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Herkimer has the potential to become a strong, productive, creative and sustainable community right now.

We don’t need to get extra funding or grants. All that is necessary is to use our abundant natural resources, free internet assets, and the talents of the people who live here to transform ourselves for the better.
A healthy community is one where we are critical thinkers. We utilize our talents and mutual support to learn more, identify problems, and solve them.

We can get started by defining what we want to learn and what we want to accomplish as individuals and as a community.

What do you want to learn?

What do you want to build?

What are your dreams?

Community reinvention

Herkimer NY lies amid thousands of acres of hills, farms, forest, and wildlife, a village with a history of prosperity behind it and hopefully ahead as well. This blog is my perspective on living here. This includes identifying problems and ways to make our village a great place to live.

Linda Kaidan

My viewpoint has been shaped by world travel, friends, and benefactors both strangers and people I know. Educated in Israel and the US, I have an MS in Computer Science and have worked as a teacher,  software developer, designer, and writer.

Linda Kaidan

Linda Kaidan Google Guide
Actively photographing and mapping Central NY and adjacent areas since 2016. 7.5 M views as of 4/6/22. As of  11/7/22, my google maps photo views have reached 10,073,527, an increase of 2 million views in just 7 months. CNY is hotter than ever Oriskany garage now ranks #1 with 800,000 views.

Stephen Ames Berry

Author Stephen Ames Berry is a magna cum laude graduate of Boston University, and has a master’s in information systems from West Coast University, Los Angeles. He was a systems analyst and data architect at the Pentagon and Harvard University. A war service veteran of the National Security Agency’s US Army Security Agency, Berry taught and mentored wayward youth in Sarasota, Florida. He serves as the Herkimer Post’s Crime Editor, dedicated to making Herkimer a fit place to live again. Follow him on Twitter @writerredux.

Stephen Ames Berry

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