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Stephen Ames Berry

Log of poison gas attacks on us by Herkimer’s entrenched drug and child trafficking gangs. Log begins in 2018. Gassing began in 2016. Additional lengthier reports are under Poisonings. 


Out 1051 hrs In 1210 hrs. Medium amount of the usual odorless, invisible toxin mist on our porch and n our driveway. Toxicity was a tad higher today: 4.5/10. Showers, O2, fresh clothes. Log to the blog.  Pleasant Avenue is almost empty of obvious criminals. Assume lclose-in ookouts call in a hit when they see us going out. Neighboring drug thug Kim Varagas and her brother-in-law Thug Vagas, are the obvious choice.  They’re the current holders of the 328 Pleasant Avenue drug trafficking retail franchise:

Herkimer drug thug Kim Vargas holding court on her P328i Pleasant Avenue porch.
6.16.22 Kim Vargas on Porch Looking Deeply Stupid


Out 1142 hrs returned 1220 hrs All clear when I left. Usual pesticide mist on porch when I returned. A low-level Herkiimer Howdy dose: 3.5/10.0 toxicity.  Shower, O2, back to work. (How much poison gassing of residents should a community accept?)


1215 hrs Stepped onto the porch to get the mail and into an invisible mist of caustic  pesticide. Toxicity about 3.5/10. Quick shower and some O2.

Haven’t detected any volatilized poison spraying for some weeks. This was coincident with the return from a weeks-long absence of noted Herkimer child trafficker, poison gasser and street thug Carrie Ann Bass to her rental at Jay Smith’s 349 Eureka Avenue. Trafficking gang numbers and trafficking are way down as rising prosperity and more folks like us moving here drains the gang swamp. The gang’s going out hissing with hate.


Been too busy to post gassing attacks, but they’ve continued constantly throughout August. Typically we and our property are sprayed with volatilized pesticides from passing vehicles several times a day. The routine is in the early morning and afternoon, and if and when we go out. Toxicity level is not that high–3.5/10 usually–but they’re using the concentrated caustic toxin associated with the Eureka Avenue child traffickers, requiring immediate showering, change of clothes and O2. We’re obviously still under close observation by the remnants of our drug and child trafficking neighbors. 


Out 1056 hrs In 1158 hrs  Porch and driveway clear when we left.  Freshly sprayed with pesticide when we returned. Toxicity 3.5/10. Numerous vehicles passed by while we were out, including that of Carrie Ann Bass. Good news: The thuggish Vargases next-door were out on their porch when we returned, soaking up the poison. Seems to be some respiratory distress coming from their porch. 


Out 0936 hrs. In 095 7hrs. Returned to invisible mist of pesticide on porch and in driveway. 3/10 toxicity: O2, shower, fresh clothes. Assume dispensed through the usual under-car high-velocity custom fogger.


Out 0936 hrs In 0957 hrs  Pesticide on porch and in driveway when I returned. Approx 4/10 toxicity.  O2, shower, fresh clothes.

Side 0f house on the 332 Pleasant side: clearing bush. Brush freshly sprayed with pesticide. Clearing brush there a few days previously, no toxins. Assume someone was watching the first time and knew I’d finish the job.  The area is in direct line of sight of 3 known gang houses, notably 341 Eureka Ave. (Carrie Ann Bass)


First day of noticeable poison gassing of our driveway and porch in almost two weeks:
Out 0943 hrs In 1012 hrs. Area clean when I left, but contaminated when I returned.  Only one vehicle noted in that time range–0958 hrs. Cleanup with O2, and a shower using charcoal-infused body wash. 

Most driveby chemical attacks on the front of the house recently have been with herbicides, which killed flowering plants. We had a toxic reaction while trimming and removing the dead stems.

Our backyard is still subjected to frequent nighttime poisonings, probably with a handfogger from the rear, very late at might–that would be from the Eureka Avenue properties behind ours, which we’ve often outted for drug and child trafficking. One has to wear a gas mask out there, though we’re not yet back to Tyvek suit level of previous years.

The backyard is lovely, but devoid of life: no birds, no squirrels, not even an insect.  An attempt to grow a few vegetables earlier this season was met with an herbicide from 328 Pleasant Avenue’s backyard–presumably the drug-dealing Kim Vargas thugs. They’ve done this before. Will secede the backyard to the gang filth for the moment, except for necessary trimming to maintain security camera coverage. 


0556 hrs and 0624 hrs two drive-by attacks with volatilized pesticide sprayed from beneath the same passing vehicle, that of Carrie Ann Bass of 341 Eureka. Early Sunday and there were no other vehicles on the street hours before.

One of us stepped out shortly after the first attack; the other of us about an hour after the second attack. The caustic pesticide used is the same one constantly sprayed via hand fogger into our back yard at night from the direction of the Eureka Ave properties behind us: that occupied by Bass at 341, and the house of her ally Amir Covic next door to hers at 339 Eureka. Toxicity level was about 6/10. Required oxygen, showers with surgical scrub, clean clothes. We’re returning to gas mask discipline.

I’ve always discounted Bass’ little blue car as a candidate spraying vehicle. But the inescapable conclusion is that it isn’t too small.

A formal post on our main page about Herkimer’s long tradition of poisoning is long overdue. A l9t of folks are either moving here, or looking to. One has a duty to wqrn.

Carrie Ann Bass' blue car (left). Parked at 341 Eureka Ave.

Carrie Ann Bass’ blue car (left). Parked at 341 Eureka Ave.


0800 hrs (approx) Stepped from hours onbto porch into the usual invisible cloud 


1117 hrs. Brief walk in front and in the backyard. Lingering caustic toxin. Toxicity 3/10. A few hits of O2 and a shower, ibuprofen for the usual headache. Symptoms take 30 minutes to appear.  Assume this is from the usual early morning gas attack. Sad absence of birds or flying insects in backyard. Note: Drug thug Vargases no longer use their backyard, next to ours. Content themselves with invasively occupying their front porch. They’ve gotten rid of their dogs. Probably had a heads-up from gang management.


Before 0755 hrs: Front porch and driveway poisoned with the same caustic, volatilized toxin as yesterday. Only two passes of the house during prime spraying time: What appears to be the same black vehicle passes by at 0657 hrs and 0714 hrs.


Out 0927 hrs  In 1006 hrs Returned from walk to find porch and driveway poisoned with a caustic, volatilized toxin, of the sort typically sprayed into our backyard. Only four vehicles passed our house while we were gone, not counting police cars.

Note:  Amir Covic’s 339 Eureka to our rear is under a contingent sale contract. Covic’s 330 Eureka house remains for sale.


0630 hrs. Light residue of poison detected. 3.5/10 toxicity. O2; shower. Can’t say if it was front of house or back, or both, as I walked through both areas. Caustic nature of the toxin is typical of that used in the backyard. Haven’t been in the backyard for over two weeks, so someone could have been faithfully spraying it. 

For those who follow happenings on Pleasant Avenue: Chandler Seelbach’s back–smoking dope on next door porch of Jay Smith’s 332 Pleasant Avenue yesterday afternoon, with local-boy-made-good Kyle Stone. Seelbach harassed our daughter as she walked down the street, unfortunately out of audio pickup range.  Say what you will of Florida, but there Seelbach would be rotting in prison, the violent stuff he’s done here.


0815 hrs. Stopped into the usual invisible odorless toxic mist on front porch. Only two candidates drivebys since dawn: 0648 and 0705 hrs. Appeared to be same black car. Toxicity 3/10.


1500 hrs. Backyard. Heavy residue of toxin: 5/10 toxicity. Shower, O2. 


1200 hrs (approx). Slight amount of toxin in backyard. 2/10 toxicity–barely discernable.


0905 hrs. Went out onto front porch. Stepped into medium amount of toxin–about 4/10 toxicity.  Didn’t go into backyard today.


Lingering airborne pesticide in backyard detected about 1300 hrs during my walkthrough. Again probably dispensed with handfogger in predawn hours, following Carre Ann Bass’s party for gang kids in the adjacent Child Trafficking Hub last night, which appears to have broken up at 0100 hrs.

Effects indicate the toxin was of the more virulent kind typically sprayed from the Amir Covic property to our rear–the familiar headache, burning sensation on skin and eyes, with greater impact on lungs and skin than that usually sprayed from the street. (Competing regional poisoning franchises?)  Either a very nasty pesticide or something the gang got from allies. (I argue elsewhere that Herkimer’s gangs are part of an international cartel of drug and child traffickers.)

Logging it as 4/10. Front doesn’t appear to have been gassed today–Kim Vargas, our neighboring low-level drug dealer at landlord Joe Handy’s 328 Pleasant Avenue, is having a lengthy front porch celebration next to our driveway.. (“Behold the lilies of the field…” )

Any lengthy yardwork will require a return to Tyvek and a gas mask. (“It’s Herkimer,” as folks say here with a shrug.) 

Note:  Resumption of backyard poison gassing is coincident with the recent return of Amir Covic to 339 Eureka Avenue. Today also spotted the two pickaxe boys at Covic’s. 

poison gas attack apparel
What every Herkimer activist blogger needs: Hazmat suit and P-100 gas mask.


