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Time for Herkimer Makeover

Time for Herkimer Makeover

 The power of one can make an amazing difference. So many times people say “There’s nothing I can do about ...
mohawk river valley

Mohawk Valley Water

Mohawk Valley water will likely save us from experiencing events like the 134,000 acre wildfire in California, where 13,000 people ...
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Can you get a better price on your home?

Getting a better price on your home in Herkimer can be easy. The Village of Herkimer is fortunate to have ...
333 Pleasant Ave Herkimer NY

Herkimer’s Slumlords and Drug Traffickers

You might think it’s a no-brainer to talk to your neighbors about your street. Well, after a year of living ...
food shortage vezuala

Let’s Prevent Food Shortages in Herkimer

Global Warming has wreaked havoc in national and international food markets  but we can prevent food shortages in our community.  ...