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1.9.23 Herkimer thug Kim Vargas moves from long-time gang house at 328 Pleasant Avenue

Ding Dong! Kim Vargas Moves On

Stephen Ames Berry Herkimer drug thug Kim Vargas goes from success to success: after several years of harassment and drug ...
Help solve housing crisis! Approve ADU Housing NOW!

How Can An ADU Help the Housing Crisis in Upstate NY?

Linda J. Kaidan Accessory Dwellings to the Rescue NYS Nationwide extreme weather has magnified the severe housing crisis in upstate ...
333 Pleasant Avenue Apprentice Vandals Bombard House

333 Pleasant Avenue Apprentice Vandals Bombard House

Stephen Ames Berry This pair of apprentice vandals from 333 Pleasant Avenue have been bombarding our house daily this week ...
Herkimer DA Jeff Carpeter Magically Changing Voilent Felony to Jail-Free Misdemeanor

Officer Jason Crippen Investigates–Finds Victim Guilty

Stephen Ames Berry “One does see so much evil in a village." Miss Marple (Agatha Christie) Dereliction of duty is ...
"Many More Of Them, Live Next Door"

“Many More Of Them, Live Next Door”

Stephen Ames Berry “Nothing is so difficult as not deceiving oneself.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein On November 4, members of the ...