Herkimer Man Sexually Abusing Car

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by Stephen Ames Berry

A New Kind of Vehicular Assault

Now you can commit vehicular assault without leaving home, as this enraged Herkimer man sexually abusing a car demonstrates. It’s a level of depravity we haven’t before seen around  Joyce Barton’s 333 Pleasant Avenue command porch.

A few moments before motion triggered our security camera, my wife and our very pregnant daughter exited our driveway and turned left down the sidewalk, off on their morning walk.  They’re not on camera, as they weren’t within its view.

The sight of them clearly infuriated the Bartons and their visitor. Only when my family was 200 feet away, safely out of earshot,  opposite the Melodie Schulze house, did Joyce Barton’s amorous buffalo lumber into action, demonstrating his weapon of choice when dealing with uppity bitches and the elderly.  New York statute clearly defines this behavior at a higher level than mere harassment. Joyce Barton’s oldest daughter, a noted street brawler  and soccer player, can be seen hurling abuse from the porch. The other Barton daughter kept out of it, looking faintly appalled.

Joyce Barton cavorts gleefully throughout, carefully not joining in the visual assault, threats and abuse. Here’s the full video:

The Punisher

It’s our observation that Joyce Barton seems diabolically skilled at manipulating those of even weaker intellect than herself, then disposing of them when no longer needed and feeding on their anguish. It’s a symptom of a mentally ill person who’s a Punisher, suffering from Sadistic Personality Disorder. We’ve all met The Punisher. Here’s an Ezine article on how to spot a Punisher.

My wife and daughter later said they heard something faint behind them in the distance, but assumed it was just the usual abuse of pet, child or woman commonly heard from the vicinity of 333 and 331 Pleasant Avenue. (Child Protection Services would save on gasoline by having  a 24/7 satellite office on Herkimer’s Pleasant Ave.)

Since we moved to Herkimer almost 2 years ago, the Bartons have conducted a vicious campaign to drive us from our home,  correctly perceiving us a thEast Herkimer Fire Department Douglas Bartonreat to Pleasant Avenue’s booming drug trade. They were confident that the Herkimer police would, like the beloved Sgt. Schulze, see nothing. Mob menacing, harassment and two threats of arson directed at us can be directly laid at East Herkimer Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Douglas Barton’s porch. (The only nearby structure that’s burned down recent

ly is Deputy Chief Barton’s surprisingly well-ventilated garage, struck by bad karma. He wasn’t present during the vehicular assault, rumored to be at remedial fire chief training.) 

East Herkimer NY Fire Department Chief Douglas Barton
East Herkimer NY Fire Chief Douglas Barton


Then there were the break-ins, malicious trespassing, dog poisoning and Dead Herkimer drug ratbeating , not to mention the Godfather-like dead birds placed carefully in our vegetable garden at night, dead from BB gun wounds to the chest. (Haven’t yet awakened to a horse’s head in the bed. But a dead rat soared over our fence one night.)

Street Gang Tactic

Fear and intimidation of a neighborhood is a classic street gang tactic to which we’ve been subjected. It deprives police and prosecutors of witnesses, and Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue, and if ignored, ensures that control of the street is ceded to drug traffickers. Thanks to Herkimer’s Section 8 slumlords, most of the houses on the street are rentals, sheltering a mix of drug thugs protected by The Punisher and her stooges, and folks just trying to survive. (The Bartons appear to rent 333 Pleasant Avenue from Alan and Clara Klock of Cherry Valley. Cash rent, like drug money, is typically undeclared income.)

Herkimer village trustees

Local authorities throw up their hands and the regional press turns a blind eye to the creeping anarchy. It’s an environment rife for expansion and municipal corruption, in which criminals cozy with police enjoy the status of a protected class.

We’ve postings coming on street gang dynamics in Herkimer drawn from our time here. A good information resource on diagnosing and treating a street gang infestation like Herkimer’s is the US Department of Justice’s Urban Street Gang Enforcement manual .

