Facebook News & Poison Gas Attacks Drive Herkimer Post Views Surge

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Herkimer Post views surge driven by YouTube and Facebook

In 2017, a sudden surge in new readers caused Herkimer Post  views to soar. Those stats follow below. First we’d like to celebrate our  most successful article ever, with a big tip of the hat to  Facebook News Feed,  which picked up our 12/11/17 article  Herkimer Poison Gas Attacks Fade – Good News, Bad News . The posting itself on that day alone triggered 591 views of our articles, featuring some of Herkimer’s core of coddled criminals. 

Herkimer Crime Captivates YouTube – 3,922 Views in 36 Hours

Reading our latest Herkimer poison gas attack posting, many of our new Herkimer Post readers and referrers followed and shared the links to blog mistress’ Linda Kaidan’s YouTube channel, which over the next few days had 3,932 views of our Pleasant Avenue neighbors Curtis Cool, Joyce Barton, the Stanley Sykes Gang, the Creepy Stalking Meth Heads and Herkimer’s Historic Crack House Keeper

YouTube viewers watched agog as 7,119 minutes of Herkimer street assaults, elder abuse, poison gas attacks and a street gang rampage rolled across their screens. Our videos received one Like, and 35 Dislikes. (The latter are about the number of estimated drug dealers and child traffickers and exploiters within a two-block area of our Pleasant Avenue home. )

4,513 Social Media Engagements from 1
Herkimer Poison Gas Attacks Post
From 12/11-12/13/17, almost 4,000 viewers watched Herkimer’s traditional lawlessness parade past on footage we captured within with 40 feet of our home, here on Herkimer’s unfortunately-named Pleasant Avenue. Not counting my 75k Twitter followers, we had 4,532 Herkimer Post social media engagements from that one Herkimer poison gassing post. 

Herkimer Crime YouTube views from herkimerpost.com posting of 12/11/17
December 11-13, 2017 – Herkimer Crime YouTube views from Herkimer Post article of 12/11/17, “Herkimer Poison Gas Attacks Fade – Good News, Bad News”

Herkimer Post 2017 – 2,323 Visitors, 6,889 Page Views (Google Analytics)

Herkimer Post Blog Viewers 2017 - Google Analytics

Herkimer Crime on YouTube 2017 – 15,521 Views, 26,076 Watchtime  Minutes

Our Herkimer crime YouTube channel is now self-sustaining,  with the majority of viewers coming via referral from YouTube affiliated sites or from previews embedded in our videos. If the Herkimer Post vanished today,  our viewership would continue to soar, so great is the human fascination with the grotesque.

Herkimerpost 2017 YouTube Summary
Herkimer Crime 2017 YouTube Analytics


Herkimer Crime 2017
Top 10 Popular YouTubes 
Curtis Cool Continues to Rule
9,100 Views, 27,000 Minutes Watchtime

Herkimer’s iconic Curtis Cool’s antics are responsible for about 50% of all our Herkimer crime video views. Assaults and trafficking by the Stanley Sykes gang, Joyce Barton and Herkimer’s Historic Crack House Keeper account for most of the rest. (The Sykes’ gang is trending nicely. ) With Facebook News now taking an interest in our blog, we hope the influx of new readers and viewers will continue to send the Herkimer Post soaring as we offer fresh, newsworthy Herkimer crime insights. 

328 Pleasant Ave Herkimer street thug Curtis Cool harassing Pleasant Ave neighbors
Herkimer’s Curtis Cool Harassing Elderly Neighbors – 328 Pleasant Avenue Herkimer 6/16


Top 10 Herkimer Crime YouTube Videos 2017
Top 10 Herkimer Crime YouTube Videos 2017


 Herkimer Grows Camera Shy

There’s been a concerted effort by the Herkimer Police and Herkimer’s -legacy criminals to avoid creating arrest-worthy, video-worthy incidents. But only when the Sykes’s and the Bartons and their trafficking are gone from Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue will the street become fully habitable again and real estate salable. 
The waves of poison gas attacks of last year have settled into a war of attrition, with snipers surrounding us; executing pesticide attacks from hand foggers whenever we venture out.  The gas of course rolls on down the street over law abiding people and pets.  

