Somangshu Mukherji Loses His Job, Beats His Wife, Steals Her Money, Dumps Her In A Brothel

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Stephen Ames Berry

My son-in-law doesn’t handle rejection well.

Somangshu Mukherji Loses His Job is the latest in the ongoing series A Herkimer Kidnapping, which chronicles the illegal taking of our five-year-old grandson Avram from his mother by her Green Card husband, former University of  Michigan assistant professor Somangshu Mukherji, and Mukherji’s continuing outrages against our family. (Mukherji isn’t Avram’s birth father.) The series is a cautionary tale of how an unscrupulous foreign national can exploit a mentally ill American to obtain a Green Card and through it, a fine job at a prestigious institution. 

As of May of this year, our daughter Alexandra hadn’t seen her son for over two years and only spoken with him twice. Mukherji, in violation of multiple family court orders, had quietly stashed Avram out of state, returning to Ann Arbor to await his anticipated tenure appointment. Last August, Mukherji invited Avram’s mother to visit with her son in Michigan, only to laughingly announcing when she arrived that the kid wasn’t there. I wrote of his despicable actions and those that followed in Somangshu Mukherji And The Little Boy Who Wasn’t There. 

Suddenly in May, to our surprise and suspicion, Mukherji invited Alex to visit with her son in Ann Arbor. Although he wouldn’t let her speak with Avram on the phone, she heard him in the background. Astoundingly, Mukherji even offered to pay for her train ticket. He was aware that she’d reported him for tax fraud and identity theft to the IRS and the State of Michigan and yet sounded cordial and welcoming. Alex was gravely concerned for the welfare of the child Mukherji sometimes called “the little bastard,” and seized the possibility of seeing him. Given our son-in-law’s long history of deceit and cruelty and with his American family, we weren’t optimistic but agreed with her that she should go. Understandably, she went with great trepidation. 

She was walking into a carefully laid trap.

On May 15th, after an exhausting 12-hour journey, Alex reached Mukherji’s professorial townhouse condo. Little Avram was overjoyed to see her. Mukherji at first kept it together. Over takeout–which Avram wasn’t allowed to share, subsisting on his usual fare of reheated chicken nuggets–Mukherji suggested that he and Alex could get back together. Not wanting to set him off, she was noncommittal. Then began his familiar micromanagement, Mukherji telling Alex she couldn’t call her family or take pictures of her son. Wanting to be with Avram for as long as possible, she reluctantly agreed.

Somangshu Mukherji Gives His Orders To His Wife

Mukherji then ordered her to sign an online document in the virtual presence of a notary in Texas, which he’d carefully prearranged. He wouldn’t allow her to read the document but said it granted him permission to work with the Ann Arbor Family Court on her behalf to set up psychiatric services for her in Michigan, so she could have visitation rights with her son.

Alex indignantly refused to sign Mukherji’s secret document. After a New York court slapped Mukherji with a restraining order, the Ann Arbor Family Court reviewed it and had restored her visitation rights–rights Mukherji was impeding. She added that she was never returning to him.

Faithful to his rich history of spousal abuse as attested to by Alex in the child custody proceedings, Mukerji became enraged. Threatening and menacing her, he again demanded she sign the document sight unseen. Knowing that whatever it was, it would be worthless as coerced under duress, and fearing for her safety and that of her young son, asleep in another room, Alex signed the document unread.

Only later, when she’d safely returned to us in New York, did she get to read the wildly unbelievable affidavit she’d signed for Mukherji’s use in his defamation suit against me, now in its third year.

Obviously written by Mukherji and given legal form by his lawyers, the affidavit attests to the infinite selfless kindness and goodness of Somangshu Mukherji, the hapless victim of the evil machinations of Alex’s dad, who tirelessly strives for the innocent Mukherji’s destruction. And of course, as would any affidant, Alex attests to being a violent, psychotic basket case, a danger to herself and others, incapable of independent judgment, her life blessed solely by the ongoing sacrifices of her husband Somangshu. “No one sane would sign that,” she said disbelievingly, safely back home, as she sat reading Mukherji’s rambling delusional fabrication. Worrisomely, this large man, who has sole custody of our small grandson, may actually believe it to be true because he wrote it.

