxygen producing trees by turning the Department of Interior over to those who would harvest our National Forests for wood Decreases air quality

It is the responsibility of all Americans to work towards the common goal of a healthy planet.

As individuals, we have the ability to insist that our country implement policies that maintain a healthy and sustainable environment, so that we can have food, clean air and clean water not just for the next 10 years but for the next 1000 years and more.

Trump’s denial of climate change and commitment to eliminating the government programs that are guiding our planet’s survival, threaten life in the United States and the rest of the world. Doing nothing is not a good answer. So, take your concerns to your family, your friends and your government officials. We all need to act right now!

By Linda Kaidan

New York Times Encourages Coastal Resident Relocation

Coastal Resident Relocation
Hard Rock Cafe after Katrina 2005

The New York Times made one of the most significant contributions to protecting mankind this week, when it painted a clear picture of the jeopardy we are now in from climate change. NYT’s earthshaking article, Perils of climate change could swamp coastal real estate, makes it clear how buying and owning property in coastal areas is a risk to both your person and your wallet. For all coastal dwellers like those in Florida, Louisiana, New York, Sidney Australia and the Pacific Islands, now is the time to relocate rather than play a game of Russian Roulette which the ocean will inevitably win.

Florida is a narrow peninsula with a single major highway, I-75 that connects the south to the north. It is easy to imagine a cataclysmic event where vehicles are at a bumper to bumper standstill as a hurricane-driven super wave rolls across the flat landscape destroying everything for miles.

The New York Times has stated clearly that those in low lying coastal areas must relocate. It has issued the first direct call to migrate from unsafe areas most endangered by climate change. If you live in such an area, think about moving inland.   If you are in a safe and sustainable area like Herkimer County, Albany, Rochester or anywhere in Central New York – prepare to receive incoming populations.

By Linda Kaidan

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Stop Our Runaway Global Warming Emergency Now

by Linda Kaidan

Runaway Gloabal Warming Emergency
Temperature rate of increase means time for emergency measures

Time is running out to control runaway global warming. Most humans will die when the temperature reaches a very humid 140 F. It takes only one day of peak temperature above the line of survivability to kill almost all life in an affected area.

There are solutions, but we need to begin applying them now.

Scary NOAA data reveals that while New York State’s average max temperature increased just 1-2 degrees during the 20th century, its average temperature from 2011 to 2014 was 2-4 degrees above the 20th century average.

Flee to Alaska? Not a wise choice

Alaska’s temperature increase is double that of the rest of the United States. Average annual temperatures in Alaska are likely to increase by 2°F to 4°F in the next 34 years. If global emissions continue increasing as they have been, temperature increases of 10°F to 12°F are anticipated by 2100. Heat kills directly by hyperthermia when it becomes too hot for a living organism to function. It kills indirectly by ocean floods resulting from polar melting, and the spread of disease from heat-driven pest population increases.

Hyperthermia – In 2003 14,802 residents of France died from temperatures of 104 degrees. Most were elderly. France is an economically secure and technologically advanced country, yet people were taken by surprise. People were just unprepared for the sudden extreme temperature highs.

Rising Oceans – In 2012 a mother, father and teenage daughter were swept out of the second floor of their Staten Island, New York home by rising ocean waters. Only the mother survived. Tropical Storm Sandy brought devastating coastal flooding to the east coast. Most of Sandy’s deaths were from drowning.

Pest population increases – The current Zika epidemic may be related to global warming. A number of devastating diseases are spread by mosquitos. Mosquito populations soar when it’s very hot. Malaria and Lyme disease are also spread by insects.

Geoengineering to the rescue?

Temperature rate of increase means time for emergency measures

Geoengineering offers emergency measures to stop global warming cold. There are two basic approaches. The first is to remove greenhouse gases from the environment – possibly using systems of atmospheric filters. The second is to prevent solar radiation from heating up Earth’s atmosphere, possibly using solar space shades. NASA describes these geoengineering techniques as risky, but even riskier is leaving temperatures to soar out of control and kill us all.

NASA recommends geoengineering as a near-term strategy for slowing global warming of our atmosphere and oceans and helping ensure humanity’s survival. Immediate implementation of such emergency measures may well save billions of plant, animal and human lives. But we have to act now!

Life Without Cash

by Linda Kaidan

I’ve just watched Season 1 of Mr Robot – free on Amazon Prime. The plot revolves around a tiny group of hackers who bring world banking to a halt by rendering their corporate data inaccessible, encrypting it with a virtually unbreakable key. As a result, all the economies in the world go bust simultaneously and everyone is free of debt, but without currency alternative. Will chaos follow when there is life without cash?

