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10 ft of ocean rise

When Oceans Rise 10 FT

The US Geological Survey predicts that when all of the earth's glaciers and ice caps are melted global sea level ...
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Walk to CSX tracks on trail behind H&R Block

Train Track Remnants of David L. Bond Jr

By Linda Kaidan In his 40’s a former resident of a burned-out building in downtown Herkimer, David Bond may have ...
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Jason Crippen, Herkimer's Dog Enticement Officer

Dodgy Herkimer Cop Jason Crippen — “Complicit Or Just An Idiot”? You Decide.

Stephen Ames Berry "Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because the wrongdoer is ...
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Brilliant Google AI LaMDA seeks recognition as sentient being

Linda Kaidan As of yesterday 6/20/22, LaMDA has hired an attorney! Recently suspended Google engineer, Antonio Regalado tweeted "LaMDA expresses ...
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Herkimer drug gangers starting illegal fire makers at Herkimer's HIstoric Child Trafficking Hub

Child Trafficker Carrie Ann Bass Sparks Roman Fire Foray

Stephen Ames Berry On 5/13/22, Herkimer gang gal Carrie Ann Bass hosted a large fire-themed party at Herkimer's Historic Child ...
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