Hail to the Chief – Capt. Jeff Crim Takes Command of Herkimer Police


Capt. Jeff Crim takes command of Herkimer PD
Herkimer Police Capt. Jeff Crim and Friend

Sincere best wishes to Herkimer’s Acting Police Chief, Capt. Jeff Crim. I met him briefly a few weeks ago–he impressed me as a quietly competent, no-nonsense law enforcement officer. He’s only been in charge for a week and already we’ve seen an astounding improvement in the policing of Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue. It first became noticeable over the Memorial Day Weekend. This is from my Facebook:

Just a light posting to remark upon how quiet it is here this Memorial Day weekend on Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue.  The three principal fonts of evil in the neighborhood, once the undisputed domain of drug dealers and narcotics traffickers, are empty this weekend. Toad, Little Mama, Old Queenie and their krews are gone.

This is remarkably coincident with the abrupt retirement last week of Herkimer’s long-time police chief.  Former Chief Joseph Malone,  who lives down the street  from us here on Pleasant Avenue, retired following an ethics investigation, the ripples from which have just begun.  We’re wondering if our neighboring death merchants are up in the lovely hill country at one of their “camps,’ feting him upon his retirement.  And if he’ll survive the celebration.

OMG! Another  police patrol.   They’ve become quite common.

Good luck, Chief Crim. We look forward to the better days ahead.

Written by Herkimer Post Crime Editor Stephen Ames Berry. Berry is a former officer of Harvard University and a veteran of the National Security Agency’s US Army Security Agency.


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