Note to prospective  Pleasant Avenue real estate sellers and their agents:

Taking a property off of the market and then renting it to criminals who spray poisons is not a winning sales strategy. 

A ‘Speak no evil’ philosophy empowered this criminal stronghold. While Justice Brandeis has given effective advice – “Sunlight is the best disinfectant”. As Herkimer Post views surge, we provide this sunlight.

by Stephen Ames Berry


SpaceX launch heralds a new age of inexpensive space travel

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On February 6, 2018 one of the most significant events in human history took place with the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, which sent a Tesla vehicle on a trajectory towards Mars. The low cost and reusability of the Falcon Heavy space shuttle heralds an age of inexpensive space flight and colonization potential. Tuesday’s mission cost $90 million, $15 million less than New York City’s 2018 budget for student physical education.

Mars is nearby and can be reached in a relatively short period of time. Every 1.6 years Earth and Mars reach a point at which their proximity is maximum. During this time the trip might take 260 days or less. It has the kinds of things humans need to survive, like oxygen, water and nitrogen. The Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment (MOXIE) is designed to convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on Mars into oxygen for fuel and life support. MOXIE will be travelling to Mars on NASA’s 2020 mission. It will be the first oxygen-production plant of its kind to travel to another planet.

Robots can build habitats for humans to live in on Mars and early pioneers can have the essentials needed to begin life on another planet. 

It seems inexpensive and easy. So much so, that it would not be surprising to see a colony on Mars ten years from now. SpaceX is a corporation which constructed the rockets used in yesterday’s launch, with $0 from the US or any other government. It’s exciting to see how this innovative technology can help us place useful platforms in space near earth inexpensively, helping improve transportation, exploration, telecommunications, weather monitoring, and potentially, weather control.

With all the horrible weather events which have taken place this last year, it’s a relief to see this brilliant technology move humanity forward, realizing new potential which only moments ago was science fiction.  The SpaceX launch heralds a new age where space travel will be a part of many of our lives.

by Linda Kaidan

Actively fighting climate change is our responsibility

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Weather chaos threatens us

In the last 2 years we have witnessed sustained hurricane winds up to 200 MPH . Irma is one example with 185 MPH winds. In the last 3 months we have seen a year of rain falling in just a few days in Texas.  Twenty million Floridians were threatened by a hurricane so wide it covered nearly the entire state east to west and north to south. How many billions of dollars in damage? – nearly half a trillion with Irma weighing at up to $300 B and Harvey at $190 B.

Climate will keep getting more erratic, surprising us with rising oceans, loss of coastal cities and destruction of crops. This can easily lead to food insecurity and mass migrations. The forces that drive a solution lie with us just as much as with experts, corporations and governments – if not more so.

We need to be part of the solution

Promising solutions lie with innovators in agriculture and engineering. Some of these are driven by major corporations like SpaceX, Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft. A portion of these innovations lie in governments like Australia’s, farming desert coasts with sea water and sunshine. Elon Musk’s brother is farming indoors in New York City making use of shipping containers to grow reliable food locally.

What can we do? We can bring food security to our own communities. How much will this cost? Not a whole lot. When we grow local food indoors and year-round, we can make a difference between starvation, chaos, disease, mass migration and warfare on the one hand and survival on the other. Having enough food to eat is a major stabilizer that can be the difference between maintaining our civilization and letting chaos rain.

It’s easy to accomplish this powerful goal

We can no longer rely on vast international supply chains to bring us the resources we need from afar. Have you checked on the availability and cost of plywood recently? Let’s be pioneers in our own communities by growing food in our schools, basements and underused commercial and industrial buildings. We can do this now.

Self-taught Inventors – You Can Be One!

