poisonings log

10/10/18  0412 Volatilized pesticide mist sprayed into backyard and  down driveway  from rear of 328 Pleasant Ave.  Undergrowth and trees prevents direct view of that portion of that area. Multiple clicks of fogger  heard. Mist detected on camera as it entered our yard and driveway. 328 Pleasant is easily accessed from back yards of adjacent Pleasant and Eureka Avenue houses. 0730: Driveway found filled with pesticide when door briefly opened.  Handfogger discharge triggering from the above area are heard nightly, anywhere from 2300-0545.


Herkimer poison gassing ruck
Herkimer NY- Typical Poison Gassing Vehicle

10/9/18  1141 – 1335 Driveway sprayed with volatilized  organophosphate while we were out.  Assume from 1 or more foggers mounted under passing vehicle(s). Intentionally not wearing gas mask upon our return to see if drivebys have resumed. They have. 

10/3/18  1300-1345 Backyard sprayed with volatilized  organophosphate from fogger. Direction: from either neighboring Eureka Ave property or close by Pleasant  Avenue backyard.

0960-1138 While out, driveway sprayed with volatilized  organophosphate; assume from underbody of passing vehicle(s). Unusually, no vehicles at Bartons during this time.

10/2/2018   Poison gas attacks have resumed. This is the 20th month of poison gas attacks on us here on Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue. We’re beginning  our poison gassing log again, so as not to choke up the blog with constant  gas attack postings.   (Elsewhere this is called attempted murder. In Herkimer’s it’s just”sprayin'”.)

Gassing of our driveway and ourselves ended for a few weeks last month, following Linda Kaidan’s exposure of the neighboring Joyce Barton gang’s poison spraying truck. The truck is still safely there across the street in the Barton’s driveway. It comes and goes at will. The Bartons have switched to  Joyce Barton’s car as their primary poisoning platform, gassing us several times a day. (I was outside the other day and was blasted with the usual high pressure burst of volatilized pesticide, fired from beneath her car.) 

Joyce Barton Herkimer gang
Joyce Barton of Herkimer’s Barton Gang, sending a little love our way.

The pesticide is extremely corrosive, invisible and odorless–probably a highly toxic organophosphate, given it’s symptoms.  Organophospate victims have a 15% fatality rate. Venture outside into our driveway or yard without a hazmat suit and military grade gas mask and you risk being sicked.  The toxin does not stay in our driveway. Winds send it  wafting into Pleasant Avenue or into our neighbors’ homes and yards, per usual.