Toxic Floors Can Kill

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toxic floors can kill
More than 50 percent of flooring sold today can cause serious illness.

You are suffering from aches and pains everywhere. You may feel dizziness and fatigue or have horrible headaches. You visit your doctor and she uses words like fatigue and chronic headache to describe your condition. The pains you experience are explained as “That’s what happens when you get old.” You need to know that floors that can kill because they contain dangerous chemicals.

Floors can kill because they are toxic

Whether your house is old or new, it’s quite likely that your floors contain chemicals that are poison. These materials have no odor and no taste. But they can be just as deadly as serious disease. The can destroy your immune system and cause cancer too. There are several solutions but the main goal is to cleanse the air in your home to eliminate these toxins. The sooner you do this, the more quickly you’ll protect yourself.

Toxic flooring is sold by most large home improvement stores and flooring stores. It’s durable, inexpensive and sometimes looks just like real wood. Unlike real wood, the resins, glues and varnishes used in its manufacture contain chemicals that can destroy your health. Toxic molecules enter the air in your home. When you inhale these chemicals they can cause cellular damage.


What are these chemicals?

A recent study indicates the widespread use of toxic chemicals in home products. Hexachlorobenzene was initially used to eliminate fungus in seed grain. Later it was used in the manufacture of vinyl and glue. Today it is a common component of popular flooring found in new homes. Old home remodelers find it an attractive and economical flooring solution.

Molecules of Hexachlorobenzene are found in vinyl flooring. They easily break down into poisons including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrochloric acid. These can infiltrate every corner of your home.

Hexachlorobenzene can cause hyperparathyroidism, osteosclerosis, immune system disorders, cancer and liver or renal disease. Symptoms are nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, hair loss and memory loss.

How to avoid becoming seriously ill?

  • Move Away – Of course you can move but often that’s not easily done. Moving doesn’t guarantee that you won’t encounter the same problems elsewhere.
  • Removal – Rip up vinyl flooring and replace with natural flooring like wood, cork and bamboo.
  • Air PurificationGas-phase air cleaners can eliminate dangerous toxins from the air in your home. Robust ventilation provided by permanent air fans can also help to keep air clean.
  • Surface sealants – Applying sealants to the surfaces of vinyl flooring can prevent toxic gas from escaping into your home.

Will you recover from illness caused by toxic flooring?

Eliminating most of the toxic emissions caused by vinyl flooring is likely to make you much healthier. But if you were exposed for prolonged periods of time, you may have permanent health problems.


Toxic floors can kill and they are more common than ever before. Popular vinyl floors, can cause hyperparathyroidism, immune system disorders, liver and renal disease and cancer. Symptoms are nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, hair loss and memory loss.

Make sure to keep the air in your home clean. Also tell your doctor about toxic vinyl flooring so that she can let her patients know that aches, pains and fatigue are not necessarily something we must live with.



Doggy Whodunit Mystery

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328 Pleasant Ave Herkimer's Curtis Cool aka Curtis Dolan's abused dog foraging in our yard.
Neighbor Curtis Cool’s starving, abused dog in our yard.

As I was gardening in my backyard this morning, a hungry dog stood in our neighbor Curtis Cool’s (aka Curtis Dolan) yard at 328 Pleasant Ave., watching and perhaps waiting for the arrival of his meal, any meal – just something to fill the gnawing emptiness in the pit of his stomach. Suddenly he smelled something heavenly in my compost heap. Experiencing what must have been boundless joy, he heaved with all his might and succeeded in pushing a hole through the fence. Immediately upon entering my yard, he hungrily foraged in the compost.

Since when do dogs yearn for veggies?

vegetarian dog
Is this a vegetarian dog?

My compost is entirely vegetable. It contains absolutely no meat products. How could any dog hope to find any meat in this compost heap?

My mystery questions

2016-03-13 10.52.10

  1. Did someone enable this dog’s escape by starving him and burying a treat in that compost heap?
  2. Why was such a neat and handy hole punched in this fence? I guess that dog must be a superior carpenter.
  3. Why was there a six-foot blue rope tying the dog’s choke chain to a long leash giving him the ability to reach a good 10 feet into my yard? Could the intention have been to ultimately free him from the tree in his yard that he was sadly anchored to?

Can you solve this doggy whodunit mystery? I certainly have some theories.

