How To Bully A Bully: Blogger Linda Kaidan v. Gang Thug Chandler Seelbach

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Stephen Ames Berry

An earlier version misidentified Chandler Seelbach and omitted reference to his violent criminal history. 

Chandler Zachardy trespasing as he menaces Linda Kaida in her driveway.
Chandler Seelbach trespassing as he menaces Linda Kaidan in her driveway.

How to treat a bully? Stand fast and bully back.

Herkimer Post Editor Linda Kaidan, my wife of 43 years, is an early riser. She puts out food for her beloved birds’ breakfast in front of our lovely 100-year-old house at Herkimer’s 330 Pleasant Avenue.

Last Thursday 11/29, at about 4 am, she was taking out the trash when she was harassed and menaced by the local gang’s latest sacrificial drug thug, young Herkimer dad Chandler Z. Seelbach. Seelbach emerged from his friend fellow drug thug Kyle Stone’s house at 332 Pleasant Avenue and immediately started in on Linda. Seelbach is a violent criminal well-known to local police, yet still walking the streets through the miracle of New York law.

His face inches from hers, Seelbach verbally assaulted her for about 8 minutes, heaping her with obscenities, threatening several times to “beat the shit” out of her as he trespassed on our property. She stood her ground and only came inside when she was good and ready. (He doesn’t seem to know who his mother is.)

Here’s the audio and a porch video of the attack. Though Linda was on four cameras, the only one with audio is the porch cam. The police have a full video of the incident; the audio is enough to convict. Several still shots from one of our videos are in this post. (The woman cheering Seelbach on is our neighbor, drug thug Kim Vargas.)  Turn on the volume.

Our local drug and child trafficking gang doesn’t like our very legal gentle street light it lessens their use of the two gang houses on the other side of our property for nighttime drug trafficking. Including Seelbach’s. 

For his finale, Seelbach threw a dramatic haymaker at our doughty little light. As with all else in his pathetic young life, Seelbach failed, and went off to where he lays his head, landlord Jay Smith’s 326 Pleasant Avenue, two houses down. form ours. 

The woman loudly supporting the elder-abusing thug is another elder-abusing thug, neighboring petty drug dealer Kim Vargas, skulking off-camera in her driveway. 

Zacchary Chandler throws at haymaker punch at our light.
“Seelbach then threw a dramatic haymaker punch at our light.”
“As with all else in his pathetic young life, Chandler failed…”

This latest ugly incident, with videos, was reported to Officer Burns of the Herkimer Police, who took and registered Linda’s complaint. Burns was one of the many officers who were very supportive when Linda was attacked and punched out by the Joyce Barton gang’s Shianne Hill a few years ago. (Shianne was sentenced to a year’s probation and restitution. The Bartons have been stripped of the illusion that they enjoy immunity from arrest within the village of Herkimer.) 

Chandler Seelbach – Poster Boy for  Herkimer Gang’s Eroding Empire of Dirt

Herkimer gang thug Chandler Z. Seelbach
Young Herkimer dad Chandler Z. Seelbach in daylight, March 2018. Seelbach lives two doors down from us at Jay Smith’s 326 Pleasant  Avenue.

Chandler Seelbach’s vile street skit is the latest of the Herkimer gang’s desperate final gasps. Gone are Zachary’s predecessors, Kyle Stone and Xavier Rowe. And Smith tenant Earl Thompson, who was always vowing to put anthrax in our mailbox. MIA from our patch of paradise for years now is gang chieftain Stanley Sykes. Present but mute is street harasser and child trafficker Cary Ann Bass, Sykes alleged daughter-in-law. Still seen about is Shyke’s good right hand Kevin Stone, who has open access to all the houses landlord Jay Smith’s gifted Herkimer’s drug and child traffickers one Christmas.

The rapidly improving demographics of Herkimer and all of Upstate New York is draining the swamp of organized criminal activity. The people now moving here in large numbers are affluent and seeking a climate change haven. Herkimer, to its surprise I’m sure, is one of the nation’s finest climate change survival zones.  

Herkimer doesn’t have much housing stock. Even halfway decent houses sell in a few days. Our nighttime skies are so filled with law enforcement drones that they must be filing flight plans. (We’ve seen some cute little prototype drones being tested  here.) 

When prosperity comes in, gangs move out, usually with the help from beefed-up law enforcement, and folks who no longer yield their streets to scum like Chandler Seelbach. Don’t be bullied. Stand your ground and bully back.

Better Camera Coming Soon to Driveway Hotspot

A much better camera for our front driveway has arrived. That’s where all the action’s been lately. It’s the same 4K UHD camera as the one we have out back, the one that was the heart of the popular post of Carrie Ann Bass’ party in the child trafficking lot. I’ll provision and hang it as soon as I finish my current project for my son-in-law. 