A Tip To The Car Sex Abuser
In the Herkimer tradition, Sparky, you might find a sheep a more welcoming fit than a car.  But please don’t make a meal of her afterwards–it’s tasteless.

Herkimer beastiality
Terrified sheep bleats in remembered horror as the Herkimer car sex abuser approaches from the rear    Ewe!

Stephen Ames Berry is a former officer of Harvard University and a veteran of the National Security Agency’s US Army Security Agency.





Herkimer Village Solar Energy Pioneer

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Herkimer Village Solar Energy Pioneer
This home on Eureka Ave may be a first solar residence in Herkimer Village

A home near the corner of Eureka Ave and Protection Ave is now a Herkimer Village Solar Energy Pioneer. Solar City, an innovative solar panel manufacturer in Buffalo, has installed multiple panels on the roof of 353 Eureka Ave. Solar City is now providing energy to homes at rates equivalent to monthly gas costs. Not only that, you can sell back energy that you don’t use to the power company. According to their building permit, the installation cost about $12,000 and is 10 kW.

Herkimer Village Solar Energy  is  more affordable than ever due to incentive programs. Find out how your neighbors on Eureka Ave are becoming the greenest and thriftiest energy consumers in your community.

NY-Sun Solar Electric Incentive Program

New York’s Energy Research and Development Authority offers cash incentives for residential Photovoltaic (PV) systems that are 25kW or less. Incentives will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis, until December 31, 2023, or until funds are exhausted. Those in low to moderate income households can qualify for additional incentives. A cash incentive of $1.75 per watt to a maximum of 7 KW for residential systems is offered. That means that up to $11,250 is available to eligible installers for the installation of approved, grid-connected solar PV systems. You can get more information at NY-Sun Incentive Program page and also from Solar New York.

For solar water heating systems NY offers a credit of $1.50 per annual kilowatt-hour displaced, capping at $4,000 for residential installations.

With Solar Electric cash incentive and leasing programs it makes sense to investigate how you can save money and help our state achieve a green energy status of #1 in the US.

Federal Tax Credits

There is also a 30 percent federal tax credit for solar electric systems. You can deduct 30% of your solar power system costs from your federal taxes using an investment tax credit (ITC). This credit can be used over a period of years.

Why is it time for Herkimer Village Solar Energy?

Solar City Buffalo, NY, now produces the most efficient roof top solar panels in the world. These panels are produced at their high efficiency high volume facility in NY. With so many incentives, radical improvements in technology and purchasing options available, it makes sense to plan your own solar energy investment.


Residential fire causes and prevention methods

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Residential fire causes
Prevent your home from burning

Residential Fire Causes

There are numerous residential fire causes. Some of the causes listed by the National Fire Protection Organization are:

  • Cooking – Cooking fires are the most common cause of residential fires.
  • Electrical – These fires are caused by electrical distribution and lighting equipment malfunction. This is a major cause of garage fires.
  • Chemicals and gases – Oily rags are a frequent contributor to fires. Unstable chemicals can spontaneously combust. Such chemicals are often found in the process of meth amphetamine manufacture. There is a high risk of fire and explosion during meth cooking because of the volatile chemicals involved. Alcohol, paint thinner, gasoline and camping fuel are just of few of the dangerous ingredients that may contribute to fire.
  • Smoking materials – The National Fire Protection Organization reported that in 2011 19 percent of home structure fire deaths were caused by smoking materials.
  • Arson – This is an intentional destruction of property with fire as the means. The FBI recorded about 20 arson offenses per 100,000 people in 2010.
  • Fireworks – In 2011 fireworks caused almost 18,000 fires.

Protect your home from fire by taking precautions

The Federal Emergency Management Administration recommends some easy ways to protect your home from fire.

  1. Store flammable materials safely. Gasoline, oil, paint and propane should not be stored inside your home.
  2. Keep flammable materials away from your appliances.
  3. When charging an appliance do not plug multiple devices into the same outlet.
  4. Never use extension cords when charging appliances.
  5. Install a heat alarm rather than a smoke alarm in your garage.
  6. When cooking pay attention and keep things that can catch on fire away.

