under siege in Herkimer NY

Under siege in Herkimer NY pesticide terrorism continues

Pesticide terrorism continues well into second year Stanley Sykes and his terrorist band continue to spray our home and neighboring ...
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Herkimer's Child Trafficking Sykes Gang

Herkimer’s Child Trafficking Sykes Gang

Stephen Ames Berry In August 2016, child trafficking cartel conductors Little Mama and Pretty Boy relocated, handing their organization's longtime ...
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Stanley Sykes gang moves into Herkimer's 341 Eureka Avenue

Herkimer Child Trafficking Hub Handover

Stephen Ames Berry In my first two Herkimer child trafficking posts, We're Sorry We Didn't Notice and Dead Kids Walking, ...
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Dead Kids Walking - Herkimer's $100 Million Child Trafficking Hub

Dead Kids Walking – Herkimer’s $100 Million Child Trafficking Hub

Stephen Ames Berry “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” Martin Luther King Jr. About 300,000 kids are trafficked ...
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Herkimer Child Trafficking - Why It Took Us 2 Years to Notice

Herkimer Child Trafficking – Why It Took Us 2 Years to Notice

Stephen Ames Berry "There comes a time when silence is betrayal." Martin Luther King Jr. Child Trafficking Relies on Stealth ...
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herkimer ny

Herkimer Spring Gas Attacks Log

Stephen Ames Berry 4/26/18 Drive-by gas attacks on our home continuing, on 4/24 we built an airlock: This sparked an ...
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Herkimer Jewish Blogger Gassed

Herkimer Poison Gassings Are Back

Stephen Ames Berry Herkimer poison gassings are back. Yesterday's nice weather signaled the start of the neighboring Stanley Sykes gang's ...
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Micro Home Affordable Survival

Micro Home Affordable Survival

Our planet has become very challenging to live on and yet it is still the best place to live. It’s ...
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Herkimer gas attacks map

Herkimer Gas Attacks Blossoming With Spring

by Stephen Ames Berry Herkimer March 2018 Gas Attacks Herkimer gas attacks have resumed here on Pleasant Avenue and are ...
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Curtis Cool Herkimer Drug Dealoer

Facebook News & Poison Gas Attacks Drive Herkimer Post Views Surge

Herkimer Post views surge driven by YouTube and Facebook In 2017, a sudden surge in new readers caused Herkimer Post ...
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