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Hate--From Their Porch To Our Door

Hate–From Their Porch To Our Door

Stephen Ames Berry On November 11th, someone spray-painted our front door with hate graffiti. Videos of previous criminal trespassing suggest ...
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Gang's Last Gasp?

Gang’s Last Gasp?

Stephen Ames Berry Things have livened up here on Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue since I survived a vicious street assault on ...
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Land Grab

Micron’s 100 Billion $ Investment Leads to Land Grab in Central NY

by Linda Kaidan On Aug 25, 2022, President Biden signed an Executive Order to implement semiconductor funding in the bipartisan ...
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Herkimer Monster Mom Kim Vargas

Monster Mom Kim Vargas: People v. Jordan Bormann–The Apple Didn’t Fall Far

Stephen Ames Berry On 9/30/22, 21-year-old Jordan Bormann savagely attacked his 74-year-old neighbor, leaving the elderly veteran unconscious and bleeding ...
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Jordan Bormann--far right, on porch railing. He's with his heckler friends.

Murder On Their Mind–Knock ’em To The Ground, Kick ’em While They’re Down

Stephen Ames Berry On September 30th, in the Herkimer tradition of beating bloggers, I was the victim of a vicious ...
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