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Important self-taught inventors who did not complete elementary school

Self Taught Inventors

In the left photo is Thomas Edison, whose formal education ended after 3 months, discouraged by his teacher who said he was not very smart. In the right photo is Pay Bok Sing, an innovative seafood farmer who has a fourth-grade education. Edison is most famous for his invention of the incandescent light bulb, the mainstay of lighting for over a century. He also invented the phonograph and made the very first movies.

Pay Bok Sing, like Edison is self-educated. His schooling ended in 4th grade. With the help of his own curiosity and YouTube, he taught himself how to create ocean water for inland seafood farming and feed for his fish crop. His inventions may become the foundation of sustainable, local based farming, providing secure food in the communities where we live.

Teaching ourselves we can all become inventors

In the US, public education often succeeds in creating endless crops of students who think they hate learning, demotivated by teachers who limit their intellectual exploration rather than encourage creative thought. But were students to partake of the enormous potential provided by free online learning through YouTube and other web channels, they could explore their own abilities, and be inventors and thought leaders. In fact, farming in our own homes and back yards can provide all of us with inexpensive laboratories for learning about food science–a science that can help feed people in times of climate uncertainty and economic instability.

There’s no need to take expensive courses. Just follow some basic instruction from YouTube and learn how to raise fish in your basement and tomatoes and lettuce in your own kitchen. The more you learn, the more you’ll be able to discover for yourself. Each and every one of us can be an inventor!

Use a tomato, soil and a pot to start😊

Linda Kaidan

Did Arab Spring produce meaningful democratic reforms?

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When measuring the criteria of a democracy against the reforms made during the Arab Spring, it is evident that most of the participating nations did not produce long meaningful achievements. The revolts were by driven inequality, corrupt governments, and abusive governmental security forces. In most cases dictatorships were strengthened and the revolts failed.

The 2011 Arab Spring and ensuing events raised important political reform issues. Citizenship rights were one area of concern. Failing to achieve democracy in all North African and South West Asian participating countries except for Tunisia, a less challenging goal has been sought. This is the increased involvement of citizens in decision making in areas that affects them directly (Alessandri, Balfour, Bouchet & Youngs, 2016).

The EUSPRING research project has discussed issues surrounding rights and citizenship with representatives from Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. The monarchy of Morocco has codified a new constitution that is more liberal, but it falls short of citizen expectations. Egypt has fallen into a repressive regime far worse than that of Mubarak and this has led to numerous protests. While Tunisia’s democracy is fragile, this country is the only one which has achieved democracy (Alessandri, E., Balfour, R., Bouchet, N. & Youngs, R. 2016).

Success vs Failure in Achieving Democratic Rights

How has Tunisia succeeded in achieving democratic rights while other SW Asian and North African countries have failed? In an Al Arabiya news interview with Tunisian President Beji Casid Essebsi discussed how his country achieved results and prevented bloodshed unlike the others. He called the term “Arab Spring” a western invention and described his country as having a “Tunisian Spring” because Tunisia has achieved true democracy. While Tunisia has rejected political Islam, there is danger of destabilization due to terrorism. Sleeper cells exist because they attract the unemployed and poverty stricken and are exploited by terrorist organizations. The stabilizing countermeasures are more freedom for everyone including women, economic development and education (Al Arabiya, 2016).

In Tunisia, Arab Spring resulted in the first free election held since the county’s independence in 1957. Compromise is the essential factor that secured the nation’s stabilization. In December 2013, unrest soared after the assassination of leftist leader Mohamed Brahmi. Four institutions called a quartet negotiated a new constitution earning them the Nobel Peace Prize (Malsin, 2015). The participants belonged to the Tunisian Human Rights League, the Tunisian General Labour Union, Tunisian Order of Lawyers and the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (Sharma, 2015).

In 2015, the quartet of workers, employers, activists and lawyers were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This highly functional group served as a platform for dialog and political compromise between the Tunisian Islamists in the existing government, opposition and secular groups. Effective compromise is what drove the county’s success in creating a democracy and avoiding instability, violence and continuation of dictatorships (Faiola, 2015). The Tunisian Quartet competed for the prize in a group of 273 contenders including Pope Francis and Angela Merkel (Sharma, 2015).

