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Mind Control Exists: What Can You Do About It?

By Linda Kaidan Can you be mind-controlled and if so what can you do about it? Even my SciFi Author ...
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Where Somangshu Mukherji kept his beloved son and wife.

Somangshu Mukherji–18 Years Of Knavery And Cruelty In Two Columns

Stephen Ames Berry 11/30/21 Update In a recent court filing, the unemployed Mukherji complains that his defamation suit against me ...
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Our planet is assailed by many weather challenges. We can make changes and stay alive.

We CAN Save Our Planet!

We CAN Save Our Planet by Linda Kaidan Youth everywhere are feeling tremendous anger at previous generations for destroying our ...
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Herkimer NY GDP increase

Climate Change Projected To Improve Herkimer NY Economy

by Linda Kaidan We're republishing this prophetic article, first posted in June 2017, to help those researching places to move ...
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Grave of Rocky the Squirrel, murdered by Herkimer drug scum, his body tossed in our driveway.

A Death In Herkimer

Stephen Ames Berry My wife Linda Kaidan delights in Herkimer’s abundant wildlife. Birds of all feathers and bold bushy squirrels ...
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