Mind Control Exists: What Can You Do About It?

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By Linda Kaidan

Can you be mind-controlled and if so what can you do about it?  Even my SciFi Author husband is skeptical that mind control exists. Yet legitimate publications by MIT Sloan Management Review, Scientific American, and University of West Australia Professor Kristyn Bates indicate that it does.

Mind control is likely to have originated in research laboratories of various defense contractors. It may have initially been justified as a means to provide assistive technology for the hearing impaired, vision impaired, mentally ill, or as part of super-effective defense communication systems. While there may be much ethical justification for use of mind control, it can easily be a deadly weapon used to achieve monetary or political gain. Greed and selfishness are common human motivators and as such the lack of checks and balances in this technology’s use likely indicates that much harm is already being done with this tech!

Our wonderful brains transmit signals with electricity which in itself is a blurry form of precise signals that can be more effective. Mind control technology uses light to precisely target the brains’ neuroreceptors. An implant on the skull receives signals and converts them to neurological instructions which can directly control physical bodily functions including our sense of touch, taste, hearing, vision, and even our emotion! The horrible result can be enslavement, coercion, terrorism, and death.

Essentially those affected by this tech cannot be certain whether their motives are their own or someone else’s. Perhaps too, their memories can be erased and replaced with another’s. In a general sense, this tech positions our brains as part of a network connected to other people, software, and data sources. Just as we have security measures on our own devices, we should implement security measures on our brains. We should always assume that illegitimate use is likely.

In a brute force approach, we can disable wireless communication using signal blockers currently available online for under $150.

Convince yourself that this is a real threat by reading some of these publications:

Business Scents: The Rise of Digital Olfaction Two emerging branches of digital olfaction technology have the potential to revolutionize a range of industries. April 29, 2021 | Mark Purdy, Max Klymenko and Mia Purdy | DATA, AI, & MACHINE LEARNING MIT Sloan Management Review

Mind Reading and Mind Control Technologies Are Coming We need to figure out the ethical implications before they arrive By R. Douglas Fields on March 10, 2020 Scientific American

Brain-to-brain interfaces: the science of telepathy By Kristyn Bates Updated March 9, 2015 The Sydney Morning Herald

Mind Control exists but it will be years if ever for laws regulating its use to be enacted.  You can protect yourself from being mind-controlled today with simple, effective, and inexpensive (though somewhat annoying) means 🙂

Somangshu Mukherji–18 Years Of Knavery And Cruelty In Two Columns

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Stephen Ames Berry

11/30/21 Update In a recent court filing, the unemployed Mukherji complains that his defamation suit against me has cost him $20,000 to date. Pity he couldn’t afford to clothe our grandson and buy him a few toys.

Where Somangshu Mukherji kept his beloved son and wife.
1/2018 What Alex’s mom’s found: photo of the barren room where Somangshu Mukherji kept her and her son, Avram, “the little bastard,” in his spacious Ann Arbor condo. This was the first time either of us had seen our grandson. Mukherji forbade us to visit or call our daughter. Grandma and Alex arranged the clandestine visit for when Mukherji was away. They planned it using WhatsApp to avoid his pervasive call monitoring. Alex lived in fear of discovery—punishment always followed disobedience. (See her affidavit.)

Now in its third year and weighing over 14 lbs, the defamation suit of Somangshu Mukerji v. Stephen Ames Berry moves toward trial at its magisterial pace. The suit evolved out of the 2019 illegal taking of our grandson Avram from our home in Herkimer New York by Herkimer County deputies at the behest of Mukherji, an Indian national, who we sponsored after he was expelled from Harvard.  I’ve written about the kidnapping and the wildly abusive Mukherji’s later outrages against his American family in A Herkimer Kidnapping and subsequent postings.

The Fearsome Might of the Rustic Septuagenarian Blogger!

Mukherji’s attorneys now allege that the University of Michigan denied him tenure because of my blogging about his despicable conduct.  (I shared that with the U.Mich Provost.) Mukherji was fired in May and didn’t take it well.

Somangshu Mukherji- Loving Dad and Husband

Somangshu Mukherji glaring as he lies to the police.
Somangshu Mukherji glares at me as he trespasses and lies to the police.

An unexpected gift from the unemployed Mukherji’s legal maneuvers was this marvelous document (below), a neat two-column indictment laying bare his 18 yeas of heinousness.  