Linda was moderately poisoned by toxin residue in the backyard. No idea when it was dispensed–probably in predawn hours. Logging it as a 3/7 for toxicity.


Out 0926 hrs. Residue of the usual invisible, ordorless toxin on the porch. About 4/10 toxicity.

Note: Haven’t been in the backyard since gassing report of 6/4. Birds still falling silent after about 0300 hrs. When the yard hasn’t been poisoned in the night, we’re typically awakened at about 0400 hrs by a cheery pterodactyl, who sings until well after dawn. 


Out 1048 hrs. In 112 hrs. Found porch and driveway had been sprayed with toxin while we were out. Toxicity level 4/10. 

6/3 & 6/4/22

Backyard heavily fogged with pesticide—probably in predawn hours: birds haven’t been there at usual time of 0400-0500. Possibly blasted also later in that day:  Toxicity 7/10, and that at 1200 hrs. We’re getting back into gas mask range. Probably multiple gassings.

Some renewed activity recently noted at Amir Kovac’s 339 Eureka Ave, which remains for sale.

Yard trimming continues to further expose all possible gas attack points. Possible Carrie Ann Bass is spraying from beneath her car as she passes by our fence, though her car seems too low for that. Augmenting our lights covering neighboring 341 Eureka/332 Pleasant Avenue. This upsets the gang: they’ve previously sent a delegation to address the Village Board and plead for relief. The delegation consisted of representatives of the Doolen Gang (meth production), the Stone gang (crack distribution) and the Stanley Sykes gang, aka the Crips. (Kids and drugs.) Not certain if the Joyce Barton gang (drugs) sent a rep:

Led by the Stanley Sykes Gang’s Carrie Ann Bass, Herkimer’s long-entitled drug and child traffickers protest surveillance, demand privacy. (Berry, not Barry. 22 cameras, not 30. Reaching out: I’m certified by the State of Florida to teach basic skills to the intellectually disabled.)


Backyard lightly poisoned in the night, assume with a hand fogger. A recent post with license plate numbers may have upset our neighboring legacy gang filth. Two possible firing points, both with some overgrowth along the fence. Time to trim.


Approximately 1100 hrs – 1230 hrs: driveby stealth gassing of driveway and porch as we were working on the porch. Toxicity about 3.5/10–O2, shower, fresh clothes.


1100 hrs Went for a walk. 1206 returned. Porch had been sprayed with an odorless toxin. Toxicity level 3.5/10. Applied usual remedies. 


1303 hrs Usual airborne toxin on the porch. Volume about 3/10. Used O2, ibuprofen and surgical scrub to mitigate.  CCTV shows numerous vehicles passing by between 1100 and 1300hrs. Volatilized toxin from beneath the attacking vehicle must also have affected the small children on front porch of neighboring Kim Vargas’ house, which abuts our driveway. The delivery system is not a precision weapon; the operators not the sharpest tools in the gang’s shed.

Neighborhood happenings: Petty criminal Xavier Rowe has reappeared. Was seen today smoking dope with Kim Vargas and visiting with vanished crack dealer Kyle Stones’ mother, over at landlord Jay Smith’s 332 Pleasant Avenue. Xavier has not been missed.

5r.22.22 Petty criminal Xavier Rowe and petty drug dealer Kim Vargas, between puffs on Vargas' pipe at 332 Pleasant Avenue.
5r.22.22 Petty criminal Xavier Rowe and petty drug dealer Kim Vargas, between puffs on Vargas’ pipe at 332 Pleasant Avenue.


Poison gas attacks have escalated since we reported the neighboring large, loud party and accompanying illegal bonfire of 5/13/22 to 911, and gave the reckless louts some colorful, widely viewed coverage, with a few HD pixs of partygoers thrown in. (Thinking anyone with good photo enhancement gear could easily extract faces and plates  for photo recognition matching. Jez sayin’.)

For those unfamiliar with our Herkimer saga, this is our 8th year living adjacent to Herkimer’s Historic Child Trafficking Lot, landlord Jay Smith, owner. It’s a de facto drug and child traffickers’ sanctuary. We speculate that Smith’s tenants enjoy the carefree status of a protected class with the Village of Herkimer.

Herkimer Fire Freaks Frolicking'
5.13.22 Herkimer gang welcomes Spring with much noise and an illegal bonfire in their sanctuary at Herkimer’s Historic Child Trafficking’ Lot, landlord Jay Smith, proprietor.

Here’s a fresh poisonings update:


1358 hrs Opened door to get mail. Small amount of toxin on porch. (2/10 toxicity) Resolved with a hit of oxygen, and surgical wash.


0828 hrs Stepped out onto the porch. Freshly, heavily dosed (scale 6/10) with the usual odorless, colorless volatilized toxin.

Candidate vehicles: 0617 hrs, Carrie Ann Bass (small blue car–GVK1613-front plate only);  0756 hrs, black car; 0800 & 0825 hrs red pickup from 331 Pleasant Ave. 

Symptoms over the next hour: mild cardiac arrhythmia, slight dizziness, headache,  lethargy. Treaqted with multiple hits of O2, shower with surgical scrub, and cold laundry for clothes. Not quite oxygen mask and ingested charcoal level.


1124 hrs – 1354 hrs Went from front porch, down the driveway to backyard and returned. No apparent toxins in the backyard. (In the past, whoever was dosing our backyard with poison used a different chemical than was used to spray the front of the house. The symptoms are very different but equally unpleasant.) 

Multiple candidate vehicles passed by the front of the house during this time.

Symptoms began to manifest about an hour after I returned to the house. A heavier dose than usual–about 6/10.  Symptoms: mild cardiac arrhythmia, slight dizziness, lethargy, headache. Treated with O2, surgical scrub, and ibupforon.  


Minor (3/10) poison gassing of our driveway and porch between 1204 and 1238 hrs, while we were out for a stroll. These are the candidate vehicles. Without looking, I think this is year seven of these attacks. The frequency and volume of volatilized pesticide(?) sprayed is way down.

So, how much poisoning gassing is ok? (There are people in Herkimer who wouldn’t think that a rhetorical question.) Perhaps the Village Trustees could establish acceptable gassing norms?

1305 – 1400 hrs

Porch and driveway subjected to a minor driveby gassing while we were in our backyard. Walked through it on the way back into the house. About a 3/10 for toxicity.  Small kids were around at the time.

Some of our neighboring houses have recently been emptied of gang vomitus, notably the late Jay Smith’s 326 1/2 Pleasant Avenue. Landlords burned during the Covid rent freeze appear to be responsible. They’re better off selling out in an upmarket.


1645 hrs – 1722 hrs

Nicer weather brought out at least one driveby poison toxin sprayer, lightly dosing our porch and driveway. I stepped out into it from the house at about 1722. I rate it as a 3/10 in volume dispensed. which indicates probably only one driveby spraying during the time indicated. 

This is our 8tfh year of poiso0ning attacks. We’re adept at gauging their severity from the effect on our bodies. As with most Herkimerr poisonings, the chemical used was odorless, colorless and its effects only noticeable after about an hour. A hit of sports oxygen, a shower and fresh clothes proved relief.

Here’s the video of the seven candidate spraying vehicles. Clips comprising the video are unedited.




Out 1348 – In  1 425

We went for a walk. Driveway and porch gassed with volatilized pesticide from a vehicle. 8 vehicles passed the house while we were out, some of them familiar ones making multiple passes.  Toxicity level about 4/10–10’s the “wish I was dead” level.


Between 1559 to 1630

Spring’s brought out the sprayers: After a long refreshing break, our porch and driveway were dosed in a driveby toxin attack. Toxicity level, based on too much experience, was about 4 out of 10, with 10 putting you down for a few days. Odorless, colorless–one doesn’t really notice it for a few hours. I was working on the porch and inspecting a newly vandalized light and walked into it. 



No observed poisoning attacks since 11/20. Last week Amir Covic, aka Boris of Boris and Natasha, listed both 339 and 330 Eureka Avenue for sale.

Carrie Ann Bass’ car was has been seen operating out of 349 Eureka Avenue (rear) without a license plate. It makes the usual short trips through local streets. Today, Bass was not the driver. 


Out  1309 In 1402 – Blasted in the lower right leg by a stream of volatilized poison while walking along Protection Avenue.  I was on the left side facing oncoming traffic. I didn’t notice the attack, only later deducing what had happened from the timing and the symptoms of the toxic poisoning. The odorless, colorless chemical was probably the same highly toxic non-organic pesticide our backyard was long sprayed with from the direction of Eureka Avenue. (See 4/15/21 entry, below.) 

Timing: Leaving the house at 1309, we walked down Pleasant Avenue, turning right onto Protection Avenue, then turned left at the New Life Church,  going through their parking lot and onto the CSX dirt road that leads to the railroad tracks. My wife was some ways ahead of me and was unaffected by the attack.