The Affidavit Somangshu Mukherji Coerced His Wife Into Signing Sight Unseen

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Mukherji’s defamation legal team at Minc Law used the feloniously obtained affidavit in petitioning the New York Supreme Court to grant him a quick bench trial.  He’s trying to get out of the jury trial he initially demanded. Jury trials are expensive and Mukherji is unemployed.  I then requested a jury trial. The court has not yet ruled on his motion. [11/13/]

Safely home, Alex filed another fraud complaint with IRS, reporting the coerced endorsement of her stimulus check and describing the assault. She also submitted an affidavit to the New York Supreme Court disavowing the coerced affidavit. My trial defamation is still scheduled for November.  [Trial adjourned at the request of Mukherji’s legal team, in order to file an amended complaint. They gave me an opportunity to file documents exposing the real Somagnshu Mukjerki. Which I dod.] 

His Wife Attests To Somangshu Mukherji’s Coercion, Beating Of Her And Theft Of Her Money

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Somangshu Mukherji Loses His Job

Serendipitously, while Alex was at Mukherji’s–after he coerced her for the first signature and before he beat her for the second one–she overheard Mukherji being fired. A University of Michigan official called him and told him his academic contract was not being renewed for the next school year. “Serious discrepancies in your work,” was what she overheard. Then came the beating.

Mukherji forged Alex’s signature on his 2019-20 Federal and state tax returns and falsely claimed her as a dependent while she was living with us. He pocketed her 2019 Federal stimulus payments, laundering them through a joint checking account Alex had never been allowed to use and had mostly forgotten.

Somangshu Mukherji Commits Tax Fraud
The Treachery Never Ends: Somangshu Mukherji Steals His Penniless American Wife’s Stimulus Payments

Her husband’s duplicity revealed to her during a meeting with an IRS agent, Alex froze that joint account in time to torpedo the direct deposit payment of both hers and Mukerji’s 2021 Economic Stimulus payments. That money’s in the wind. However, the now-former assistant professor had kept a 2019 $900 paper Stimulus check that arrived for Alex. With the joint account frozen, he couldn’t just mark it for deposit–getting her money required her signature, which he apparently didn’t dare forge with IRS audits looming. (I don’t know if Mukherji desperately needed the money or if stealing from our family has become a vital part of his psyche after so many years of thievery.)

Beats His Wife, Steals Her Money

Shortly after his call with the university official, Mukherji presented Alex with her IRS check and ordered her to sign it over to him. When she refused, he flew into one of his rages, twice slamming her over the head with a baby gate as she defended herself with raised arms and a swift kick. 

Somangshu Mukherji's most recent wife-beating weapon of choice.
Somangshu Mukherji’s most recent wife-beating weapon of choice.

Fearing even more for her safety and that of Avram, she signed the check over to Mukherji and fled into the night. On the street, she, at last, called her mother, who sent the Ann Arbor police to meet with her outside. They were as always unsympathetic, refused to investigate her complaint, and went on their way, to further serve and protect. (Both Alex and her husband are well known to the Ann Arbor police. They were unaware that he was no longer a professor and so no longer a member of a protected class in the city of Ann Arbor.)

Having nowhere else to stay, Alex returned to Mukherji’s, saying she’d been out for a walk. 

Dumps Her In A Brothel

Any premises where prostitution commonly takes place qualifies as a brothel. Wikipedia

Waiting until her son was asleep, Mukherji announced that the child custody order made it unlawful for her to visit with Avram, with whom she was visiting, and that she would have to stay in a motel for the rest of her visit.  He’d reserved a room for her.

Mukherji then checked her into a seedy Ann Arbor motel where she seemed to be the only guest who wasn’t a drug addict or a hooker or a john. The room was devoid of amenities: no toiletries, no fridge, no microwave, a broken heat-cool unit. There was a lot of noise. In unwarranted fairness to Mukherji, he may not have known the motel was one of several Ann Arbor inns notorious for prostitution; his selection was probably driven by price.

He told Alex he’d bring Avram by the next day so they could visit, and he’d also bring her some food. She hasn’t seen him since. Trying later to call him, she found he’d blocked her number as he often does. Fortunately, she had some of the money left that we’d given her. The next day we wired her more, so she was able to eat.

The following morning, on a hunt for toilet tissue, Alex went to the motel’s front desk and blurted–she blurts–“Am I the only one in this motel who’s not a hooker?” They promptly threw her out, backed up by a very large, “scary looking” guy.