“[Mukherji] further endangered his wife’s physical and mental health by compelling her to abort their child.” See affdavits (below)

As part of his Putinesque campaign to put the shut up on my exposure of the true Somangshu Mukherji, Mukherji filed yet another wordy grandiose affidavit attesting to his goodness. Unsurprisingly, it’s uncorroborated. His assertions are in column one; my responses are in column two. (One column on cellphones) They’re easily read if not easily stomached. Our affidavits–the affidavits of the American family he betrayed, the wife he abused–follow, along with an exhibit of his Ivy-educated writing skills. (References are to our affidavits.) You can read elsewhere his obscene and abusive email to his wife and the order of protection granted her. 


From Mukherji’s Affidavit
Berry’s Response- 4 Affidavits of 3 People & Exihbits
Alexandra had a difficult relationship with her parents.
Alexandra visited with her parents in Florida almost every summer while living with Plaintiff. Plaintiff could not know the quality of her relationship with her parents, as he shunned them after visiting them once in Florida. It was then that he asked them to post a $40,000 bond as surety for his good behavior so that he could remain in the United States following his dismissal from Harvard.  Which they did. Affidavits LK para 4,5,6 SB 4,5,6
Decided to explore a new course of study…
Plaintiff was dismissed from Harvard University for cause. As he was also required to maintain student status in the US during the one-year term of the Berry’s’ sponsorship of him, at the suggestion of Alexandra’s mother, he enrolled in Boston’s Bunker Hill Community College.Affidavits  LK para 4,5,6, 7 SB para 4,5,6,7
Alexandra’s …struggles…with mental illness [continue] through the present date.
Plaintiff has had little or no contact with Alexandra for the last two years. Although still quite psychologically fragile, she is slowly recovering from Plaintiff’s long-term abuse, living with her parents since fleeing him to their home with her son in 2019. Her only relapse was after she again fled Plaintiff’s abuse when he lured her to Ann Arbor in September of 2020 on the cruel pretext that her son was there. AKB para 22 – 24 LK para 15, 17-20
[Alexandra is diagnosed with] bipolar disorder with a schizoaffective component.
  Alexandra’s diagnosis is bipolar only. AKB para 3
“…her illness went untreated due to lack of health insurance.” “issue of insurance was insurmountable and prevented ongoing care.”
Plaintiff exacerbated his wife’s mental illness by refusing to include her in his Princeton University family health insurance plan after they were married. Plaintiff enrolled only himself in the plan. AKB para 4 Plaintiff further endangered his wife’s physical and mental health by compelling her to abort their child. AKB para 5 LK para 7 SB para 9
…married to secure health insurance that Alexandra need.
Plaintiff only got himself health insurance. Marriage got him the F1 Green Card plaintiff needed for an academic appointment. AKB para 4
[her] condition worsened exponentially.
Exponential is not a medical term. The plaintiff’s doctorate is in Music Theory.
disappeared for months…months after her disappearance.
She was homeless for six weeks. AKB para 6 LK para 12.
Homeless…Plaintiff flew to Syracuse to pick her up.
He sent her a bus ticket. AKB para 6 LK para 12
”Mrs. Berry…”
As Plaintiff knows, Alexandra’s mother’s name is Linda Kaidan.
the search was unsuccessful
Plaintiff did not join in the search; he found his wife’s homelessness entertaining. LK para 12
after many months…she resurfaced…
Plaintiff counts the time Alexandra spent with her parents in Herkimer as homelessness. After six weeks of truly being homeless in Ann Arbor, an Ann Arbor police officer helped Alex be admitted to a shelter for women victims of domestic violence. Her mother sent her a train ticket and she came to our home Herkimer, where she stayed until returning to Ann Arbor in March of 2015. LK para 12 AKB para 8
Plaintiff made arrangements [for her to come home.
He bought her a bus ticket with 2 changes. She was pregnant. AKB para 9
Defendant’s wife visited Ann Arbor for the birth
Denied. Plaintiff never allowed Alexandra’s parents to visit her or to see their grandson Avram. Alexandra’s mother surreptitiously visited Alex and Avram when she could. Whenever Plaintiff caught her talking with her mother via WhatsApp, he would hit her atop the head with a closed fist and confiscate her phone for months. LK para 8,9 AKB para 11, 12
Plaintiff signing Avram’s birth certificate: “He and Alexandra agreed this was the right course of action.”
Alexandra never agreed to it.
…employed as a professor
Assistant professor.
…providing for all of [Avram’s] needs
Plaintiff bought diapers and formula. No toys, no shoes, no clothes. Sometimes referred to Avram as “the little bastard.” Avram’s grandparents bought him his first new clothes and his toys, ever, after his mother fled with him from Rhode Island to their home in Herkimer. AKB para 16 LK para 12
Alexandra was served with the proper filing papers…
Herkimer Sheriff’s deputies attempted to serve Alexandra with a Michigan custody order. When interrupted and challenged by Plaintiff, citing requirement for a corresponding New York custody order, they said they had verbal authorization from the Herkimer County Family Court Judge to take the child. Which they did. See video of the illegal taking.
CPS workers found significant issues…
Official New York State CPS reports stated that Plaintiff’s complaint, including his charge that Plaintiff was a pedophile was “unfounded”. Herkimer CPS workers later malfeasantly provided correspondence supporting Plaintiff in his Michigan custody court case.
“[Defendant was]…aware of her diagnosis of bipolar and schizoaffective disorder.”
Alexandra has never been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. AKB para 3
[her] condition could cause her to believe that family members were out to … get her.
Plaintiff has long concealed his abuse by dismissing his wife’s reports of his abuse as delusional. LK para 14
Becoming homeless for … periods of time
She was homeless once, for 6 weeks. LK para 8
Defendant’s disdain for Plaintiff became clear
Plaintiff has long refused to speak with Defendant.
“Plaintiff has never abused or neglected Alexandra…”  “Such charges stem from her delusions.”
Plaintiff’s abuse and neglect and studied cruelty of Alexandra spans decades: See Plaintiff’s abusive and obscene email to Alexandra, cruelly celebrating his custody case victory, and the resulting Order of Protection served on Plaintiff. See further, abuse by Plaintiff in Affidavit AKB2 and Affidavit AKB para 4, 5, 11- 13
Plaintiff exonerated at a hearing by Washtenaw Family] Court of allegations of abuse of his wife”
There was no such hearing. The only post-custody award hearing that took place had no allegations of abuse brought. And Alexandra was not present, not having been notified
…retrieve Avram at previously agreed upon time and place
There was no agreement. Deputies appeared without prior warning and gained entry to Defendant’s home through subterfuge. See video of the illegal taking.
CPS and police lawfully intervened and retrieved Avram. Defendant knew that [they] had lawfully authority [to do so].
If after viewing the video of our grandson being taken from our home, you believe he was legally taken, I have a bridge to sell you.
“The [blog] articles contain false, defamatory statements…”
None of the material in the posts is defamatory, and accurately report Plaintiff’s years-long heinous abuse and neglect of his wife and her child.
[Plaintiff’s] continuous course of studies and employment at prestigious universities…
Plaintiff is currently an unemployed former assistant professor. Affidavit AKB2 Plaintiff has been dismissed from two prestigious universities and studied at a community college to maintain his immigration status following his expulsion from Harvard. LK para 5 SB para 4
Defendant’s Defamatory Statements to Plaintiff’s Employer and Colleagues
Plaintiff used his University of Michigan email account to defame Defendant to Plaintiff’s estranged wife, to further her emotional distress and to encouraged her to suborn perjury. Defendant complained to Plaintiff’s Dean and the President of Plaintiff’s university. They told Defendant to call the police. (See below, Berry’s Emails to U.Mich)
Damage to Plaintiff…
Plaintiff casts himself in the role of victim. He is upset at the widespread exposure of his heinous treatment of his wife and her son, and the publication of the details of how he repaid the American family that stood by him.
Defendant’s blog postings caused the University of Michigan to deny Plaintiff tenure.
Fear the awecome power of the rustic septuagenarian blogger! Mjukerhji was warned as early as 2018 that unless he produced some credible work,he would be denied tenure. AKB1

