331 Pleasant Avenue Herkimer NY on Auction June 4 (PART TWO)

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by Stephen Ames Berry

Herkimer property auction - Deciding When To Bid
                                          Deciding When To Bid


June 4, 2016 – 11:00 a.m. at HERKIMER COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE HERKIMER, NEW YORK Doors open at 9:30 a.m

If you read our previous post about bidding on Herkimer’s 331 Pleasant Avenue., you’ll know why we think that hidden gem’s a great buy: low cost of acquisition in an area of rapidly appreciating real estate values.

We’ve had success elsewhere, buying low in marginal neighborhoods just before prosperity rolled in, as we did 3 years ago here on Pleasant Avenue.
Our judgment is being affirmed, as prosperity ripples out from nearby booming Utica and its multi-billion dollar Utica Nano Tech site.
Real estate sales figures for this spring won’t be available for a while, but it’s apparent to us that the sale prices of local homes are soaring.

Perceptive home buyers are targeting Central New York not just because of it’s economic rebirth, but for the same reason Elon Musk relocated Solar City from Silicon Valley to Buffalo, and New York State bankrolled Nano Tech Utica: climate change. Climate change and fresh water abundance are the catalysts that will send the Mohawk Valley and Herkimer soaring beyond back into prosperity. As we saw in Boston of the 1990’s, spreading affluence quickly brings the return of good governance and plummeting crime rates. (Neighboring Utica has already cleaned house.)

Looking at Herkimer Property  On Auction – What To ignore

Ignore people you may see milling about any of the properties on auction.  As with 331 Pleasant Avenue, they don’t want the property to sell, or hope it will sell cheaply to friends if the auction is not widely publicized or potential bidders can be intimated. They often bring in friends from around town to serve as extras in their street theater performances, given at prime viewing times.

Some of the Herkimer county-owned houses on auction, such as 331, are marked as “OCCUPIED.” If a property being auctioned was a rental property, “occupied” doesn’t mean it has tenants. The county owns the property. The county does not have tenants, and no right of tenancy conveyed to the people in 331 Pleasant Avenue or any other county-seized house.

I’m not an attorney, but New York law seems quite clear that if you buy a county-owned property, you have the right to issue a 10-day Notice to Quit to the squatters. It’s a quick and inexpensive process. And in the case of 331 Pleasant Avenue, the local police will be happy to assist. 331 has long served as of Pleasant Avenue’s rapidly eroding empire of dirt. Buy it, you’ll not only get a bargain, you’ll see your equity quickly appreciate as it’s taken out of play, encouraging more new owners to buy into Pleasant Avenue and Herkimer.

Who Else Wants A Secret Herkimer Land Auction Of County Owned Property?

There’s another group who seem to not want this auction publicized: local investors who are members of Herkimer’s good-ol’ boys network, used to snapping up housing bargains at auction. The link to the auction on the Herkimer County Real Property site winked out of existence shortly after I saw it. (I foolishly told an elected official about it.) The local investors are well aware of the rising real estate values and the increasing prosperity. They, too, would like fewer potential competitors to come to the HERKIMER COUNTY LAND AUCTION OF COUNTY OWNED LAND on June 4, 2016 – 11:00 a.m. at HERKIMER COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE HERKIMER, NEW YORK, where doors open at 9:30 a.m. Registration required.

Can’t wait for the bidding to begin at this Herkimer property auction. 

Author Stephen Ames Berry is a former officer of Harvard University and a veteran of the National Security Agency’s US Army Security Agency. Follow him on Twitter @writerredux


331 Pleasant Ave Herkimer NY on Auction June 4 

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331 Pleasant Ave Herkimer on auction June 4, 2016
Herkimer Property Auction June 4th 2016



Doors open at 9:30 a.m.

Why place your bid on 331 Pleasant Ave Herkimer NY?

Video taken after a short walk from 331 Pleasant Ave.

This dilapidated Herkimer Village home will be auctioned in 2 weeks. Like most of the homes on this street, it’s constructed of substantial 100-year-old timber, mostly oak, rather than the spindly framing common to hastily constructed newer homes slapped together from composite materials. In Herkimer’s 19th century homes, a 2×4 is a 2×4.

Convenience Like all Herkimer Village homes, 331 Pleasant Avenue is conveniently located near I-90 and Amtrak. You can drive to Montreal, Boston or New York City in about 4 hours. It’s only 30 miles from the southern portion of Adirondack State Park, the largest contiguous forest in the United States.

Green Living Even if you have a gas guzzler, residing in Herkimer Village offers you the opportunity to be green. You’ll find 2 supermarkets including Walmart, Rite Aid, 4  banks and a variety of eateries all within walking distance – at least as convenient as in NYC and far less congested. (The night sky here is spectacular.)

Recreational opportunities for nature lovers You’ll be able to walk and bike along the famous Mohawk River and Erie Canal without having to drive. A short walk from the village takes you along a timeless country lane that ends at the confluence of the Mohawk River and West Canada Creek. (See the above video.)