The Damages

The poor starving dog knocked over my gardening bench and all the pots that I was organizing for spring garden planting.  He also jumped on me causing me to stumble backwards. I nearly lost my balance and could have been seriously injured in the fall.

A Better Way

Dogs should be fed each day and treated with respect. They should be trained not to hurt people and destroy property. Dog owners should take care that their pets don’t go astray.



2016 Weather Extremes – Hotter and colder than ever

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by Linda Kaidan

March 9, 2016             Central Park 77 F

March 9, 2016             48 contiguous states broke record for warmest winter in recorded history

February 15, 2016       NYC record low of 1F

What does this mean?

  • Overall, temperatures are rising much faster than the gloomiest climate models have anticipated.
  • Growing worldwide food shortages will continue to hike up prices for most food products.
  • More people will starve. But many don’t have to because, they can grow food in their own back yards for pennies.

Kmart has fruit and vegetable seeds for $1.59 a pack in their garden department. A pack of Burpee Organic pea seeds can yield about 100 plants. That’s less than 4 cents a plant. It might cost you 5 cents for a tomato plant which can yield 10 to 15 pounds of tomatoes over the course of the summer. That’s right just 1 plant! You can start some plants indoors right now by cutting open a milk container poking some holes underneath, and adding some soil and a seed or 2. Squash, lettuce, tomatoes and kale seem to do well here in the Mohawk Valley. Why don’t you give it a try?

Herkimer Post’s 90 Day Statistics: 3,388 Views Of Failed Governance

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by Stephen Ames Berry

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” Albert Einstein

Herkimer Post’s 90 day statistics are remarkable for what began a few months ago as a small village’s gardening and environment blog. It’s our crime videos of course. Cameras don’t lie. “What did you expect?” asked one of my former students when I expressed surprise at our stats. (He follows us from Florida.) “You’re embedded on Freak Street. It’s the lure of the grotesque.” “But our police chief lives on this street.” “OK,” he laughed.

There are, believe it or not, some very nice people on this street and in the Village of Herkimer. But viewers can see nice at home. They’ve been coming to Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue in their thousands to see the not-nice. What they’re reading about and seeing are the fruits of willfully failed governance. Thousands of views of the unchecked criminality swirling about the rental home of one family long entrenched on this once truly pleasant street, allowed to run it as their matriarch sees fit. And they have, as our videos show.

Why? As our blog’s visitors see from our posts and videos, Pleasant Avenue is Herkimer’s Drug Central. A lot of narcotics and cash flow through Herkimer, which lies astride the New York Turnpike, an easy few hours drive to New York City and Canada. It’s an ideal location for narcotics trafficking. And as good businessmen, experienced criminals will typically invest resources to protect their territory.

Count with the Count:  Herkimer Post Blog views

We hadn’t paid much attention to the Herkimer Post’s blog’s statistics since our first article in November. And we never checked the YouTube analytics for our postings’ related videos. Although we knew our posts of the booming drug trafficking and criminal antics here on Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue were drawing far more readers than our real estate or environmental posts, we had no idea how many more. Then the other day we heard a neighbor remark, “No one reads their stupid blog.”

So we counted. And counted again. And were stunned: 2,092 views of our blog posts and 1,296 views of its associated YouTube videos, totaling 3,388 views since our founding. Our YouTube viewers watched 1,957 minutes of Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue in action. (32.6 hours)  The YouTube summary analytics are here and also here.

Herkimer Post’s readers and its YouTube viewers are drawn from all 50 states, with a smattering of YouTube viewers watching from Europe and Asia. Only about 33% of our YouTube viewers during this period came from our blog–the rest found our videos either on YouTube, or came to them via social media or from forwarded links. Google Analytics data

Herkimer Post page views as of 2.23.16
                                                     Herkimer Post page views as of 2.23.16

And below are the less reliable WordPress’ Top Posts figures. They show which were our most popular WordPress posts, but the count per post is low: The author can ensure a special post is the first to greet blog visitors by sticking it atop her blog’s home page. (See line 1 below, “Home page/Archives.”) A reader typically arrives on the home page–a  blog’s landing page–and there’s the post. For example, Herkimer Man Sexually Abusing Car was our lead home page post for several weeks, as were Drug Trafficking on Herkimer’s Slumlord Row, Drunks Along the Mohawk and Fire at 333 Pleasant Ave. Herkimer NY. Each undoubtedly received several hundred more views than individually enumerated below by title: (Left click to enlarge.)Herkimer Post Top Posts’s YouTube Videos – The Power of Many Short Videos

Our most successful posts were those with multiple videos. A post on our blog may only have a modest number of views, such as Fire at 333 Pleasant Ave Herkimer, which drew a mere 23 readers. But with compelling YouTube videos embedded in the post, that post soared in overall popularity.