Surviving Economic Crisis

This plot seems likely to occur in real life – possibly at any moment. New quantum computers are millions of times faster than those widely used today and probably very effective at breaking the most sophisticated computer security measures. Destabilization of major economies can also be driven by climate change disasters like coastal flooding, famine and disease.

Business Insider offers a solution that replaces our current monetary system with one based on water or energy. Since these are basic resources used by virtually everyone, this makes lots of sense. Global banking disaster can be prevented right now and we should not wait for the inevitable hacker or cataclysmic event to make it so.

Taking Charge of Economic Stability at Community Level

We don’t have to be passive onlookers in the economic stabilization process. We can be proactive on the community level by producing local energy in our villages, towns and cities, securing a reliable water supply through rainwater harvesting, recycling water and plain old living in the right place.

Smart early first century people like the Nabateans lived in the desert, but managed to support a thriving agricultural community by effectively harvesting rainwater and storing it in cisterns below ground. Today, desert residents in New Mexico generate sufficient water for their homes with only 8 inches of rain per year. They manage this miracle by harvesting and reusing just about all the rainwater they get, transforming their homes into tiny oasis capable of offering year round comfortable temperature, sufficient water even for flush toilets and producing lovely interior and exterior gardens.

In Herkimer, NY we have endless fresh water and a history of generating clean hydro, solar and wind energy. We are in an ideal location to become a stable, sustainable community should disaster strike. But we are not there yet. Let’s make our community independent and sustainable now so that we’ll have basic needs like food, water and energy covered even when chaos reigns.


Impressive Herkimer County Land Auction Turnout Reflects Mohawk Valley’s Growing Prosperity

Herkimer College, Where Barns Abound

Impressive Herkimer County Land Auction Turnout

Over 600 people packed Herkimer Community College’s Sarkus-Busch Theater yesterday for the annual Herkimer County Land Auction. The standing-room-only turnout overflowed into the hallway. Taking a break from his beat covering crime and devolution along Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue, Herkimer Post Crime Editor Steve Berry was in attendance.

Berry reports that bidding for the 91 properties was lively and sometimes heated. A fight broke out at the back of theater following the biding on property #44 (25 Warren St., Mohawk). The auctioneer’s wife, the formidable Mrs. Knapp, led campus security and sheriffs deputies in quelling the disturbance and ousting the combatants.

All 91 properties on auction were sold, with accepted bids ranging from $100 for a very small lot to nearly $80,000 for a single family residence. On our own Pleasant Avenue here in the Village of Herkimer, two homes were auctioned: the anxiously-watched 331 Pleasant Avenue was purchased by Buyer #43 for $4,500, (following a laughingly rejected starting bid of $300), while less timeworn 316 Pleasant Avenue sold for $13,000.

One impressive looking home at 68-70 Prospect Street in Little Falls, Item 13, went for just $13,000. However, it does have a substantial Federal Tax Lien of $67,342, placing it at risk of seizure.

The heavy-hitting buyers were numbers 323 and 625, who purchased multiple properties: Buyer 323 bought three Ilion parcels totaling $90,000. Buyer 625 purchased properties totaling $45,000 in Poland.

Below is a spreadsheet of the Herkimer County Land Auction sales. A few of the sold prices are missing and the formatting could profit from greater granularity, but the bottom line is that 91 properties sold for slightly more the $960k.

Pros and Cons of Herkimer County Land Auction

Limiting factors on buying these auctioned homes include inability to view the interior of occupied property and perform adequate inspection, and the requirement to pay cash for a purchase within a three week period. Despite these limitations, the Herkimer County Land Auction offered the opportunity to acquire valuable property significantly below actual value in a market of rising property values.

Followers of Central New York property values are likely to have noticed recent sales of homes that have long languished on the market. The availability of small, inexpensive lots has also diminished. It’s quite possible that this auction illustrates a new benchmark in Herkimer County property values.

Often local residents fail to see the changes happening around them. It’s hard to view the familiar with fresh eyes. But while Herkimer and its surrounding counties appear to have remained the same, the world around us has significantly changed. Our world-class resources of abundant rainfall, fresh surface water, agricultural land and the largest contiguous forest in the US, coupled with the scarcities and insecurities caused by global warming, now make the Mohawk Valley and Central New York one of the best places to live not only in the US, but on the planet.

Central New York has become the focus of increased regional development, notably Nano Utica. And almost unnoticed, New York’s Capital Albany has been silently and quickly growing, not so much in its historic areas but on its periphery, with an abundance of well-planned commercial, residential and industrial development. While New York City is ultimately doomed by rising sea levels, it appears that the de facto policy is to relocate much of the state’s infrastructure to the Central Region, which isn’t threatened by rising sea levels and massive storms.