Give this home your unique signature The faded house at 331 Pleasant Ave can become the most graceful home on Pleasant Ave with your imagination and attention. Recently 311 Pleasant Ave sold for $59,890. If you want a dream home for a dreamy low price that you can completely customize without breaking your budget, go to the auction at the Herkimer Community College on June 4th at 9:30 AM and place your bid. Your renovation magic can bring an amazing return on investment.

Resource filled opportunity We are within a 1.5 hour drive of Lake Ontario, one of the 5 Great Lakes that hold 20 percent of the Earth’s surface fresh water resources. Due to recent billion dollar regional investments in nano tech, and the areas abundant natural resources, Central New York is being reborn. Take part in our success story.


Tiny new satellites can guaranty that we will not all die from global warming

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by Linda Kaidan

Tiny new satellites or Nanosatellites halt global warming
NASA Nanosatellite Cube Launcher 2013

Tiny new satellites are being developed at MIT’s Space Propulsion Laboratory. This breakthrough technology can support the delivery of solar shades in space to prevent earth’s atmosphere from continuously heating up.  With advances in nanotech, satellites can be as tiny as half an inch cubed. The tininess is important as it makes the cost of launching the them comparatively small.

Tiny new satellites called nanosatellites are a foundation technology for global warming prevention

This emerging generation of satellites is much smarter than those we have now. They have highly effective navigation and propulsion systems for ease of placement, and can return to earth on their own without adding to Earth’s orbiting space junk colonies.

Each satellite can deliver a space shade cluster capable of covering huge areas with reflective lightweight fabric that can be repositioned to precisely control the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth. With space shades that we can easily move and control, we can accurately regulate how much heat our atmosphere absorbs from the sun.

Nanosatellite Launchers are under development by NASA

Space shades don’t solve all our problems. We need to stop polluting our soil, water and air while cleaning up the mess we’ve already made.  Nanosatellite delivered space shades can give us the time we need to recover from our ongoing climate change disaster. Perhaps this will become a major step in planetary weather control. The first flight of NASA’s Nanosatellite Launch Adapter System took place in November 2013.


Herkimer Thug Curtis Doolen AKA Curtis Cool, Again Fails to Burn Out Neighbors

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by Stephen Ames Berry

328 Pleasant Avenue Herkimer illegal fire set by tenants
Another, much larger, 328 Pleasant Avenue fire set by drug thug tenants. 5.7.16

For the second time in two weeks,  328 Pleasant Avenue Herkimer thug Curtis Cool again fails to burn out neighbors. Though not for want of trying. This time he apparently used an accelerant, and was simultaneously joined in his pyromania by neighboring fire builders at Jay Smith’s 326 Pleasant Avenue rental property. Though there’s was nothing compared to Cool’s fire.

A bonfire worthy of a 4th of July Back in the Day, it lasted 3.5 hours, from exactly 2100 hrs to about 0030, and was unattended while still burning briskly for at least an hour. (Except for Curtis Cool’s unsupervised kids poking it with sticks.) Below is a short video edited from security camera footage, followed by a longer video.

  • 2015:28  The fire at 326 Pleasant Avenue begins first
  • 2100 328 Pleasant Avenue fire explodes into life – obvious use of an accelerant
  • 2108 2nd use of large quantity of accelerant. Intensity of fire’s heat signature blinds camera’s infrared sensors. People stay well clear.
  • 2111 Actual fire column become clearer as thermal heat signature lessens.
  • 2112 Fire clearly defined. Large, intense. People stand away from the heat.
  • End of clip: Shrieking children cavort in yard. (We heard.)
  • The structure to the fire rear is a portable screened picnic pavilion. Probably not fireproof.

Here’s the longer director’s cut. (Same price.) Note sparks sailing into the trees:

328 Pleasant AVenue’s Previous Fire Incident

The last fire incident at 328 Pleasant Avenue was at 1 am on 4/25. The Herkimer police gave it a pass, the responding officer declaring the uncovered fire to be covered. (I saw it. I heard him. It was not covered.) Before his arrival, my 61 year-old wife Linda was abused by squad of racist Herkimer thugs lead by Curtis Cool, aka Curtis Dolan, who were enjoying the illegal blaze. (Probably burning books.) Curtis Cool’s krew have made 328 Pleasant Avenue their wee hours clubhouse. Sadly, we did not have a camera in range of that ugly event. This time we did.

Fire being a silent killer, we slept through this latest event. Only in the morning, having partially heard 328’s Pleasant Avenue’s resident thug-in-chief abuse yet another upset neighbor, did we look at our security cam footage. (Whomever you are, thank you for that.)

What’s Next?

328 Pleasant Avenue is owned by Mrs. Harriett Tangorra, Sr. Clerk of the Herkimer County Supreme Court.  We bought our house, 330, from her. 328 was her family home for many years. She’s trying to sell it and I’m sure is very unhappy about all of this. Last night I texted her, attaching a screenshot of this latest fire. I suspect she is doing something about it.

The Herkimer police: been there, done that. Neither the Herkimer Police Department nor the Herkimer Fire Department will own up to having a public email address. (They do.) As usual with crime postings, I’ll share this with the State Police in Albany for forwarding to the Herkimer Police. They have that email address.