While Tunisia’s success is impressive, analysts have advised that the underlying causes of the revolt have not been resolved despite implementation of a procedural democracy. Government corruption, inequality and abuses of governmental security forces are still in play. The Director of Human Rights Watch Tunisia, Amna Guellali called this “a double-faced situation” including political progress and continuing civil liberties issues (Malsin, 2015).

Tunisians have a new constitution which defines guaranteed human rights, democratic election of a new parliament and president, and participation in civil society groups which did not exist before. Government authorities are improving their accountability with a commission intended to address past human rights violations, although it has little power (Amnesty International, 2016).

In Egypt, political instability is a function of a floundering economy with an inflation rate of over 15%. In 2016 new laws resulted in a devaluation of the pound, introduction of a VAT and frozen government salaries. Egypt is considered to have a dysfunctional economy where more than 25% of the people live below the poverty line. Even so, many people must be living above the means of the economy because there is a large workforce of low earners, few exports and many imports. The current rate of subsidy is $1.5 billion (Hessler, 2017). The missing economic imbalance factor may be US subsidies which have been given to Egypt since the 1979 peace treaty with Israel which ended 30 years of hostilities (IMFA, 1979).

            During the 2011 uprising in Egypt, 800 protesters were killed and thousands were injured by Mubarik’s security forces. On June 30, 2012, Mohamad Morsi became the first president ever elected by voters. He was kicked out of office one year later in July 2013. The army conducted reprisals against Morsi and his supporters. Army general Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was elected president in May 2014. The new government has been accused of committing torture, unfair mass trials and unwillingness to investigate unlawful deaths. They have also been accused of restricting or shutting down civil society groups and human rights organizations (Amnesty International, 2016). With the upcoming 2018 elections, there is little to be cheerful about. In an interview with Robert Siegel of Northeast Public Radio, Khaled Dawoud, deputy editor of Al Ahram weekly, described how anti-terrorism law in Egypt restricts the media (NPR, 2015).

While there have been some slight improvements, corruption and secrecy continue to coexist unabated as if there had never been an Arab Spring. Even in Tunisia, the only official success story, this is also the case. As in Egypt, there have been restrictions on freedom of expression. Terrorism is used as an excuse for putting ugly limits on freedom of speech. Independent media reporting has been restricted and the power of security forces to arrest, detain and torture has increased. Prisoners can be detained for 15 days without access to contacting the outside. There has been excessive use of force against protesters. People are terrified and have become reluctant to report human rights violations (Amnesty International, 2016).

In Libya Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011. Successive governments failed to control armed groups allowing them to gain power and fill a vacuum created by Gaddafi’s overthrow. In 2014 there were multiple conflicts between armed groups most of which committed war crimes and abuses of human rights without any punishment. Government became dysfunctional with separate factions following independent agendas. Hostage taking and other human rights violations resulted in a need of humanitarian assistance for 2.5 million people (Amnesty International, 2016).

Syria has an oppressive and brutal government. The Syrian Center for Policy Research reported 470,000 deaths as of 2016. There are over one million internally displaced people in country and nearly 5 million seeking refuge in other nations. Since 2011, over 100,000 people have disappeared and most of these disappearances are attributed to the government. Torture is commonplace. ISIS is responsible for widespread kidnapping, execution. attacks against civilians, use of child soldiers and preventing humanitarian aid (Human Rights Watch, 2017).

In Yemen, attempted president for life Ali Saleh was ousted from office early in 2014.

Later that year, Shi’a Muslim forces made President Hadi and his government resign. The Huthis took control and have committed war crimes, human rights abuses and used lethal forces against civilians. Counter forces have also committed human rights violations.  The Islamic State armed group has attacked Shi’a mosques, killing civilians (Amnesty International, 2016).