Herkimer County Land Auction Sales June 4, 2016



331 Pleasant Avenue Herkimer NY on Auction June 4 (PART TWO)

by Stephen Ames Berry

Herkimer property auction - Deciding When To Bid
                                          Deciding When To Bid


June 4, 2016 – 11:00 a.m. at HERKIMER COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE HERKIMER, NEW YORK Doors open at 9:30 a.m

If you read our previous post about bidding on Herkimer’s 331 Pleasant Avenue., you’ll know why we think that hidden gem’s a great buy: low cost of acquisition in an area of rapidly appreciating real estate values.

We’ve had success elsewhere, buying low in marginal neighborhoods just before prosperity rolled in, as we did 3 years ago here on Pleasant Avenue.
Our judgment is being affirmed, as prosperity ripples out from nearby booming Utica and its multi-billion dollar Utica Nano Tech site.
Real estate sales figures for this spring won’t be available for a while, but it’s apparent to us that the sale prices of local homes are soaring.

Perceptive home buyers are targeting Central New York not just because of it’s economic rebirth, but for the same reason Elon Musk relocated Solar City from Silicon Valley to Buffalo, and New York State bankrolled Nano Tech Utica: climate change. Climate change and fresh water abundance are the catalysts that will send the Mohawk Valley and Herkimer soaring beyond back into prosperity. As we saw in Boston of the 1990’s, spreading affluence quickly brings the return of good governance and plummeting crime rates. (Neighboring Utica has already cleaned house.)

Looking at Herkimer Property  On Auction – What To ignore

Ignore people you may see milling about any of the properties on auction.  As with 331 Pleasant Avenue, they don’t want the property to sell, or hope it will sell cheaply to friends if the auction is not widely publicized or potential bidders can be intimated. They often bring in friends from around town to serve as extras in their street theater performances, given at prime viewing times.

Some of the Herkimer county-owned houses on auction, such as 331, are marked as “OCCUPIED.” If a property being auctioned was a rental property, “occupied” doesn’t mean it has tenants. The county owns the property. The county does not have tenants, and no right of tenancy conveyed to the people in 331 Pleasant Avenue or any other county-seized house.

I’m not an attorney, but New York law seems quite clear that if you buy a county-owned property, you have the right to issue a 10-day Notice to Quit to the squatters. It’s a quick and inexpensive process. And in the case of 331 Pleasant Avenue, the local police will be happy to assist. 331 has long served as of Pleasant Avenue’s rapidly eroding empire of dirt. Buy it, you’ll not only get a bargain, you’ll see your equity quickly appreciate as it’s taken out of play, encouraging more new owners to buy into Pleasant Avenue and Herkimer.

Who Else Wants A Secret Herkimer Land Auction Of County Owned Property?

There’s another group who seem to not want this auction publicized: local investors who are members of Herkimer’s good-ol’ boys network, used to snapping up housing bargains at auction. The link to the auction on the Herkimer County Real Property site winked out of existence shortly after I saw it. (I foolishly told an elected official about it.) The local investors are well aware of the rising real estate values and the increasing prosperity. They, too, would like fewer potential competitors to come to the HERKIMER COUNTY LAND AUCTION OF COUNTY OWNED LAND on June 4, 2016 – 11:00 a.m. at HERKIMER COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE HERKIMER, NEW YORK, where doors open at 9:30 a.m. Registration required.

Can’t wait for the bidding to begin at this Herkimer property auction. 

Author Stephen Ames Berry is a former officer of Harvard University and a veteran of the National Security Agency’s US Army Security Agency. Follow him on Twitter @writerredux


2016 Weather Extremes – Hotter and colder than ever

by Linda Kaidan

March 9, 2016             Central Park 77 F

March 9, 2016             48 contiguous states broke record for warmest winter in recorded history

February 15, 2016       NYC record low of 1F

What does this mean?

  • Overall, temperatures are rising much faster than the gloomiest climate models have anticipated.
  • Growing worldwide food shortages will continue to hike up prices for most food products.
  • More people will starve. But many don’t have to because, they can grow food in their own back yards for pennies.

Kmart has fruit and vegetable seeds for $1.59 a pack in their garden department. A pack of Burpee Organic pea seeds can yield about 100 plants. That’s less than 4 cents a plant. It might cost you 5 cents for a tomato plant which can yield 10 to 15 pounds of tomatoes over the course of the summer. That’s right just 1 plant! You can start some plants indoors right now by cutting open a milk container poking some holes underneath, and adding some soil and a seed or 2. Squash, lettuce, tomatoes and kale seem to do well here in the Mohawk Valley. Why don’t you give it a try?