If there’s anything else in that 3.5 hours of fire footage, I’ll post it. We’ll be having more postings on 328 Pleasant Avenue Curtis Cool’s antics and that of his  friends.

Author Stephen Ames Berry is a former officer of Harvard University and a veteran of the National Security Agency’s US Army Security Agency.

328 Pleasant Ave Herkimer — Abuse, Abusers and Drug Trafficking Likely to Be Squashed by Video Surveillance

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by  Stephen Ames Berry

328 Pleasant Ave Herkimer Abused Dog Abused dog, 328 Pleasant Ave, looking for food in our yard

Abusers and drug trafficking can be effectively restrained by comprehensive video surveillance. For those who read our post about the abused dog at 328 Pleasant Avenue, used in an obvious malicious harassment attempt by our neighbor, 328’s Curtis Cool, aka Curtis Doolen, the dog is gone. I copied the property’s owner, Harriet Tangorra, on our post and she said she’d promptly served Curtis Cool and his caretaker Cheyenne with an eviction notice via Attorney George Aney; their lease has a “No Pets” clause. They “cured” their deficiency by disposing of the dog. He was a huge, good-natured, utterly untrained short-haired hunting dog whose unfortunate behavior was the result of abuse and neglect.

Starving, freezing, howling piteously

The poor animal was left outside, ignored and unsheltered, without food or water, even in the depths of winter, often howling piteously as the temperatures plummeted, and day turned to night amid wind and snow. We and other neighbors often called the police. Officer Josh, the dog officer, always promptly responded whatever the time or the weather. Once Josh had to get police assistance to gain access. Another time he took the dog away, but it was soon back, still terribly malnourished and often without water. May the dog have found a better home where people feed and shelter him, and perhaps kids play with him rather than ignore him. (If he had a name, we never heard anyone use it.)

328 Pleasant Ave HerkimerAbusers’ rented home at 328 Pleasant Ave Herkimer

328 Pleasant Ave –Abuse and abusers

Those who abuse animals are quick to abuse others, notably children and the elderly. If you follow The Herkimer Post, you’ll know that my 61-year-old wife Linda was 328 Pleasant Ave’s most recent known victim of abuse, set upon in the dead of night by a gang of anti-Semitic thugs lead by Herkimer’s Curtis Cool, aka Curtis Doolen, from 328. It’s well known hereabouts that Linda’s Jewish. It was ugly, despicable, and conjured images of a horrific past:

Lvov pogrom victim June 1941
Anti-Semitic mob tormenting Jewish woman just before her death. Lvov, USSR, June 1941 US Holocaust Museum http://goo.gl/Nvo3vT

Abuse is a classic drug gang tactic used to control turf and stifle opposition. Drug traffickers abuse animals and children to pervert them to their own ends. We’ve often seen such terrorism on Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue, and have been the brunt of it.

Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue Child Abusers and Drug Trafficking

Old folks and pets aren’t the major victims of abusers on Pleasant Avenue–children abused by their parents are. Exploiting or corrupting is emotional abuse “in which a child is taught, encouraged or forced to develop inappropriate or illegal behaviors,” says the American Humane Society. “It may involve self-destructive or antisocial acts of the parent or caregiver, such as teaching a child how to steal or forcing a child into prostitution.”

On Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue, when criminal parents weaponize their children through abuse, it’s primarily to harass and dissuade neighbors from cooperating with authorities in suppressing the parents’ drug trafficking. Homeowners with surveillance cameras are a prime target–cameras don’t sleep and they never lie. We have 8 honest cameras.

Harassment–A sign of drug trafficking

The first sign that a house is involved in drug trafficking isn’t always its street traffic, but its residents’ reaction to a surveillance camera–even if it’s not pointed at them. It’s the pattern that’s emerging at 328 Pleasant Ave.

The child abusing parents cry “Pedophiles!” and “Our children! Our Children!” even as they send their weaponized kids to vandalize and criminally trespass on properties with cameras. When their children are outed by cameras, their abusive parents resume the cry of “Pedophile!” and assail you at your door or on the street screaming, “I don’t want my kid on the Internet!” (This behavior has made Herkimer’s Melodie Schulze the Internet’s icon of elder abuse. Just Google her name and up she pops. ) Recently we’ve had a parade of angry mothers of criminally trespassing children trespass to demand that we take down video evidence of their kids’ misdeeds.  Not gonna happen. Get some help, people.

328 Pleasant Ave. Drug Trafficking – What’s Next

When we suspect a neighbor is drug trafficking, as indicated by abuse, harassment and vandalism, we increase surveillance and analyze traffic patterns. The results are sent to the New York State Police, and information may be shared with Federal authorities. This strategy has been remarkably successful in shutting down 333 Pleasant Avenue.

Video surveillance is very effective at fighting crime, especially when abusers and drug trafficking are involved. To avoid further unwanted attention, the folks at 328 Pleasant Ave. could move. Mrs. Tangorra is eager to sell that property. And more nice neighbors would be cool. 

Stephen Ames Berry is a former officer of Harvard University and a veteran of the National Security Agency’s US Army Security Agency.