Re-titled Fire Chief Barton’s Fire on YouTube and edited into six consecutive short videos, Fire at 333 Pleasant Ave drew 506 views on YouTube, a 1:22 ratio. Surprisingly, as the below “Top 10 Video” analytics show, only 38% of our viewers came from our blog. 62% were from YouTube itself, the result of searches and suggestions from other viewers.  Many of them appear to have come from Berry’s 81.7k Twitter followers. Fire Chief Barton’s Fire attracted 529 viewers worldwide for a total viewing time of 298 minutes or 5 hours. (Click to enlarge.)

The Fire Chief’s Fire – YouTube Views, Watch times and viewer demographics

Herkimer Fire Chief's Fire YouTube Views Watch time viewer demographicsThe YouTube views for the unfortunate Fire Chief Barton’s fire, though, pale in comparison to those of the crime videos of Herkimer’s Pleasant Ave. Drug Trafficking On Herkimer’s Slumlord Row was seen by 348 viewers worldwide for a total 1,165 minutes, or 19.41 hours. The videos embedded in Herkimer Crime – Drunks Along the Mohawk were enjoyed 673 times worldwide for 708 minutes, or 11.8 hours.

Pleasant Ave Herkimer- TOP Crime Videos YouTube Views, Watch times and viewer demographics

Pleasant Ave Herkimer- Top Crime Videos
Herkimer Post’s Most Popular Posts
Total WordPress and YouTube Views

Herkimer Post Most Popular Crime Posts and Videos


Herkimer, as with many of New York’s Mohawk Valley communities, is hoping to regain its long lost prosperity from the ripple effects of the billions of dollars being poured into the Nano Utica Initiative, a visionary high-tech manufacturing complex under construction in Utica, an easy 30 minutes commute away. Unfortunately, Herkimer is an impoverished, crime-ridden community, ranked as one of the 10 worst places to live in New York State. What we’ve been subjected to since moving to Herkimer two years ago bears that out–death and arson threats, dog poisoning and beating, burglary, mob menacing, police failure to protect.

We at Herkimer Post are determined to ensure that anyone considering moving to Herkimer is aware of all its aspects. We want no one else to walk blindly into we what did here on Herkimer’s Pleasant Ave. All our crime posts are tweeted to Utica Nano @nanoutica, their partner ams AG in Styria, Austria (@amsAnalog),
and to our governor @NYGovCuomo.

We like Herkimer and believe in its future. We’ll continue to help ensure that future by covering, and uncovering, all aspects of our community in the hope that new and better days lie ahead for Herkimer.


The Herkimer Post would like to thank it’s 300+ email subscribers for their continuing interest, some from such distant points as Stockholm, Sweden, Graz, Austria, Sofia, Bulgaria and India, as well as its editors’ YouTube and Google+ subscribers and legions of Twitter followers.

We’d also like to thank the New York State Police and the US Department of Justice for their support, and cloistered elements of the US Department of Homeland Security for having our backs.

The Herkimer Post is especially indebted to its 333 Pleasant Avenue neighbors, the Joyce Barton and Douglas Barton family, and their patron-landlords, Alan and Clara Klock of Cherry Valley NY, for our  blog’s success. (See how they helped. Check out our Crime Archives.)

2016-02-22 13.06.11
333 Pleasant Ave Herkimer NY, home of Joyce Barton and Douglas Barton, nominated Herkimer’s First Family.

In fact, Joyce and Douglas Barton have done so much to bring the attention of the world to the Village of Herkimer that The Herkimer Post would like to nominate them as Herkimer’s First Family. Their accomplishments reflect what can be achieved by unchecked intimation and brazen conduct on a lawless street, aided and abetted by a willful failure of governance.

Written by Herkimer Post Crime Editor, author Stephen Ames Berry. Berry is a former officer of Harvard University and a veteran of the National Security Agency’s US Army Security Agency.