Where Is Somagshu Mukherji? Where Is Our Grandson?

Avram Mukherji goes into the storm
Avram – Into the storm

According to his affidavit, Somangshu Mukerji no longer lives in Ann Arbor, but in the same small Ohio town as the offices of his attorneys, Minc Law. If that’s not his real residence, then he can’t be properly served with legal documents. It also makes it harder for the Feds and the State of Michigan to investigate complaints against him by his wife for identity theft and tax fraud. 

Wherever Somangnshu Mujkherji is hiding, we assume he’s stashed our five-year-old grandson with my wife’s estranged sister in Providence, RI,  yet again violating his custody order. The woman spontaneously emailed our daughter recently to assure us Avfram’s not there, which makes us think that he is.

Mukherji finds kids annoying–compelled his wife to abort their child when he was at Princeton, later took our newborn grandson from his mother, deporting him to Rhode Island for 6 months, not letting our daughter see her son. The first time we both met Avram was when our daughter fled to us with him, Mukherji in pursuit, shortly after she filed for child support.

Avram Mukherji Exploring
Herkimer 2/19 Avram Exploring His First-Ever Toys

Berry’s Supporting Affidavits and NonObscene Exhibit 

AKB1 – Affidavit of Alexandra Kaidan-Berry
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LK1 -Affidavit of Linda J. Kaidan
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SB1 – Affidavit of Stephen Ames Berry
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AKB2 – Affidavit of Alexandra Kaidan-Berry
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 Berry’s Emails to U.Mich President and Dean
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