Symptoms: I became increasingly breathless and had trouble finishing the walk. Shortly after returning home, I began experiencing severe tremors of the sort usually caused by a high fever. My temperature and blood oxygen were normal.  The shakes lasted for the next 12 hours. I am still exhausted and have intermittent headaches and mild nausea.  

For days I didn’t suspect that I had been poisoned. I wore the same pants on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd. On the evening of the 22nd, my lower left leg broke out in a very painful rash that felt like a 2nd-degree burn and my right leg swole up. (It is slowly healing with the use of aloe). Researching the relationship of pesticide poisoning to tremors, I finally knew what had happened. We’re keeping the pesticide-soaked pants as evidence in case I should drop dead. 

This attack occurred the day after my wife was harassed and menaced in our driveway by one of the local gang  

Pleasant Avenue. Protection Avenue. Ya can’t make this stuff up.

11./21.21 Chemical attack attack: Berry’s leg,medium-rare.


Out 1109 hrs In 1226 hrs. A mild rainy day. Our air was pristine when we left. Slight amount of toxin in the driveway and on the porch when we returned–about a 2.0 on a scale of ten for toxicity. 

What’s a 10 look like? Here’s what a 10 looks like–high-volume agricultural pesticide sprayer blasting us from the open door of a passing van. (Patience, please: We only had two rather crappy cameras then. Now we have 25 good cameras.) Note the poisonous fog stirred by the 2nd vehicle and the triumphant flashing of blinkers by the van in front of a neighboring gang house. Happily, we haven’t seen anything on this scale for several years. Insidious and hard to document. Had there been a gang going around machine-gunning people, it would have been quickly dealt with. 


Out 1244 hrs In 1337 hrs. Found Veterans Day salute awaiting me upon return in form of fresh pesticide saturating porch and driveway. Few candidate spraying vehicles on our CCTV, most obvious being associated with comfortably-nested drug traffickers we’ve called out 0ver the years at 331 and 333 Pleasant Avenue. 333 Pleasant is of course the blogger-beating Joyce Barton gang, Here’s our iconic photo of their long-gone poisoning truck. The companion post is Poison Spraying by the Numbers.  

Herkimer poison gassing truck
Herkimer NY- Typical poison gassing vehicle. Standard gang multi-nozzle poison dispensing array. Used to dispose of nosy neighbors and/or acquire coveted properties.


Out 1048 hrs  In 1130 hrs. Porch and driveway toxin-free when we left. Small volume of the usual odorless, colorless caustic poison was present when we returned. Mitigated with sports oxygen and surgical scrub. Gang filth may be dimly trying to determine the minimal amount of toxin they can spray and still avoid detection. Alternately, they’re furious and scared–those barracked on and around Pleasant Avenue may have no place to go once their complicit landlords pull the rug out from under them for lack of trafficking  income. And that’s coming ever closer with the inevitability of an oncoming freight train. Herkimer’s rapidly changing demographics and burgeoning prosperity are the gangs’ death knell. (And still, they don’t believe in drones. Look. Up. Have a middle schooler count for you. Jeez. )


Out 1423 hrs In 1519 hrs. Porch and driveway had medium level of the familiar odorless, colorless caustic poison when I left.  No idea how recently it had been sprayed there from a passing vehicle. It may have been refreshed while I was away. The more lasting effects take a while to be noticed– eyes, skin, lungs.  The first indication is an odd feeling to the lips and a sense of something chemical on the face.


Out 1155 hrs In 1244 hrs & 1322 hrs

We drove out at 1155. All clear. Returned and dropped passenger off at head of driveway at 1244. I returned at 1322 to find medium-low volume of the usual odorless, colorless caustic poison on porch and in driveway–toxicity level was about 4/10.  Treated headache and lung discomfort with sports oxygen, skin with surgical scrub. Passenger unaffected.


Out 1142 hrs In 1251 hrs. On return, found driveway and porch had medium-low volume of the usual odorless, colorless caustic poison–toxicity level was about 4/10.

As we drove out, noticed Kim Vargas and her brother-in-law Thug Vargas on front porch of neighboring  328 Pleasant  Ave., generating a lot of smoke from whatever they were smoking. Haven’t seen Thug Vargas since 3/18/21, when he was apparently driven from the area, ranting about Jews. He’s now shaven-headed and sporting the beginnings of a goatee. 


Out 1206 hrs. In 1226 hrs. On return, found driveway and porch had been sprayed with the usual odorless, colorless caustic poison. In terms of driveby Herkimer poison attacks, it was a medium volume of toxin, about 5/10. 

Surveillance cameras showed only one vehicle passing while I was out, at 1222 hrs.


Out 1013 hrs. In 1027 hrs. All clear when we left. Small amount (3/10) of same toxin as yesterday on porch and in driveway when we returned. Only two vehicles passed by while we were out: 1024 and 1025. Small volume of toxin dispensed raises the rhetorical question: how much poisoning is acceptable?


Out 1154 hrs. In 1221 hrs. Driveway and porch clean when I left. Moderately poisoned (5/10) with volatilized toxin from beneath passing car, per usual. Continued use of toxin previously sprayed into our backyard from the direction of Eureka Ave: invisible, odorless, very caustic. Eyes immediately sting, skin feels prickly, discomfort to lungs. Slowly permeates clothing, causing increasing discomfort. A few hits of sports oxygen, shower with charcoal-infused bodywash, put on clean clothes, deep wash cold the contaminated ones, Haven’t had to chug that vile activated charcoal for many months. 

Only 3  passing vehicles, one possibly the same–gray car that may have gone by twice.


Out 1357 hrs  In 1522 hrs. Driveway and porch clean when the cat and I left for his vet appointment. Filled with a caustic poison upon our return.

This is the first chemical attack in 3 weeks. It coincided with the return of Stanley Sykes Gang’s Carrie Ann Bass to Jay Smith’s 341 Eureka Ave after a 3-4 week absence. 

Note: this toxin is of the sort usually sprayed into our backyard from the direction of the Amir Covic property at 339 Eureka Ave. It hasn’t been used in the front before that we know of. Unlike the organophosphate that’s been sprayed on the front of our property since 2017, this poison is very caustic. It affects eyes, skin, lungs and produces headaches, stomach pain and causes occasional slight cardiac arrhythmia. Symptoms last for at least 24 hours, depending on the amount absorbed. It’s probably too corrosive to be a pesticide. 

Bass and Covic appear to be allies. I continue to ignore Covic’s July letter threatening to sue me if I don’t take down the security cameras and lights that outed his household members’ vandalism. (Perhaps so I wouldn’t confuse him with Boris Badenov, Covic had his signature witnessed by a notary. Boris hasn’t written me.) 


Out 1145 hrs In 1302. On foot in driveway until 1315. Area clean when we left. Driveway and porch sprayed with pesticide btwn 1145 and 1315.


0230-0300 hrs. Backyard sprayed with invisible, odorless caustic poison. Probably a handfogger from one of the adjacent properties to our rear. (339/337/335 Eureka Avenue–Bass-Covic, et al.) I intentionally left the rear-facing bedroom window open about four inches. This after the birds fell silent about two weeks ago–no more 0400 hr birdsongs. Wanted to confirm my suspicions that it was poison and not inferior birdseed causing their sudden absence.

Opened the window and stayed awake most of the night reading. At about 0300 hrs, noticed increasing but mild symptoms of pesticide poisoning: headache, lung pain, feeling of a sticky substance on the skin.

There was no wind. The handfogger is a line-of-sight weapon, its plume easily reaching two stories. Silently fired from the direction of Eureka Ave, the toxin would have rolled into our yard and up through the window. Here’s a video from a few years ago, when we got hit with a volatilized pesticide from the Jay Smith property next door. Note how quickly the poison rises to wreath the 2nd floor.

Tonight the window will be shut.


Observation: Backyard has been trimmed of concealing pine limbs on border with deserted-looking 339-337 Eureka Avenue, and has been pesticide-free of late. Removed limbs were heavily coated with pesticide residue, resulting in the usual rashes. Spotted the mother-of-all surveillance drones over Eureka Avenue at night. Appeared to have additional sensor arrays.


1800 hrs (approx). Went out to retrieve waste bins from curb. Pesticide in driveway and on porch. No Herkimer trash day would be complete without a fresh poisoning. 

0700 hrs. Stepped into lingering pesticide on porch and driveway. Seems the early morning driveby sprayer is back. 


Out 0927 hrs. In 1049 hrs. Area clean when we left. Medium amount of pesticide in driveway and on porch upon return. 
Backyard –no discernable poison when I went out there at approx. 1200 hrs.


1300 hrs. Lingering amount of pesticide in backyard. Assume sprayed at night from adjacent property using handfogger. There was none in the backyard yesterday when I did tree limb clearing along back border with 339/337 Eureka. Typical pattern: we’re in the yard day one; day two we awaken to a poisoned yard. Early warning: if the birds are silent at predawn and onward, wear a gas mask if going into the backyard in the a.m.

No observed pesticide in front porch/driveway since 7/10.


Approx 1200 hrs. Exited house into lingering pesticde presence on porch and in driveway.  