Going to the Amtrak station, Alex spent the night on the passenger platform. The next day she began making her way back to us in New York via bus and train.

The Waiting Game

This is now a waiting game. Will Somangshu Mukherji find a job for the next school year? If so, where? Time’s growing short for 2021-22 academic hiring. 

Not finding a job in the US, what will he do? Return to India? His father Nirmalangshu Mukherji’s an eminent retired professor in India, but the two are long estranged.

Perhaps a job in a patriarchal society where wife beating is as acceptable as rug beating? Academic hiring here is an intensely consensual process. (I was only hired at Harvard after five interviews, one of them a seven-person group interview.) My ghastly son-in-law’s highly visible misogynistic social media presence is a stinking albatross around his neck in this era of #MeToo. Tax penalties are going to thin that purse of his we unwittingly helped fatten. The IRS grinds exceedingly slow but fine And it never abandons pursuit.

The Olive Branch Extended

Olive branch
Olive branch

As for our grandson, my pious sister-in-law and her husband, with whom Mukherji has illegally stashed Avram in the past and paid for his care, are not noted for their altruism. Avram’s mother and grandparents will be happy to have him, provided his titular father, Mukherji, agrees to work out joint custody with us through the Ann Arbor Family Court. 

What Now, Somangshu Mukherji? 

“…no employer is going to grant you a sinecure, no matter how prestigious the colleges you graduated.  People expect you to eventually produce work in exchange for your pay.

Mukherji’s a cashiered assistant professor with no credible body of work and an unsavory social media presence. According to his wife, he was frequently warned over the years at U.Mich of the need to indeed publish or perish. No employer is going to grant you a sinecure, no matter how prestigious the colleges from which you graduated. People expect you to eventually produce work in exchange for your pay. Somangshu didn’t, so he was fired, despite years of warnings and feigning ignorance to colleagues as to why he was on the skids. It’s been my sad experience of many years that along with all his other debilitating issues, my son-in-law is one of the laziest creatures on God’s green earth. And that’s what got him fired.

Doing What We Can For Our Neglected Grandson From Afar

Avram Mukherji Exploring
Herkimer February 2019. Avram exploring hisfFirst-ever toys, after chowing down on roast beef, mashed potatoes and chocolate ice cream.
Avram Mohan Mukherji after two years with Somangshu Mukherjii. ill-clothed, ill-fed, dirty, thin, still not toilet trained. Changes his own pullups.i:
May 2021. Avram after two years with Somangshu Mukherji. We’re appalled by the condition in which his mother found him in May (2021): ill-clothed, ill-fed, dirty, thin, still not toilet trained. Changes his own pullups. (Background.)

Despite Mukerhji’s orders, Alex snapped a hurried picture of her son while Mukerhji was in the bathroom. The contrast between Avram now and when he was last with us, his blood relatives, in 2019, is appalling. Here he was happy, well-fed, and not underweight. He was especially delighted to explore the out-of-doors for the first time.

We’ve been sending clothes, toys and small treats to our grandson. We’re appalled by the condition in which Alex found him in May (2021): ill-clothed, ill-fed, dirty, thin, still not toilet trained. 

Avram will be 5 years old in August. The only clothes or toys of his that Alex could find during her visit were a few that we’d recently sent him. Most of the nice outfits we’d sent were missing. (Historically, Mukerji is an active online seller.) Avram dresses and changes his own pullups. And didn’t think it odd that “Daddy” ordered takeout while feeding him reheated chicken nuggets. (“Don’t give him any,” Mukherji ordered Alex, before polishing off the order himself. “Bones.” Must have been a  limited TakeOutTaxi selection.)

Michigan Child Protective Services haven’t reported back on any of our requests for a welfare check. 

7/2/21 Somangshu Mukerjhi Breaks His Silence

Until the other day, Mukherji had ignored all attempts at communication. He responded to Avram’s mother’s latest query of concern with his usual sneering cruelty. (Mohan is Avram Mohan; egrace is Alex.)

Mukherji’s University of Michigan email account is still active.  Seems the university is graciously letting him use it while looking for work, and to continue harassing his American family, despite my many complaints. Go Wolverines.

Our House
Our Herkimer trailer, upon which I’ve seen Somangshu Mukherji cast covetous eyes.

The olive branch has been extended. We await.

Somangshu Mukherji–18 Years Of Knavery And Cruelty In Two Columns

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