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333 Pleasant Ave Herkimer NY

Herkimer’s Slumlords and Drug Traffickers

You might think it’s a no-brainer to talk to your neighbors about your street. Well, after a year of living ...
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food shortage vezuala

Let’s Prevent Food Shortages in Herkimer

Global Warming has wreaked havoc in national and international food markets  but we can prevent food shortages in our community.  ...
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Mind Control Drugs In Herkimer

Mind Control Drugs – Scariest of All

Avoid Zombie Hordes Drugs? What drugs? Can make you the zombie puppet of anyone who speaks to you? Can make ...
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Neighbor Kicks Ball at Homeowner – Herkimer Police Threaten Homeowner with Larceny

In this story you’ll discover how a malicious, well-executed kick transformed the acts of a neighbor recycling stuff on her ...
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