Out 0905 hrs. Porch and driveway clear. In 1027 hrs. Pesticde on porch and in driveway.


Driveway and porch sprayed, probably between 1059 hrs and 1117 hrs, while we were out. 


A light poisonous driveby spraying of our driveway and porch while we were briefly away: Out 1122 hrs. In 1233 hrs.

Pesticide attacks have resumed following receipt of a letter from Mr. Amir Covic, our supposed neighbor to the rear at 339 Eureka Ave. Usually I would suspect arch Herkimer poisoner Carrie Ann Bass of the Stanley Sykes Gang, who lives in the gang sanctuary next to Mr. Covic’s, but Carrie has been away for over a week.

Mr. Covic demands we take down a recent post about him, and also our security cameras facing his house, and turn off our backyard security lighting. He threatens legal action.

Installation of those devices halted the multiyear spraying of pesticides into our backyard from the direction of Mr. Covic’s house. We won’t be taking them down, but are installing better cameras and clearing the remaining brush occluding surveillance of the rest of Mr. Covic’s property, including his tool shed, which has often reeked of pesticide. (He has no yard.)

It is heartening that our local criminals are now reduced to sending us threatening letters in lieu of beating us in the street and enveloping us in poisonous fumes.

Since I don’t know where Mr. Covic really lays his head at night, my reply to him will be in the form of an open letter, to be posted on herkimerpost.com. I’m now busily writing about my son-in-law’s recent achievements. 


0810 hrs. Slight amount of pesticide in backyard. Assume sprayed predawn. Yesterday at 0643 hrs, a man emerged onto the rear deck of 339 Eureka Ave. and shouted angrily at my wife, who was patrolling the backyard with our cat: “You need to move!” We rarely see anyone at 339. Perhaps our recent fingering of it as a potential child trafficking venue struck a nerve? (He scuttled inside as she gave him a piece of her mind, as we say in Boston.)


0800 hrs. Lingering pesticide in backyard. Assume pre-dawn handfogger attack from one of the few remaining areas of darkness outside our yard.


1635 hrs Poison detected in driveway. 

Out 0746 hrs. In 0846 hrs. Driveway and porch filled with the usual odorless pesticide upon return.


Out 1028 hrs In 1107 hrs. Driveway and porch clean upon departure.  Heavy presence of poison upon return.   

0719 hrs. Medium level of pesticide in driveway on on porch.


0700 hrs approx. Reside of odorless poison in driveway and on porch. Assume early am vehicle gassing driveby. (Did not go into backyard.)


Out 0933 hrs. Driveway and porch clear. In 1100 hrs. Large volume of odorless poison in driveway and on porch upon return. Several small children present adjacent to driveway on our return. Poison did not self-confine to driveway. (Did not go into backyard.)


0800 hrs. Opened back door. Detected lingering residue of the same caustic poison as used on 6/4/21. Probably sprayed from a hand fogger very late at night–gang’s prime time.  It had dissipated by 1200 hrs. 

0700 hrs. Lingering presence of odorless pesticide in driveway and on front porch. Assume an early morning driveby sprayer. 


1520 hrs Went to take trash bins from backyard to curb. Backyard and driveway heavily treated with foul-smelling, caustic chemical–reminiscent of the traditional Herkimer stench of Meth cooking. Causes skin lesions, lingering headaches, breathing problems, transient cardiac arrhythmia symptoms. Fouls clothing. Possibly the same as the corrosive substance used in 5/15/21 backyard poisoning attack. If it is a pesticide, it’s either a custom blend, or one that’s long been banned. 
Highly likely that direction of attack was again from 337-339 Eureka. 

Herkimer Criminals Poison Their Allies’ Kids and Pets

I entered the backyard at approx 1500. A few moments later, Carrie Ann Bass at 341 Eureka, who is the caretaker of Herkimer’s Historic Child Trafficking Lot, pulled all kids, pets and friends from behind her into her and closed the door, 20 minutes before the chemical attack. It was a lovely spring afternoon. The poision reached not only me, but some of Kim Vargas’ kids and Vargas’ dogs, ten feet from me in the backyard of 328 Pleasant Avenue. It may also have rolled down our driveway onto the Pleasant Avenue sidewalk, where Vargas’ friends and their kids were at the time. They wouldn’t have been visible from any of the gang-controlled Eureka Avenue properties.


0730 hrs Light residue of pesticide in backyard. Assume sprayed during the night. Seems same poison as used yesterday. Gardening staff continued trimming greenery to further improve surveillance cameras’ coverage. 


1545-1600 hrs.  Backyard sprayed with very caustic poison, probably from direction of 337-339 Eureka. My presence on the back stairs apparently triggered it. This was coincident with the return of Carrie Ann Bass, aka Carrie Ann Collins Bass, of 341  Eureka, from a 4-5 day absence. (Area criminals all vanished over the long holiday. They’re back.)


Drove out at 1015 hrs.  Returned at 1143 hrs. Area clean when we left. Upon return found driveway and porch had been lightly treated with the usual pesticide.


0715 hrs. Left hours. Driveway and porch contained pesticide. Assume from an early morning poison gas spraying vehicle, a Herkimer gang tradition we dubbed The Herkimer Howdy.


0730 hrs. Slight residue of pesticide detected in the backyard. However, later in the day was plastered with contaminated clippings from weed whacking along the border of yard next to 328 Pleasant. 


Went out at approx 0945 hrs, returned at approx 1215 hrs. Driveway and porch had been subjected to a high-volume driveby poison attack. Usual invisible odorless pesticide. 


Poison gassing of our driveway and front porch resumed today, with a driveby hit at approx 1200 hrs. This following the return of neighbor Kim Vargas at 328 Pleasant. Mrs. Vargas and family vanished on 5/12, returning yesterday. Perhaps there was a gang get together up at Glommer Glass?


Detected poison in driveway at approx 1200 hrs. Time of driveby attack unknown.


0700 hrs. Faint residue of pesticide in backyard. Assume applied from hand fogger some distance away. Additional lighting and cameras have much mitigated effective “sprayin’ of poison from neighbors’ yards.


Out 1141 hrs. In 11324 hrs. Driveway and porch blasted with pesticide while I was gone. Had a more acidic quality than the usual organophosphate. Custom blended witches’ brew?


Moderately rainy day. Moderate level of poison on front porch and driveway detected about noon by 73-year-old canary.


All clear. Gang and friends held an outdoor party next door on Kim Vargas’ front porch. The poison sprayers were probably in attendance. Usually they don’t directly spray their own with poisonous chemicals. Of course, air pressure and wind drift they don’t underestand or want to.


2nd Incident

Out 1326 In 1436 hrs. Driveway clear of this morning’s toxin when we left. Filled with fresh poison when we returned. Too many candidate vehicles to confidently identify sprayers.

1st Incident

This morning’s poison gas attack on our driveway occurred within a narrow time window: We were only gone from 0858 to 0925 hrs. Only two vehicles passed by. Only one appeared as though called by someone close by who’d seen us leave. (Thinking neighboring Kim Vargas at 328 Pleasant.) Only one vehicle stopped in front of a property we’ve previously reported as probably gang-affiliated. (307 Pleasant.) It’s that small black car in the video.

The level of pesticide in the driveway and on the porch was moderate, appropriate to a one-time driveby at normal speed. (How much poisoning is traditionally acceptable in Herkimer? )

Vargas has recently installed a kennel in her backyard. The kennel’s on the other side of the porous fence at the end of our driveway. The unseen volatilized toxin blasted at speed into our driveway from beneath passing vehicles does not magically stop at the far end of our driveway. It will waft into Vargas’s kennel and her beloved dogs’ lungs. What goes around comes around. (Karma, folks. Karma.)


We had a few days of unseasonably cold weather, which has now ended. Driveby poison spraying of our driveway resumed today, coincident with the return of a shaven-headed Thug Vargas. (He’s modeling the style in which the county jail’s barber specializes.)

Drove out at 1036 hrs. Driveway clean. Returned at 1203 hrs–medium level of pesticide in driveway and on porch. Probably the usual organophosphate.


1946 hrs Large volume of freshly sprayed toxin in driveway and on porch. Experience indicates it was probably sprayed from passing vehicle within the previous few minutes.


Backyard – 0710 hrs Slight presence of pesticide. Additional lighting and cameras have extended our surveillance reach. Assume volatilized poison being fired from backyard some distance away with either hand fogger or agricultural crop sprayer on the ground, of the sort we came to associate with Stanley Sykes’ efforts to dispose of us. (See 8.13.17 video of attack on our bedroom window using timed release of pesticide from adjacent property.)

It’s quite a reach. At this distance, our dimwitted murderous neighbors are probably poisoning themselves, their unfortunate families and closer neighbors much more than they are us.

4.18.21 Front of house: No driveby pesticide attacks noted.

Stipple Pattern and Pesticide Residue on Rear of Car Window 4.8.21

This is the stipple pattern and pesticide residue left on the rear window of our car on 4.8.21. It had just returned from the car wash. The dust is the toxin sprayed in an invisible volatilized stream from beneath a passing vehicle into our driveway and onto our porch. Lacking thermal imaging cameras, its rare we get any visible evidence of these attacks. 