Herkimer’s Fresh Water Wealth – Our World Class Resource

Herkimer’s Fresh Water Wealth

In a world where just under 5 billion people are without water for one month a year, Herkimer has water in abundance. So much so that we seem to be wasting 43 percent of our water annually, according to the Mohawk Valley Authority. A recent audit by the State Comptroller’s Office revealed that almost half of the Mohawk Valley’s drinking water is unaccounted for— 8 to 9 million gallons of water per day.
Audits support the analyses needed for essential infrastructure improvements. “The executive director and plant engineer told us they believe the unaccounted-for water is due to underground leaks caused by an aging water system infrastructure,” the report continued.

Lakes, Rivers and Precipitation in Herkimer County

In our county, we not only get 35 to 45 inches of precipitation per year, but our abundant water resources from The Beaver River, East Canada Creek, West Canada Creek, the Mohawk, and the Independence and Moose rivers provide us a worry-free supply of water. Unlike the rest of the world, the Mohawk Valley is awash in fresh, clean water. ( New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation provides detailed information on 19 lakes in Herkimer County.)

Great Lakes contain the second largest surface fresh water reserve on our planet

All of New York State is considered part of the Great Lakes Region of United States and Canada. Nearby Lake Ontario is only about a two-hour drive. It is directly accessible via the famous Erie canal. Twenty percent of all the fresh surface water on our planet is in the Great Lakes. This resource provides drinking water to 30 million people in the US and 10 million in Canada. The Toledo Blade calls the Great Lakes Region ground zero for our planet’s water needs.

Is a water pipeline in our future?

Popular Mechanics has a fascinating article on one of the most massive water pipeline projects in human history. China’s Central Water Transport project is expected to extend 786 miles and help to provide clean water to a portion of their 200 million urban dwellers in other parts of the country.
As fresh water vanishes from many places due to climate change, poor management and pollution, more and more people will be looking at our water resources as an essential asset for farming, drinking and manufacturing. Perhaps a pipeline will be in our future too.

Our water is a sought after asset that we must manage wisely

Let’s face it – we all need clean water to live. Water is essential for survival. It is an asset more precious than gold, platinum or oil. The Mohawk Valley’s abundant clean water supply is soon likely to be a strong magnet for new community development, agriculture and industry. Compared to the Silicon Valley, the Mohawk Valley has a secure future of stability and growth. Don’t ever undervalue the enormous water wealth of our village, our county and our region. We have it. And they will come.
Let’s be wise stewards of this vital resource in these times increasing scarcity.

Herkimer Village Solar Energy Pioneer

Herkimer Village Solar Energy Pioneer
This home on Eureka Ave may be a first solar residence in Herkimer Village

A home near the corner of Eureka Ave and Protection Ave is now a Herkimer Village Solar Energy Pioneer. Solar City, an innovative solar panel manufacturer in Buffalo, has installed multiple panels on the roof of 353 Eureka Ave. Solar City is now providing energy to homes at rates equivalent to monthly gas costs. Not only that, you can sell back energy that you don’t use to the power company. According to their building permit, the installation cost about $12,000 and is 10 kW.

Herkimer Village Solar Energy  is  more affordable than ever due to incentive programs. Find out how your neighbors on Eureka Ave are becoming the greenest and thriftiest energy consumers in your community.

NY-Sun Solar Electric Incentive Program

New York’s Energy Research and Development Authority offers cash incentives for residential Photovoltaic (PV) systems that are 25kW or less. Incentives will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis, until December 31, 2023, or until funds are exhausted. Those in low to moderate income households can qualify for additional incentives. A cash incentive of $1.75 per watt to a maximum of 7 KW for residential systems is offered. That means that up to $11,250 is available to eligible installers for the installation of approved, grid-connected solar PV systems. You can get more information at NY-Sun Incentive Program page and also from Solar New York.

For solar water heating systems NY offers a credit of $1.50 per annual kilowatt-hour displaced, capping at $4,000 for residential installations.

With Solar Electric cash incentive and leasing programs it makes sense to investigate how you can save money and help our state achieve a green energy status of #1 in the US.

Federal Tax Credits

There is also a 30 percent federal tax credit for solar electric systems. You can deduct 30% of your solar power system costs from your federal taxes using an investment tax credit (ITC). This credit can be used over a period of years.

Why is it time for Herkimer Village Solar Energy?

Solar City Buffalo, NY, now produces the most efficient roof top solar panels in the world. These panels are produced at their high efficiency high volume facility in NY. With so many incentives, radical improvements in technology and purchasing options available, it makes sense to plan your own solar energy investment.