The Economist called the Arab Spring the Arab Winter (The Economist, 2016) for good reason.  Arab Spring participants Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Syria do not have fully functional democratic governments today. Tunisia has the only stable democracy and has a constitution. Yet the government has eased on freedom of speech in reaction to terrorist activities. Egypt has a government with a democratically elected president that is relatively stable mostly due to financial contributions from the US. Yet freedom of speech and freedom of press are nonexistent.  The percentage of voters has been under 50% indicating lack of fair play and bias. Syria has a brutal and unstable government with millions of its population displaced, most in foreign countries.  Libya and Yemen are in anarchy.

Vladimir Putin Unifies the World

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Putin unifies the world

A negative example can be just as powerful as a positive one. One example is how Putin unifies the world, sowing madness and mayhem. Through Putin’s puppeteering we have accepted a heinous person as the leader of our nation. He jokes about nuclear war with other national leaders at his Key Biscayne resort, shares classified information in public places, puts enemies of working people in leadership positions, fights against affordable healthcare, plans to gut Social Security, Medicare and public schools.

In support of racism, Trump attacks immigrants to the US including medical doctors and other much needed technical professionals. He doesn’t care how many die from disease or malnutrition.  There are few people who support Trump, indeed the nation and the world are unified against him. From Republicans and billionaires, to poor in rural communities, to most minorities and women, the voice of the people is powerful.

Putin unifies the world with puppet Trump as a negative example. It’s having a positive effect. An exceptional new process is emerging. It will make our country and our planet healthier. Our new found unity will drive creation of a sustainable country with security of food, housing, healthcare and green energy. Thank you, Vladimir Putin.

Linda Kaidan

Bad Captains sink ships kill people

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bad captain Donald Trump

Wether you’re a captain of industry, a ship or a nation, it’s clear that bad captains sink ships and kill people. In 2012, the Italian cruise ship, Costa Concordia sank as a result of the captain’s incompetence and dereliction of duty. Captain Francesco Schettino abandoned his ship carrying 4,200 passengers and crew. He was convicted of 32 counts of manslaughter.

Our country’s’s captain  is leading us into the same dangerous waters. But now our entire nation is threatened and much of the world as well. Donald Trump confuses the office of President with that of a totalitarian monarch, creating insane blunders of national policy and international diplomacy that few if any will tolerate for long. He confuses racism with national security, wastes the lives of our armed forces in ill-conceived attacks, threatens to take social security income away from millions of Americans and strives to remove Obamacare, which will cause the deaths of thousands of people each week. All this in just 2 weeks in office!

We the American people, and most people on our planet, fervently hope that some part of our government is working to remove this incompetent from his office. Just like the captain of the Costa Concordia who sank his ship and drowned so many people, our leader is endangering our entire nation and the world.

A quick fix would be to remove this dangerously incompetent leader and all the cabal of sadistic plutorcrats he’s appointed to government office.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a landslide. There is no rational reason why Southern votes should count more than California votes. BTW, California has the highest GDP of any US state and falls within the top 10 highest national economies in the world! Let’s be fair and give this country the leader elected by popular vote.

333 Pleasant Ave Teenage Girl Bullies: A lesson for you!

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by Linda Kaidan

Herkimer’s 333 Pleasant Ave’s Teenage Girl Bullies can learn a wonderful lesson from this 9 year old girl. She saw a problem–homeless people– and decided to solve it. No matter how old you are or how nasty your family might be, you can change the world for the better. You are not dust flying in the wind, aimlessly blown here and there. Rather, you are the sum of your deeds and every day matters. Each good deed you do increases your beauty. The opposite is also true.

As you grow older, you can look back with joy and contentment at a life well-lived or you can gaze upon a sad and wasted existence. The choice is entirely yours. Perhaps you can try changing 333 Pleasant Ave Teenage Girl Bullies to 333 Pleasant Ave Teenage Girl Heroes and make that the title for what you are going forward 🙂

333 Pleasant Ave Teenage Girl Bullies can be teenage heros. Work together in creativity and self development.

Try being an entrepreneur, recycling free and discarded materials into products you can sell in flee markets and on craigslist or create a song and dance company. Look at kickstarter.com and get some inspiration. The whole world is out there for you to participate in and to inform your own creativity and strength. You can be a gold metal winner in life, starting right now!


