New Herkimer Police Chief Jory Sees No Reason to “Reinvent the Wheel”

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by Stephen Ames Berry

After an extensive and lengthy search of the entire village of Herkimer NY, village trustees appointed long-time Herkimer resident and Gloversville detective captain Michael Jory to head the Herkimer police. Village trustees interviewed three candidates out of a field of 10 for the position, said Herkimer Mayor and former Herkimer police officer Anthony Brindisi. The unsuccessful candidates’ names were not disclosed.

Chief Jory replaces former Herkimer Police Chief Joseph Malone, who abruptly retired in May of 2016 following release of the results of an ethics investigation. Malone is still neighboring Mohawk’s police chief. (Chief Malone is our Pleasant Ave. Herkimer neighbor. Pleasant Ave. traffic has fallen off since his retirement.)

Chief Jory takes $31k pay cut to command Herkimer Police

Chief Jory’s 2016 Gloversville pay was $93,586, according the Gloversville Leader-Herald. His salary as Herkimer police chief is $62,500. By taking a pay cut of $31,000–about the starting pay of his Herkimer officers–Chief Jory will be spared his two-hour round-trip Herkimer-Gloversville commute.

Herkimer Police Chief Jory Sees No Reason To “Reinvent the Wheel”

Among Chief Jory’s goals are to study for the police chief’s exam and enhance policing through the use of bicycle patrols. As to Herkimer police department operations, Chief Jory says he sees no reason “to reinvent the wheel.”

Chief Jory inherits a troubled department with a rich history of failing to protect Herkimer’s citizens. Typically this takes the form of Herkimer police officers refusing to take well-documented criminal complaints, or running interference under the color of law on behalf of well-monied criminals. Happily, the New York State Police haven’t shirked their duty to Herkimer. (NYSP Crime Tip link.)

2016 – Herkimer Police Expand Failure To Protect To National Security

In 2016, the Herkimer Police expanded its traditional failure to protect into the realm of national security, failing protect a key railway bridge used as cook site by Herkimer meth makers.  The Herkimer Post staff stumbled across this during a stroll along a historic Herkimer village hiking path. Our three-part series, The Herkimer Meth Bridge, helped catalyze a joint state-federal response to permanently secure the bridge and monitor crime-ridden Herkimer, potentially sparing Herkimer and the Hudson River Valley death and destruction on a 9/11 scale.

Lac Megantic train explosion
Lac Megantic Quebec burns following DOT-111 tanker car train explosion. The train was hauling 50,000 barrels of crude oil. from North Dakota’s Bakken crude oil.

Herkimer’s pristine skies are now patrolled by state-federal surveillance drones,

Quadcopter in dronebox
Quadcopter drone nested in a remote solar-powered recharging drone box. H3 Corp photo.

supported by boots on the ground and helicopters. As a result, drug trafficking appears to have fallen sharply and Herkimer’s major child trafficking operators have reshuffled operations.

Chief Jory wants us to “see the human being behind the badge.” We have, and some of them are not very pretty. If the chief wants to enforce the law in Herkimer, he’ll need to start cleaning house, “reinvent the wheel,” and put his shoulder to it. Otherwise, he’ll be widely seen as just another Herkimer good ol’ boy, kicking back and enabling business as usual. We await.







333 Pleasant Ave Teenage Girl Bullies: A lesson for you!

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by Linda Kaidan

Herkimer’s 333 Pleasant Ave’s Teenage Girl Bullies can learn a wonderful lesson from this 9 year old girl. She saw a problem–homeless people– and decided to solve it. No matter how old you are or how nasty your family might be, you can change the world for the better. You are not dust flying in the wind, aimlessly blown here and there. Rather, you are the sum of your deeds and every day matters. Each good deed you do increases your beauty. The opposite is also true.

As you grow older, you can look back with joy and contentment at a life well-lived or you can gaze upon a sad and wasted existence. The choice is entirely yours. Perhaps you can try changing 333 Pleasant Ave Teenage Girl Bullies to 333 Pleasant Ave Teenage Girl Heroes and make that the title for what you are going forward 🙂

333 Pleasant Ave Teenage Girl Bullies can be teenage heros. Work together in creativity and self development.

Try being an entrepreneur, recycling free and discarded materials into products you can sell in flee markets and on craigslist or create a song and dance company. Look at and get some inspiration. The whole world is out there for you to participate in and to inform your own creativity and strength. You can be a gold metal winner in life, starting right now!


Start renovating now for next to nothing

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My goal is to create a private space within my home that can be used as an in-law apartment or guest suite with a private entrance. Starting with a home characterized by two front doors helped to make this transition easy. This space is about 250 square feet and consists of a kitchen sitting-room, a bed/bath room and a half bath with sink.

Renovation Design

The doorway on the kitchen fridge wall is new. It existed before and we reopened it. The bath tub replaces a closet area.

Before view of kitchen

The original kitchen looked nicely spacious. But I wanted to make it do double duty as a sitting area as well. So I moved the fridge to the wall opposite the front door and morphed its original location into a cozy arm chair nook.  The bed bath area and construction cleanup remain to be done, so please excuse the mess 🙂

After view of kitchen











I am nearing the end of my kitchen renovation which cost me about $43.

The price is low because I used materials I already had on hand. These included copper colored tin ceiling tiles which can be purchase for $2 per sf.  Stenciling with a microwave steamer food container (the one with the holes).  Sponge painting and furnishing incorporates free and inexpensive materials available on,, and stuff left on the curb for trash pickup. My kitchen rug 2 x 5 ft., is indoor outdoor carpet purchased for $35 at Frames were $2 and under at Salvation Army in Ilion. Habitat for Humanity in Syracuse is home to nearly free paint and used kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen back splash hanging units can be quite pricy. The white wooden trim above my backsplash is a 2 x 4 from a closet demolished in the adjacent bedroom.  It’s decorated with free form contact paper cutouts (Black and white)  and transformed for maximized storage usefulness with cup hangers from that cost under 50 cents each.

If you would like to hire me for inexpensive design and shopping assistance, call or text Linda at 315-360-3910. Your Herkimer renovation design can be thrifty and fabululous!