Stipple patterm on car's rear windown from Herkimer driveby poison gas attack
Stipple pattern on car’s rear window from Herkimer driveby poison gas attack. The dust is the toxin.


Out 0953 hrs In 1303. Driveway and front porch heavily sprayed with the pesticide. Most likely sprayed just before our return or while we were unloading car. There were two candidate vehicles while we were in the driveway: 1309 (red car) and 1314 (White Buick  from 331 Pleasant, driven at will by Kim Vargas of 328 Pleasant. Jersey plates.) Typical organophosphate symptoms.

Backyard: We weren’t in the backyard on the 17th.


While working in backyard, developed contact rashes and blisters on arms from exposure to surfaces with toxins on them, residue of recent nighttime poison spraying of yard with caustic chemical from neighboring properties. Treated with topical solutions. Some chest pain and stinging of eyes continue from those backyard poisonings of 4/12 and 4/13:


All clear. Additional lighting and surveillance installation underway.  No driveby spraying attacks from Pleasant Avenue noted in the past few days. Additional oxygen on order. Excelsior!


0700 Quickly stepped into our backyard, then left:  A fresh dose of the same caustic substance used to attack us on 4/12 had been freshly applied in the dark. Same symptoms as on 4/12, but not as debilitating due to limited exposure.  We retreated until 1300 hrs, then finding the yard clean, patched the breaches in the fence exposed yesterday. Installed a camera closely covering the patched corner and rear of the yard.

Our cat became violently ill after being in backyard and grooming himself.

No pesticide or herbicide attacks from 328 Pleasant rear noted since the departure of Thug Vargas. Kim Vargas, family and visitors have been avoiding her yard.

4.12.21 Rear corner of 330 Pleasant yard bordering 341 339 Eureka parking lot after patching. Plastic, cameras and blog much cheaper than new and vulnerable fence.


0705 hrs Found backyard had been sprayed with a very caustic, odorless, colorless chemical. Our faces felt burned, eyes stung, some respiratory distress, mild dizziness. Clothing saturated with it. Headaches, persisting for several days and we were easily winded.

Treated ourselves with our supply of anti-gang oxygen. Whatever it was had mostly dissipated by 1100 hrs. We spent the afternoon stripping the backyard of limbs and underbrush partially concealing the “sweet points” through which hand foggers could be inserted into our yard. These were at the rear corner bordering Eureka Ave. houses on the side and rear, notably the 341 Eureka parking lot. (“Herkimer’s’s Historic Child Trafficking Lot”), presided over by the Sykes gang’s Carrie Ann Bass. The two Eureka Ave. houses directly to our rear, 339 and 337, have long appeared vacant, with their back yards easily accessed from Eureka.

3.12.21 337 Eureka Ave, rear. 339 Eureka to left. Both appear empty and their yards easily accessible from Eureka Ave.
4.12.21 Rear corner of 330 Pleasant yard bordering 341 339 Eureka parking lot after brush removal



Driveway. There’s an early morning driveby sprayer again: Driveway and porch treated with the usual volatilized pesticide sometime early in the morning.

Backyard.  Entered backyard at approx. 0900 hrs to find it had been moderately sprayed with pesticide during the night. The usual odorless, colorless poison.  If yesterday’s nighttime attack was a 9.0, this was about 4.5. The added cameras may be making sprayers more cautious.


Entered backyard at approx 0730 hrs. The area was highly toxic, filled with pesticide. Retreated to take showers, inhale sports oxygen and double-wash clothing. This attack was coincident with the return of 341 Eureka’s Carrie Ann Collins Bass the night before. Kids from 341 Eureka were playing in the parking lot adjacent to our backyard at the time.

We seem to have excited the gang’s latest poisoning frenzy by enjoying coffee in our backyard the two previous mornings, feeding the birds (now fled), installing wiring for even more cameras, and digging a mysterious trench. 

Bass, FYI, has long been one of Herkimer’s more prominent drug dealers, child traffickers, poison gassers and street bruisers, a member of the Stanley Sykes gang operating out of Utica. (Sykes claims membership in the Crips.) Bass had been away for a few weeks. She is a frequent visitor to our most flamboyant criminal neighbor, Kim Vargas next door at 328 Pleasant Ave, as is Kyle Stone, who reappeared there today, also after a prolonged absence. 

341 Eureka is owned by landlord Jay Smith and is one of the properties comprising Herkimer’s Historic Child Trafficking and Sanctuary for Criminals. Its tenants appear to enjoy the status of a protective class within Herkimer. 


1430 hrs. Police came by. Politely asked if they could search our backyard for some air pods allegedly stolen from the youngest son of neighboring thug Kim Vargas (328 Pleasant), by a guest during a recent party. Graciously assented to a search but told the officer this was the last non-warrant search. Alas! No air pods.

We’ve written extensively about the gangs’ use of a moronic petit larceny scam for harassment. To succeed it requires the help of either complicit or deeply stupid police officers, mostly now absent. We call such clever ploys Herkimer Machiavellianism. 

1408 hrs. Driveway and my body blasted with pesticide as I exited the house for a moment to get something from my car. Candidate vehicles passed by at 1407 and 1408.

Out 1329 hrs In 1344. Returned to find medium level of freshly sprayed poison in driveway. Two candidate vehicles: 1407 and 1408.


1815 hrs – 1830 hrs approx.  Driveway and porch heavily dosed with the criminals’ preferred organophosphate odorless, colorless pesticide invisibly blasted from beneath passing car(s). At 1835 hrs wife Linda walked into a freshly laid layer of it. Only a few candidate vehicles during this time. Many kids on the street.

She was most affected on the street side of her head, indicating the poison was still rolling in.  It’s well known she gathers, sorts and puts out our trash at this time on Thursdays. As we’re often under close observation from multiple gang neighbors, it doesn’t take a tactical genius to be watching and call in a hit from other close-dwelling gangers.  


1030 hrs – 1141 hrs – Driveway and porch heavily dosed with volatilized pesticide from one or more passing vehicles. The trigger seemed to be my leaving on a brief errand at 1030. Too many candidate vehicles to document. This was the heaviest attack in months. Note: backpack trafficking picking up again here on our Pleasant Avenue.


1: 55pm – 2:04 pm (01:14-end)  I was out on an errand. Our driveway was clean when I left and filled with the usual pesticide when I returned. Only two vehicles passed in that brief time. One was neighbor Joyce Barton’s (333 Pleasant) gray car, the other an unfamiliar pickup truck. (This was excerpted from a longer posting.)  Here’s the video link.


A heavy spraying day. We seem to have poked the scrote nest:

Drove out at 1218 hrs. Returned at 1358 hrs. Driveway saturated with the usual lingering volatilized pesticide. 22 vehicles passed by while we were out. Experience indicates the largest volume of poison probably sprayed no earlier than the 45 minutes before we returned or just as we were getting out of the car.  No familiar vehicles on surveillance footage. The spraying apparatus mounted beneath a poisoning vehicle can be quickly installed on a different vehicle by a complicit garage or mechanic. New, multiple vehicles are also a possibility. 


This SUV came out from behind 335 Pleasant Avenue and roared by with a broken muffler as I was clearing the snow from our driveway. An invisible stream of volatilized pesticide  hit me as it went past. The effect was almost immediate, with no other candidate vehicles going by at the time. The organophosphate used by the gang is odorless and colorless. Unsurprisingly the SUV drove down Pleasant Avenue, didn’t turn onto King Street, but instead appeared to park in front of 307 Pleasant. 307 has long been a waystation for drug traffickers operating out of the hive of scum and villainy that is Herkimer’s Historic Child Trafficking lot, our enduring neighbor.

Looks like the gang’s annual Spring offensive to drive us and our cameras out has begun. (Year seven.) 


 Went out very briefly both days.  Gone about 20 minutes. Returned to find our driveway and porch filled with a freshly laid down toxin, possibly an organophosphate, given our many years of unwanted experience with Herkimer poison gas attacks . After much analysis, it appears to be that little gray Kia, again. 

 The passing traffic was light during those two twenty-minute periods. Here’s the combined video clip of both those periods on 2.19 and 2.20, capturing all the vehicles that went by while we were out. There weren’t many. Only one vehicle passed by at those times on both days: That little gray Kia that parks down the street from us, the one we called out in last month’s” The Sunday Morning Gasser” video. Here are the times in minutes on the video that the Kia passed by our driveway:   1:52 2:05 2:37 3:01 4:15 


Approx 1200 hrs. Porch and driveway dosed with large volume of volatilized pesticide shortly after a very visible FedEx delivery. Temperature 12F. Heartening to know we can still inspire passion in our devolved criminal neighbors–unusual for them to venture outside in such cold, other than to deliver drugs or receive charitable food deliveries.   


Out 1429 In 1618. Driveway and porch toxin free when I left.  Recently sprayed when I returned. Numerous candidate vehicles on CCTV, several gang-related.


Did not go out.