Why Donald Trump is an Extinction Level Event

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Will Trump cause extinction level event?
Venus Surface is Red
Earth Surface is Blue

Today all life on earth faces the most severe threat in history. Our atmosphere will continue heating up, passing a point where no life survives on the planet’s surface without containment by geoengineering. Such technology research and development has been supported by NASA and NOAA. But our president elect denies the existence of Climate Change, placing it in the same category as Snow White and the Easter Bunny.  He plans to cut Federal Government support for essential climate research and technological development. There could not be a worse time to cut climate change mitigation funding. Following through on his perilous guidance may ensure the extinction of humanity.

Here are some extinction policies Trump supports:

  • Increased coal mining and its use in filthy power plants Causes temperatures to rise more quickly
  • Decimation of the Environmental Protection Agency Eliminates Green Energy and Subsidies
  • Fracking that will increase fossil fuel production, negatively impact planetary surface stability (isostasy) and poison our water and soil Poisons the planet
  • Eliminating oxygen producing trees by turning the Department of Interior over to those who would harvest our National Forests for wood Decreases air quality

It is the responsibility of all Americans to work towards the common goal of a healthy planet.

As individuals, we have the ability to insist that our country implement policies that maintain a healthy and sustainable environment, so that we can have food, clean air and clean water not just for the next 10 years but for the next 1000 years and more.

Trump’s denial of climate change and commitment to eliminating the government programs that are guiding our planet’s survival, threaten life in the United States and the rest of the world. Doing nothing is not a good answer. So, take your concerns to your family, your friends and your government officials. We all need to act right now!

By Linda Kaidan

Google changes thought patterns

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Google changes thought patterns – are we becoming smarter or stupider?

There’s evidence that information gathering via Internet search has altered human cognitive behavioral function in the areas of information processing, reward processing and control. Being able to search rapidly and widely for a solution increases the ability and speed with which critical problems can be solved, in a way impossible before the Internet. It seems that now we work smarter than ever before.

The Internet aids those with unimpaired and impaired memory alike

Accessing Internet resources like Google can serve as memory support for those who have some impairment, as well as those who don’t. It’s changed the doctor patient relationship and the treatment process for the better.  Search engines can help those with faulty memory by reducing their need to store facts and extraneous data in their heads (Kennedy, 2015).

Education in Medicine notes that doctors should effectively use Internet resources available to them. Medicine works better when both patients and doctors read and analyze new data. Patients who have firsthand familiarity with their problems can often bring important research they have uncovered to their doctors, aiding in both diagnosis and treatment. When dealing with illness and many other problems that need to be solved, we’re seeking to identify both cause and solution.

Google changes thought patterns – an evolutionary enhancement

Man has evolved over the last 200,000 years, learning how to find food and shelter more effectively with tools. In the process, we have participated in ever evolving oral and written communication.  Moving from nomadic cultures to living in agrarian and technical societies, we have become more knowledgeable and more effective. Each step of the way, we’ve increased our skills, organizational function and cultural abilities, learning to create structures of abstract and physical nature to aid us in better living. Google is part of that ability structure and perhaps a far more powerful tool than any ever used before in the history of man.

Google is far more than the acquisition of shallow information or a quick fix for a lazy or defective memory. It can give every one of us the ability to have the best education available anywhere and one that is specifically tailored to our interests and needs. Knowledge is power and in Google we find a magnificent intellectual tool that can empower us as individuals and as a worldwide collective. If the downside is a tiny bit of Internet addiction that can be fixed with reeducation like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, so be it.  Multitasking enabled by Google’s search engine is a different, more effective way of doing things, not an impediment to cognition. Google succeeds brilliantly in their global mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible.

by Linda Kaidan