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1.9.23 Herkimer thug Kim Vargas moves from long-time gang house at 328 Pleasant Avenue

Ding Dong! Kim Vargas Moves On

Stephen Ames Berry Herkimer drug thug Kim Vargas goes from success to success: after several years of harassment and drug ...
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Herkimer Officer Crippen Investigates--Finds Victim Guilty

Herkimer Officer Crippen Investigates–Finds Victim Guilty

Stephen Ames Berry “One does see so much evil in a village." Miss Marple (Agatha Christie) Dereliction of duty is ...
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"Many More Of Them, Live Next Door"

“Many More Of Them, Live Next Door”

Stephen Ames Berry “Nothing is so difficult as not deceiving oneself.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein On November 4, members of the ...
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Hate--From Their Porch To Our Door

Hate–From Their Porch To Our Door

Stephen Ames Berry On November 11th, someone spray-painted our front door with hate graffiti. Videos of previous criminal trespassing suggest ...
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Gang's Last Gasp?

Gang’s Last Gasp?

Stephen Ames Berry Things have livened up here on Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue since I survived a vicious street assault on ...
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Jordan Bormann--far right, on porch railing. He's with his heckler friends.

Murder On Their Mind–Knock ’em To The Ground, Kick ’em While They’re Down

Stephen Ames Berry On September 30th, in the Herkimer tradition of beating bloggers, I was the victim of a vicious ...
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Jason Crippen, Herkimer's Dog Enticement Officer

Dodgy Herkimer Cop Jason Crippen — “Complicit Or Just An Idiot”? You Decide.

Stephen Ames Berry "Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because the wrongdoer is ...
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Herkimer drug gangers starting illegal fire makers at Herkimer's HIstoric Child Trafficking Hub

Child Trafficker Carrie Ann Bass Sparks Roman Fire Foray

Stephen Ames Berry On 5/13/22, Herkimer gang gal Carrie Ann Bass hosted a large fire-themed party at Herkimer's Historic Child ...
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Herkimer Child Predators--Governor Hochul And NY State Police Respond

Herkimer Child Predators–Governor Hochul And NY State Police Respond

Stephen Ames Berry In February, I showcased and saluted Herkimer's child predator watchdog. One of several such volunteer watchdogs nationwide, ...
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Herkimer's Sexual Predator Vigilante. From screenshot of WEB YouTube video

Saluting Herkimer’s Child Predator Watchdog

Above photo of Watchdog from WEB YouTube video screenshot. Stephen Ames Berry The Herkimer Post salutes the gutsy, brilliant decoy ...
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Chandler Seelbach performing criminal tampering

Chandler Seelbach Performs Criminal Tampering–Cameo Appearance By Kyle Stone

Stephen Ames Berry Something there is that does not love a light. Especially the gentle LED light gracing the end ...
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How To Bully A Bully: Blogger Linda Kaidan v. Gang Thug Chandler Seelbach

How To Bully A Bully: Blogger Linda Kaidan v. Gang Thug Chandler Seelbach

Stephen Ames Berry An earlier version misidentified Chandler Seelbach and omitted reference to his violent criminal history. How to treat ...
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Herkimer drug dealers partying

Gone Today, Here Tomorrow: Bail Reform Revitalizes Herkimer Drug Gang

Stephen Ames Berry New York's catch-and-release bail reform law, aided and abetted by Covid-19, has revitalized our local Herkimer drug ...
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Police bust Herkimer gangbangers

Police Take Down Pleasant Ave Gangbangers

Stephen Ames Berry On 4.5, in a dramatic late-hours take down, Herkimer and state police took two drug gangbangers into ...
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Amanda West menacing old folks

Joe Handy Ex-Tenant Amanda West Performs Herkimer Gangs’ Swan Song

Stephen Ames Berry This paid performance on 9/20 by Herkimer gang thug Amanda West brought home how well we and ...
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Kyle Stone Herkimer gang thug

Thug on the Run – Police Dragnet Out for Kyle Stone

Stephen Ames Berry Herkimer police are scouring the area for gang member Kyle Stone. Stone is wanted on a felony ...
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Kyle Stone pisses on Herkimer

Kyle Stone Herkimer Gang Performer

by Stephen Ames Berry Kyle Stone, Herkimer gang performer best known for his fire and water gigs, on 7/22 took ...
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Kyle Stone Herkimer gang member

Fire Watch of 6.4-5 – They Figured It Out

by Stephen Ames Berry Herkimer Fire Watch, 6.4-5. Our continuing coverage of the dangerous ongoing antics of the fire bugs ...
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Herkimer gangbanger at illegal fire

Herkimer Fire Watch of 6-2-19 [UPDATED 6.4 – VIDEO VIEWABLE]