Previous posting featuring the gray Kia seems to have triggered a large volume of poisonous gas spraying of our driveway. Assume Pleasant Avenue drug trafficking income was adversely impacted.

Out 1225 In 1427 

All clear when I left. Very large volume of volatilized pesticide in driveway when I returned. Long experience at being poisoned by Herkimer’s gangs indicates multiple drivebys while I was out. Peak period probably between 1330 and 1427.  Possibility I was also blasted as I unpacked groceries at 1427. Too many candidate vehicles for me to analyze in the two-hour time frame.  (If someone wants to buy me a 4K HD surveillance camera suite, will be happy to capture and post license plates in an online database.) 


**Gassing drivebys becoming a daily occurrence again. Usually means we’re blamed for adversely impacting our murderous band of neighbors’ traditional drug and child trafficking income.  Nope–it’s the rapidly changing demographics of Herkimer. But we’ll do our best to keep the skids greased under them.  They’re hogging desirable real estate.**

Best Candidate Car For Early Morning Driveby Poison Gassing

Herkimer poison gassing car - 1/10/21

This gray Kia is a constant of early morning drive-by attacks on us. (There are other vehicles blasting us with volatilized toxins, but usually later during busy traffic times– much harder to identify.) This car is a fixture of the street, Iiving a few doors down Pleasant Avenue from us. Coincidentally, the morning of the 1/10 attack identified on video, the Herkimer police visited the property where the car is usually parked. It makes between 10-15 short trips a day of the neighborhood,  mostly in the morning.


Out 1046 hrs. No toxins in driveway. Back 1128 hrs. Driveway freshly poisoned.


Driveby gas in driveway detected at 1230 hrs while opening porch door. Probably also got the grocery delivery person.


No early morning would be complete without the spraying of our driveway and porch with volatilized poison from a passing vehicle. Like crack smoking and child trafficking, it’s a Herkimer gang tradition.

When there’s little traffic, as there was the Sunday morning of this clip, the gasser is easily spotted. There were only two vehicles in the hours the poison would have lingered. The little gray Kia in this video is a constant of these early morning drive by attacks. It lives down Pleasant Avenue from us. Coincidentally, the morning of the 1/10/21 attack, the police visited the property where the car is usually parked. Alternate candidate: the red truck passing by at 0828. Unlike the Kia it’snot consistently seen in early morning. The Kia is.


0404 hrs First driveby of little gray car

0716 hrs Second driveby of little gray car

0814 hrs Red truck passes by

0828 hrs Police appear to visit home of little gray Kia

0920 hrs Household member taking out trash, impacted by poison.


Driveway sprayed with pesticide sometime in early afternoon. No candidate vehicles noted.


Blasted with the usual volatilized pesticide as I unloaded groceries in my driveway. Check of surveillance footage shows only one candidate vehicle. Looks like a clone of the vehicle driven by neighboring drug thug Kyle Stone. It’s not: his was parked out back at the time. Perhaps the local gang did a fleet purchase of this model vehicle. It turned left down Pleasant Avenue from Protection, drove the length of Pleasant past our driveway, then turned left on King St., returning in the direction from which it came.



1256 hrs. Taking out trash. Driveway and porch filled with pesticide, either very recently sprayed by a single passing vehicle, or earlier by multiple passes.

Attacks are picking up again, possibly inspired by my not wearing a gas mask in the driveway after a period of gaslessness. Only two properties have a view of me as I exit the house: 331 Pleasant Avenue and 333 Pleasant Avenue, both harboring low criminal types we’ve called out before. 328 Pleasant, the thuggish Vargases, can hear my engine starting. Back to wearing a gas mask.


Our 1357 hrs  In 1454 hrs. Driveway and porch recently blasted with the usual volatilized odorless, colorless pesticide–probably an organochloride.  A quick review of CCTV footage showed several known gang members’ vehicles passing by, one of which parks behind us in Herkimer’s Historic Child Trafficking Lot.                                                                     


Out 1014 hrs  In 1039 hrs  Driveway and porch had been generously dosed with volatilized pesticide while we were gone. Surveillance video show very few candidate vehicles passing by. Poison gassing has dropped significantly since activity across the street at 331 Pleasant Avenue faded. (Vargas-Doolen gang chums.) There are still people in the lower unit, but keeping a low profile, with no vehicles in evidence. 


Out 1322 hrs  In 1543 hrs.  All clear when I left. Returned to find driveway and porch had been blasted with the usual poison.  My trusty P100 gas mask kept the odorless, colorless volatilized organochloride out of this septuagenarian’s Covid-19 susceptible lungs. Tip: Immediate shower and change of clothing lessens poison absorption. Launder on cold. 



Out 1302 hrs In 1454 hrs.  Driveway filled with large volume of the usual invisible, odorless volatilized pesticide when I returned. This is prime school bus time. Numerous children and teens where either playing in front of our house and driveway or walking or bicycling by.


Out 1009 hrs    In 1131 hrs Heavy volume of poison in driveway and on porch upon return. 


Out 1140 hrs In 1254  Light amount of pesticide in driveway, porch.


Out 1440 hrs   In 1539 medium level of poison in driveway and porch


Early morning greeting: Driveway treated with pesticide probably before 0730. Possibly sprayed or sprayed again between 0732 and 0848. Stormy rest of day. We didn’t go out again. 

This is the longest spate of poison gas attacks we’ve had in some time. They’ve  ramped up coincident with the number of views of the Vargases, the gang filth next door at landlord Joe Handy’s 328 Pleasant Avenue.  Postings highlighting their thuggishness, elder abuse, menacing, drug trafficking and food poisoning have climbed past 2,000.  Looks like Kim Vargas and her krew may come to rival landlord Jay Smith’s neighboring gang sanctuary for views.


Out 1018 In 1314 usual vaporized pesticide in driveway upon return


Out of driveway 1756. Back at 1828. Generous volume of poison in driveway upon return.


Out at 1017 hrs  Returned 1054.  A light poisoning of our driveway and porch, by Herkimer gang standards. Only 3 candidate vehicles, discounting police and FedEx.  Didn’t go out 10/2 and 10/3.


Driveway at 1006 hrs had enough lingering pesticide to warrant showering, fresh clothes and an activated charcoal cocktail. Early morning pesticide dosing of our driveway now occurring almost daily. Frequency and volume of poison spraying has definitely increased lately. Recent posts and videos have targeted the Kim Vargas’ krew at 328 Pleasant and allies at 331 Pleasant.  I no longer go outside without a gas mask on.


Out at approx 1150 hrs.All clear.  Returned  at 1318. Driveway and porch had been heavily sprayed


Out at 1048 hrs. Retunred at 1220 hrs, greeted by heavy application of pesticide in driveway/porch.


0630 – 0730 approx.  Morning gaseous greeting in the driveway.


A heavy spraying day. Had to change my P100 mask filters at the end of the day. Went out twice during the day to return to find our  driveway filled with the usual odorless pesticide:

1358 – 1640 – medium poisonous residue.  Doable without a gas mask if you scurry.  Gorgeous day. Lots of kids up and down street and sidewalk all afternoon on foot and bikes, unaware they were being poisoned.

1641 – 1713 – I nipped out to the store. Came back to find a heavy residue of poison. Assume multiple attacks from one or more spraying vehicles in that short period of time. Criminal neighbors may have noticed that recent posts and videos about the Kim Vagas’ gang next door at 328 Pleasant had about 1,800 views, YouTubes of their antics another 200 or so. Or their management may have told them those stats and expressed displeasure at the notoriety.  Vargas’ drug trafficking is at a standstill. SEO of Kim Vargas and her landlord Joe Handy of Ft. Plain are doing  well. 

9/10/20 (approx)

Herkimer Gang Poisons Crops
Concerned friend watches helplessly as poisoned squash suffers inedibility.

Backyard squash plants sprayed with an herbicide from direction of neighboring 328 Pleasant. (Vargas.) We typically don’t go into the backyard.  It’s been so saturated with pesticide from the Vargas’ yard all spring and  summer that it should qualify as as an EPA superfund site. We wrote a posting about it.


Left at 1228 hrs. Returned at 1358 hrs to find driveway and porch recently blasted with the usual odorless, colorless volatilized organochloride–probably  in a typical vehicle driveby.  This attack appears to have coincided with the return of kids coming off of school buses at the intersection of Pleasant and King Streets and walking down Pleasant Avenue. None went to any of the street’s gang families’ houses, though that wouldn’t have prevented the attack–all the gang’s garbage people  care about is money. We  observed years ago that poison sprayers appear to be paid by the driveby.

Meanwhile, poisoning of our backyard in the nighttime continues. A hand fogger’s the obvious weapon. Did get a few nice squash out of their this season. Sadly, the pesticide sprayed into the yard in huge volume from the Vargas’ yard killed most of the pollinators. We’ve again found bees and beetles crystalized to leaves by dried pesticide. 