It is easy to keep safe

When you take means to prevent fire in your home you are keeping your family and your neighbors safe as well. Most preventative measures don’t cost any money at all. They are just common sense good behavior.



Fire at 333 Pleasant Ave Herkimer NY Jan 10, 2016

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Garage fire at 333 Pleasant Ave Herkimer

A fast moving fire today consumed the garage located at 333 Pleasant Ave Herkimer NY. The fire started as a small blaze at the left side of the garage. Smoke billowed up and towards the right. This soon turned into an explosive blaze that fortunately did not spread to any nearby homes. A popping noise followed by a loud boom indicated a minor explosion. Property tax records show 333 Pleasant Ave to be owned by Alan and Clara Klock of Cherry Valley. It’s rented to East Herkimer Fire Department Deputy Chief Douglas Barton and Joyce Barton.

At their request, The Herkimer Post has provided extensive footage of the fire and events surrounding it to Herkimer police and fire investigators. We may have additional coverage in a later post.

Security camera video records fire at 333 Pleasant Ave Herkimer

A security camera located directly across the street recorded the fire.  The initially insignificant flames and smoke went unnoticed even by people walking right by them. At 13:59 the occupants of 333 Pleasant Ave evacuated. Firefighters quickly arrived and extinguished the fire. An investigation is underway.

The timeline below is a small sample of the video clips recorded by security cameras:

1313 Here’s the garage, soon be a smoldering skeleton of burnt wood.

1326 Deputy Fire Chief Barton arrives home – seems oblivious to blaze

1334 Deputy Fire Chief Barton leaves from driveway – still seems oblivious to blaze.  Note what appears to be tendril of smoke in the lower left of Barton’s’ garage picked up by standard surveillance camera at 200 feet.

1349 Smoke billows from garage

4/28/16 Update — See Mission Accomplished! – Fire Chief Barton’s Fire Revisited for forensic video analysis of a crucial part of the 333 Pleasant Ave fire videos. What did Douglas Barton know and when did he know it?




Mohawk Valley Property Haunted by Murder?

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We must wonder if this impressive Mohawk Valley property located at 642 E Main St. Little Falls, NY is haunted by murder.

Former home to the Maennechor has dark history

The Trulia listing shows a well-located and stately brick home. With nearly 5,000 square feet, it has commercial income potential for 2 apartments and even an eatery on the ground level. Herkimer County Tax Records show an end of 2014 market value of $92,500, yet this property is listed at a mere $49,900. It definitely outclasses just about every other listing in its price range.

Is this bargain basement selling price the result of a tragic history associated with the property, home to the private social club called the Maennerchor? It was here that club president, Francis “Mickey” Nelson, 74 was often on hand to greet guests.

Mr. Nelson was found murdered on September 27, 2011 in a field off Eatonville Rd. A young friend, Jennifer Riesel, admitted to killing him by running him over with a car found abandoned at the scene. She claims to have been participating in an assisted suicide he requested due to his despondency over his terminal illness. She confessed to this grizzly murder and is serving a sentence for second degree murder. According to CNYCentral News, Jennifer Riesel was sentenced to 16 years in prison. She showed no remorse for her brutal actions.

Stately brick property is outstanding bargain despite history

Although Mr. Nelson was not residing at the Maennerchor at the time of his murder, it’s possible that his work address of 642 E Main St. Little Falls, NY is of significance to property seekers.

Needless to say, this Mohawk Valley property haunted or not is a great buy! If I could, I would snap it up. Mr. Nelson has already been avenged, so he has absolutely no reason to haunt this lovely site. In addition, many buyers may find that Mohawk Valley Property Haunted notoriety is more of an asset than a liability. Get more details from Valerie Duncan at 315-508-4331.

By Linda Kaidan

Herkimer Crime – Drunks Along The Mohawk [VIDEOS]

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A Herkimer Crime guest posting by Stephen Ames Berry.