6.4.19 Update: The YouTube video is now viewable on the post. by Stephen Ames Berry Our Herkimer fire watch of ...
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Sykes Gang Swarms - Police Respond

Sykes Gang Swarms – Police Respond

by Stephen Ames Berry Sykes’ gang head Stanley Sykes returned briefly to his old Herkimer drug and child trafficking lair ...
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Herkimer Village Highly Flammable

Herkimer Village Highly Flammable

by Stephen Ames Berry A reminder as we enter nicer weather - Herkimer Village is highly flammable. Some of Herkimer ...
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Police interrupt start of Herkimer's Spring Gang Swarming

Herkimer Police Crackdown Continues

The ongoing Herkimer Police crackdown continues, with the arrest yesterday of an apparent drug gang member in front of landlord ...
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What's Good About Herkimer's Bad Crime Figures

What’s Good About Herkimer’s Bad Crime Figures

Stephen Ames Berry The most recently available crime figures for Herkimer are horrible. Neighborhood Scout's December 2018 report, assigned Herkimer ...
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New York State Police Visit--Child Trafficking, Poison Gassing

New York State Police Visit–Child Trafficking, Poison Gassing

Stephen Ames Berry and Linda Kaidan "Human trafficking finds both its victims and perpetrators in regions of poverty, violence, and ...
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Shianne Hill celebrates beating

Joyce Barton Gang’s Shianne Hill Sentenced

Stephen Ames Berry In a 7/25/18 appearance before the Herkimer Village Court, 18 year-old Shianne Hill pleaded guilty to 3rd ...
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Barton gang's Shianne Hill gang member attacked Herkimer Post editor

Blogger Beaten by Herkimer Teen Gang Kick Boxer

Blogger punched in face by Herkimer teen gang kick boxer editor Linda Kaidan, age 63, was attacked and beaten ...
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PD and FD Fail to Enforce Herkimer Fire Law

PD and FD Fail to Enforce Herkimer Fire Law

6 hour+ Bonfire 326 Pleasant Ave Last night (8/21/17) both the Herkimer police and fire departments failed to adequately enforce ...
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Herkimer Mobbing - Joyce Barton, Sgt. Tall, Officer Short

Herkimer Mobbing – Joyce Barton, Sgt. Tall, Officer Short

by Stephen Ames Berry It's been quiet along Herkimer's Pleasant Avenue. We're keeping busy remodeling and writing posts that we ...
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Herkimer NY Police Chief Jory

New Herkimer Police Chief Jory Sees No Reason to “Reinvent the Wheel”

by Stephen Ames Berry After an extensive and lengthy search of the entire village of Herkimer NY, village trustees appointed ...
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Jason Crippen, Herkimer's Dog Enticement Officer

Officer Jason Crippen, Curtis Cool And The Nanny Nanny Boo Boo

12/17/16 Curtis Cool aka Curtis Doolen, has put Herkimer on the map: 6,100+ views of his videos and growing, as ...
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330 Pleasant Avenue Herkimer Vandalism of 4/15/16

Our Life on Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue

by Linda Kaidan When we first saw the interior of our new old house on Herkimer's Pleasant Avenue, the soft ...
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Sad Sack Doll

Another Bad Day for Herkimer’s Douglas Barton

by Stephen Ames Berry I've been sitting on Another Bad Day for Herkimer's Douglas Barton for a while. I was ...
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Herkimer Fire Chief Sees Nothing

Herkimer Fire Chief John Spanfelner Sees Nothing

Below’s a clip of a conversation I had with Herkimer Fire Chief John Spanfelner on 6/14/16. The backdrop of it ...
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Fireworks Cause Bird Deaths and Blazes

Dead Birds Don’t Cry

by Linda Kaidan Fireworks Cause Bird Deaths and Blazes Several days ago we mourned the loss of a small bird ...
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Fire remains 328 Pleasant Ave fire of 5.30.16

Herkimer Police Respond to Latest Fire at 328 Pleasant Avenue – Fire Chief Shrugs It Off

by Stephen Ames Berry Yet another dangerous nighttime fire at 328 Pleasant Avenue Herkimer this time saw a vigorous Herkimer ...
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remains of open late night fire at 228 pleasant ave Herkimer

1 AM Fire at 328 Pleasant Ave Herkimer — Police Say Safe!

Linda Kaidan One AM and all is not well 🙁 Last night at about 1:00 AM I was woken by ...
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Neighbor Kicks Ball at Homeowner – Herkimer Police Threaten Homeowner with Larceny

In this story you’ll discover how a malicious, well-executed kick transformed the acts of a neighbor recycling stuff on her ...
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