Left at 1115 hrs.  Returned at 1220 hrs. Driveway and porch clean when we left, poisoned when we returned.  As we pulled in, we saw that, the neighboring front porch and sidewalk at 328 Pleasant was filled with adults and kids. Gas does not stay where it is directed–it drifts into adjacent areas.  Landlord Joe Handy’s tenants at 328, the thuggish Vargas’ family, is as we’ve noted, the hub of an extended family  network of  drug trafficking, prime suspects in the current poison gas spraying campaign. Apparently the gang’s depraved indifference extends to their own kids.


Drove out 1807. In 1828. Driveway and porch filled with the usual pesticide upon return.  The usual gang suspects were outside went I left.  The usual symptoms of pesticide poisoning appeared in a few minutes. (Links below.)


Drove out at 0916, returned at 1100. Driveway had been blasted with the usual odorless pesticide producing the usual symptoms. Assume our recent postings highlighting the wholesale drug trafficking of our criminal neighbors via vehicles and their exploited children have cut gang  family income here on Pleasant Avenue.  Oh. One of the gang mom’s blew past our No Trespassing signs yesterday to pound on the door, demanding we check our surveillance footage to see if someone had stolen her kid’s bike helmet. (We doubt it was stolen.) She then called the police to repeat her demand. Our neighbors shouldn’t smoke their own stuff–the cameras are ours, not theirs, and for our protection from their harassment, poison attacks and street beatings. If they don’t like the neighborhood, they should move. 


Out 0731 hrs Took in empty trash bins and went for walk past our street’s numerous gang houses. Driveway clear.

In 0802 hrs Returned from walk. My usual poisoning symptoms and contaminated clothing indicate driveway had been heavily sprayed with pesticide.

Herkimer's Kim Vargis' drugmobile at 328 Pleasant Ave. (NY Reg. JRY 1993)
Kim Vargis’ drugmobile at 328 Pleasant Ave. (NY Reg. JRY 1993) Our house is the blue one to the left.

Our immediate thuggish neighbor, Kim Vargis of 328 Pleasant, continues parking her drug delivery car across the street at her fellow traffickers’ 331 Pleasant and hanging out there. Typically tucked out of sight behind 331/329; sometimes exits via vacant lot next to 329-331. Probably trying to avoid surveillance cams and toxins in the area of her front porch and driveway, left by passing gang vehicles as they spray our property. (We would understand if she moved her family to a safer street.) As always, innocent pedestrians walk blissfully unaware past our house through lingering invisible mists of  odorless pesticide.

There’s been little visible narcotics trafficking on Pleasant Avenue since our Thug House and Drug House posts were published. Amazing how quickly the gang can shut down Pleasant Avenue’s drug and child trafficking–it’s like a light going out.


1211 hrs put trash on curb. Pesticide in driveway and on porch. Note: Kim Vargas has moved herself and her car across the street to driveway of 331 Pleasant, abandoning her porch and driveway, which are exposed to pesticide spraying of our driveway.


Driveby poison gassings of the front of our house have resumed following our posting outing Pleasant Ave’s soaring drug trafficking.

Times – 7/28/20

Out at 1000 hrs, return at 1105 hrs. Front yard had large level of toxins; touching plantings caused the usual reactions to pesticide poisoning. There was no evidence our driveway had been blasted with pesticide during our absence, so the garden might have been consistently sprayed with pesticide since we last entered it on 7/27.

1630 hrs Returned from errands. Driveway and porch clean. 1800 hrs – went out on porch for 15 seconds and soon had toxic reaction to organophosphate pesticides. It is unusual for our murderous band of neighbors to pump pesticides into our driveway in the evening. Possible they’re hoping to get poison into the house through the exhaust vent of the portable air conditioning unit in our driveway window. Dear neighbors: The air conditioner does not cool the room by taking in hot air, but by expelling it at high speed toward Kim Vargas’ porch. The outgoing stream would also send whatever pesticides were in the driveway toward the Vargas’ porch. (These very limited people believe gas stays where you spray it and that their throwaway  kids’ endocrine problems are just “shit happens”.)


A few weeks ago, we used a chain saw and a pole saw to clear much of the overhanging tree growth obtruding from the yard of neighboring 328 Pleasant, Joe Handy’s Herkimer Thug House, and felled a few bushy scrub trees in our yard that were also occluding our cameras. No attacks from Handy’s tenants the Vargases this time, though some dark mumbling off camera. (Handy’s tenant Kim Vargas seems to think…seems to believe… that she can attack us in our yard  if we trim any bordering branches on “her” side of the fence.)

Following the backyard’s haircut, poison gassing of the yard stopped, until today. Stepping outside this lovely morning, it was obvious from our symptoms that the area had again been blasted with an odorless pesticide, probably in the late night with a hand fogger. And probably in response to our latest post, Joe Handy’s Herkimer Drug House, demonstrating Kim Vargas’ and her family’s wholesale drug trafficking out of Handy’s house. We’ll be broadening our camera and audio surveillance of the backyard, augmenting our security lighting and trimming more brush.


Rear of our yard sprayed late every night for some weeks with high volume of pesticide. Odor indicates may be an arsenic-based pesticide. Most likely source is rear of neighboring 328 Pleasant Avenue. Our surveillance cams are blocked from viewing that part of ours and 328  yard by tent city erected along border fence by tenants of 328. (Kim Vargas and family–landlord Joe Handy of Ft. Plain.) And also blocked by our undergrowth and overhanging tree limbs. When I went to trim the undergrowth I was immediately assaulted by the Vargases. Here’s the video of the assault. Here’s a post about the Vargases–they seem to have connection with area drug thug Curtis Doolen, aka Curtis Cool, a previous 328 tenant. 



1518-1543 Sprayed with pesticide from street while fixing front porch security light and taking out trash. First street side incident since 6/1/20. Perhaps triggered by my having reported 328 Pleasant Ave thug neighbors to police for their harassment of me of 6/7/20.


0730 Found backyard had been sprayed with high volume of pesticide under cover of darkness, either from adjoining 328 Pleasant Avenue or 326. Either are likely candidates, given the demographic of the tenants in both houses and the range of handheld chemical foggers widely distributed by Herkimer gang management to its supporting cast of social parasites. (We call it a policy of “A-bombs for Apes”. (Apologies to apes.))


1125 hrs out – 1230 in. Driveby poison spraying of driveway while I was out. Wore my military gas mask per usual upon exiting the car, but toxin permeated clothing. Usual symptoms began after about 15 minutes: stinging sensation, slight vertigo, joint aches, headache. Small children playing across the street at the time; wind from our driveway in their direction. Kids at 328 Pleasant next door have been absent for several days. 328 backyard deserted.


1000 hrs out – 1124 hrs in. Driveby gassing of driveway. Same symptoms as above (6/1/20).


Seems same poison  pesticide as above,6/1) but sprayed into our backyard intermittently throughout day. First noticed in early a.m. after the cat went out. Only area around rear and side of our property not covered by cameras are parts of 328 Pleasant, rear, and Jay Smith’s 326 Pleasant, rear: Poisoners probably emboldened by fresh scrub currently growth occluding camera that covers rear stairs and porches of both houses.

May 21, 2020

1029 out – 1140 in. Driveby poison spraying of driveway obviously happened while we were out. The usual odorless pesticide.  Although only exposed for about 40 seconds, it took most of the afternoon for my blood oxygen to get out of the low 90’s. Impaired lung functioning during a respiratory epidemic is not ideal. Sadly will have to return to wearing a military gas mask when in driveway or front of our house, and in such lovely weather. Beats dying. 

May 20, 2020

Out at 1344, back at 1454. Driveway filled with the usual odorless pesticide. Cameras show that shortly after I left, our neighbors next door at 328 Pleasant made a phone call, then hurriedly left the porch. The didn’t return until about 1600.  They’re very angry about our new security light. It took multiple police visits before they finally accepted the fact that under New York state law, they have no right to darkness. 

May 18, 2020

1st significant driveby spraying in months. Driveway filled with pesticide while I was out: 1358 – 1441. Not the Bartons this time. At least one gang-related vehicle went by–a blue pickup carrying Kyle Stone home to 332 Pleasant. Lookouts posted on porch of 328 Pleasant at the time vanished just after I left. They’re chummy with the Syke’s gang’s Carrie Ann Collins, know Curtis Cool, a previous 328 tenant, and don’t like cameras and lights. They don’t believe that our audio feeds work.
Lingering gas would have impacted their kids as they roamed the sidewalk later. But, what you can’t sense can’t hurt you.   

February 28 -March 12, 2020

See below, 2/27. Sameo Sameo. Source? Days when both Barton vehicles are here (across the street at 333 Pleasant), poison gassing happens as below. When they’re gone, spreading joy throughout Upstate NY, we are not gassed. They happily spray when  kids are walking down the street.  Not their kids. (Gas drifts.) Though school buses  no longer stop on Pleasant Ave. after previous gas attacks,  kids and their folks walk to buses at King St and Protection Ave intersections, unawares. 

The Bartons don’t do anything unless they’re paid. They’re probably being paid by our neighboring drug traffickers responsible for the recent flurry of trafficking along Pleasant Avenue. It’s the familiar faces of the Stanley Sykes gang, operating out of Jay Smith’s gang sanctuary at 332 and 328 Pleasant and 341 Eureka. As we’ve said before, we don’t really notice the drug trafficking until and unless gas attacks resume. Then we take action.