More Herkimer crime on parade, its magnet again the home of Joyce Barton and East Herkimer Fire Department Deputy Chief Douglas Barton. On November 18, the Barton’s 333 Pleasant Avenue home saw two performances of public drinking, street brawling and yet another sign of drug trafficking, with multiple police responses. (333 Pleasant Avenue Herkimer is owned by Alan Klock and Clara Klock of Cherry Valley, per tax records.)

Herkimer Crime and 333 Pleasant Avenue

Herkimer’s 333 Pleasant Avenue is no stranger to rowdiness,  mob menacing, noise pollution and high-traffic nighttime activity.  Screaming of obscenities and threats of violence are common here in Herkimer crime central, whose unwholesome heart is often the Barton residence.  It’s not unusual to hear threats directed at small children here on Pleasant Avenue–short outbursts often ending with a nasal “Now!”, a loud slap and a wail of pain. It is unusual, however, to be able to capture sequential criminal activity cascading through one day.

It grew from scofflaw public drinking into a domestic brawl of about thirty very loud minutes.  The major combatants were the bottle-bearing Booze Brother (below) and Joyce Barton’s older daughter, a noted soccer player.

Herkimer’s Booze Brothers Arrive

It began with the arrival of the Booze Brothers. They sauntered down Pleasant Avenue to the Barton’s and hung out there, chugging from a liter alcohol bottle. It became clear that bottle bearer was waiting for someone. When she arrived, the battle began.

Audio is needed to truly appreciate the volume of the screaming and the torrent of mutual abuse.  It drowned out a telephone conversation I was having in my living room, windows closed.

Much alcohol-fueled male rage and anguish–sounded as though he felt betrayed by the Barton girl.   (She’s off to the right, occasionally visible.) She held her own, even when all three males joined in,  as loud and as abusive as they.  The Continue reading “Herkimer Crime – Drunks Along The Mohawk [VIDEOS]”

Mohawk Valley Volunteerism Drives Community Rebirth

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Mohawk Valley Volunteerism can transform our community. Perhaps our Herkimer Village officials were embarrassed by derelicts milling about our Main St. area when an investor came to town. They shouldn’t have been. Even some of today’s most affluent cities, like Boston, have seen very hard times. Smart investors know that value is way more than skin deep. The above video shows how a community in Hawaii works together to share information about sustainability and manages events that drive their prosperity, promoting personal growth and self-esteem.

Delights of growing

http://smallfarms.cornell.edu/files/2014/12/less-waste-gleaning-12cziv5.jpghabitat volunteers syracuse ny


Habitat for Humanity is an example of an organization that provides the opportunity to learn, help and gain experience. We can also consider our community as an organization that can provide self-help through education and volunteerism. Together we can become a model community for Mohawk Valley redevelopment.

Teaching what we know enriches our community

Rather than be embarrassed by disenfranchisement and economic hardships, we should see a special opportunity. The unskilled, underemployed and unfulfilled in our community can become our most essential assets when we implement high value solutions through community volunteerism. Some call this approach an “each one teach one” philosophy. When individuals in our community volunteer in sharing their knowledge with others they enrich everyone.

Herkimer Village’s nearly 8,000 people have many skills. Some of us know how to do carpentry. There are also farmers, cooks, musicians, dancers and gardeners among us. Others know how to write. By sharing our knowledge and abilities, we can transform our village into a model community.

Take the first step towards community self-improvement

We wouldn’t be the first to take this important step in community self-improvement. In an impoverished corner of India, under a bridge and without a classroom, two shopkeepers are teaching 200 young students who otherwise wouldn’t receive an education. These unpaid teachers are sharing their knowledge. The space is free and the students eager to learn.

It’s easy to begin this process of community improvement through Mohawk Valley Volunteerism. Are you willing to be a volunteer? Are you willing to be a student? What would you like to teach or learn? Can you share land or space? Let’s bring our talents together now! Write to me at herkimerpost@gmail.com and let me know what you think.


Linda Kaidan