February 27, 2020

0910 Porch and driveway recently  blasted with pesticide. Limited number of candidate vehicles. Joyce Barton’s the most likely, with several early morning drivebys by  her. Gale force winds frustrated any afternoon attacks. 

My duty as canary-in-the-coalmine is over for now. Will be wearing my p100 gas mask for the next few days.

Herkimer gas attack mitigation
3.11.17 Herkimer house cleaning outfit

February 23 – 25, 2020

After over a month of enjoying the fresh air of our pastoral village, we’re being gassed again.  It’s been brought on by a spate of warm weather, enduring hatred and probably concern that we may see something on our cameras that the street’s legacy criminals don’t want on our blog. All indicators are that it’s again the granny-beating Barton gang across the street at 333 Pleasant Avenue, with Joyce Barton driving one of the gang’s pesticide-spewing vehicles. 

2/23/20 – We left at 1249 hrs. Returned at 1506. Driveway was filled with the odorless organochloride the gang’s taken to using. A check of our  surveillance footage showed  a lot of vehicles passing our driveway during that time, among them several drivebys of Joyce Barton’s gray compact. 

2/24/20 – I left at 1449, returned at 1537. Only four vehicles went down Pleasant Avenue while I was gone. the only one making several passes of our driveway was Joyce Barton’s battered gray car.

2/25 – 0900 (approx.) Went onto porch and into driveway. Strong lingering presence of an organochloride. (Always a few moments delay between exposure to that odorless pesticide and awareness that you’ve been gassed.) Check of cameras showed Joyce Barton passing driveway at 0720  and 0731.

The only vehicle seen on all three days at the indicated times was Joyce Barton’s.  

Off to look at recent camera footage and see what the gang’s worried about.

January 16, 2020

1426 – 1524 hrs. Typical drive by poison gassing of our driveway while I was out for afternoon shopping, a lingering gift for my return  Probably a single vehicle called in by the Joyce Barton gang across the street from us at 333 Pleasant Avenue.  (Are they on the local tour route? Unable to grasp the use of Google Maps, they’ve taken to prying off their house number. )  This stuff doesn’t happen when they’re away. As always the poison was invisibly blasted  in a concentrated volatilized stream from beneath a specially equipped vehicle. I assume the cold doesn’t affect it, as it has to be heated.

It was a bitter and windy day, so I chanced not wearing a gas mask when I exited the car. Mistake. Most of these gas snipings occur in the afternoon, Herkimer’s legacy gang filth not being early risers. Interestingly, in the past few months, Herkimer’s gang remnants seem to have switched from an organophosphate pesticide to an organochlorine. (I speak as a knowledgeable gassing victim.) Both attack the central nervous system. Organochlorine-based poisons have the advantage of being virtually undetectable without an industrial or military-grade chemical analyzer. They can cause neurological damage and trigger strokes. Kids caught by drifting gas at bus time, as we’ve seen here in Herkimer, will only  complain of headache and dizziness, not of a bad smell–easily passed off as the flu. As we told the state police, a gang going around machine gunning people would be quickly detected and eliminated.

The chief acute toxic action of the organochlorine pesticides is on the central
nervous system, where these compounds induce a hyperexcitable state in the brain
leading to convulsions or other less severe signs of neurologic toxicity such as
myoclonic jerking, paresthesias, tremor, ataxia and hyperreaexia. Convulsions
caused by cyclodienes may recur over periods of several days and are also characteristic of acute organochlorine poisoning. 

Poison gas attacks are as stealthy as they are depraved. Unwanted people, especially older ones, just “pass away.” We believe America’s drug and child trafficking  cartels have long used stealth gassing to eliminate unwanted people and acquire property. The true death toll from this domestic terrorism could be mind-boggling.  We do have some thoughts on how to statistically showcase this, but would need access to federal health statistics. Something worthy of exploration by us or the FBI.

December 2019 (through 12/20)

12/13 1445-1451 (approx) Returning home from shopping, unloading groceries. Drive-by blast of usual nasty odorless pesticide from some vehicle’s undercarriage. Review of video footage showed only vehicles of  Joyce Barton, Carrie Ann Bass, aka Carrie Ann Collins Bass, and a small blue sedan passing by. The blue vehicle spent some time in the Barton driveway. I was intentionally not wearing a gas mask: it’s necessary to sometimes be the canary in the coal mine to see if our legacy criminals are still attacking. They are, though there are a lot fewer of them. And of course the cold weather probably inhibits their activities and limits the use of pesticide.

November 2019 

11/18 Drove out at 1610. Returned 1628. On return, found driveway filled with the usual odorless pesticide. (Even with a gas mask, there is a reaction.) Review of surveillance footage showed only four vehicles passing driveway during 18 minutes I was gone. One passed twice: Joyce Barton’s gray sedan. Given the Joyce Barton Gang’s location across the street from us, and their  history of poisoning and beating up their neighboring bloggers, suspicion does fall on Joyce Barton. Again. 

11/15 Drove out at 1:52. Returned at 2:52. Driveway filled with usual odorless pesticide. Pesticide not present when I left. Too many candidate vehicles passed by while I was gone to identify vehicles of interest.

11/12, 11/11, 11/10 Driveway also “sprayed” while care was out, usually for no more than 90 minutes. Surveillance DVR hardware issues prevented recording.   (Equipment now fixed.)

October 2019

Spraying of poison gas in the form of volatilized pesticides resumed. Assume triggered by our recent crime posts outing drug trafficking and gang harassment of us. Whenever we go out, we usually return to find our driveway and porch filled with toxin from drive by “spraying”.  Our backyard is often sprayed from Jay Smith’s neighboring parking lot, especially if we’re seen in it. 

10/13 Driveway spraying by passing vehicle(s). Toxin in driveway and on porch. Our car was only gone for 30 minutes. Only four vehicles passed the driveway during that time. They can be seen on this video beginning at 0.46: 

10/18 Driveway. Toxin. Our car was gone from 1041 hrs to 1225. Too many vehicles passed to make a video of them useful.

Were any of the vehicles in the 10/13 driveby video segment also present in the 10/18-10/20 driveby poisoning time frames?

10/19 Driveway. Toxin. Our car out from 1640 to 1721. Review of surveillance footage showed vehicles passing driveway at 1641, 1646, 1655, 1703, 1708 and 1720.

10/20 Driveway.Toxin. Car out from 1008 hrs to 1130. Nine vehicles passed during that time.

10/21 Driveway. Faint residue of toxin detected mid-afternoon. Our car was in driveway.

10/21 Backyard. Berry sprayed in the face while trimming weeds. See first part of video. Blast of pesticide obviously came from vehicle exiting 341 Eureka, rear. Driver appears to have been Carrie Ann Bass, aka Carrie Ann Collins Bass of Jay Smith’s 341 Eureka.  Vehicle continued spraying toxins into our yard throughout the day as it came and went form the parking lot. This is not unusual: Our yard is sprayed with toxins from 341 Eureka drivers throughout the year. No birds. No bugs. Weeds doing well. (Video, 0:01-0:45) 

September 2019

9/3  1058 hrs exited house to find faint trace of pesticide.  It was gone by the time I returned a few hours later.

9/2  Out at 0958. Driveway clean. Returned at 1158. Toxin in driveway. Heavy rain all morning, ending at 1058. Assume driveway sprayed no later than approx 1100 hrs, given the volume remaining. During that time, seven pedestrians walked past the driveway, including a small child with his father. This was a heavy and lingering application of pesticide that would have affected the sidewalk and street. It only takes a few seconds exposure to produce flu-like symptoms lasting into the next day. 

9/1  driveway sprayed between 0541 and 0935. Mild residue when I came out at 0935. No vehicles before 0541. Toxin typically dissipates within 60-90 minutes depending upon volume sprayed and weather conditions.

8/30/19 Poison gas sniping is back after a long break.  Returning from short trips, we often find our driveway and front porch dosed with volatilized pesticide. Lookouts are obviously posted and given the early hour, probably the Joyce Barton gang on their side porch opposite us.

The poison is probably an organophosphate, given the familiar symptoms.  After being outed last week blasting me in the back with pesticide, care has been taken not to stream poison into our driveway when one of us is standing there, surveillance cameras rolling. Probably a single vehicle with the usual concealed poison dispensing apparatus tucked underneath.  We’re not yet seeing a return to the bad old days of multiple vehicles blasting us with poison 24/7, often in convoy.

Poison detected in driveway and on porch upon return home on the below dates and times:

8/30  Out 0854  in at 1013

8/27  Out 0930 in at 1034

8/25  Out at 1342 in at 1409


12/18/18 Spraying of pesticide at our house from inside neighboring 328 Pleasant Avenue has not been an issue for the last week.  Ended after we noted and mitigated a probable pesticide fogger spraying portal opposite our porch. Property now tenanted by suspected Sykes’ gang holdover who seems to have a close working relationship with longtime Jay Smith tenants at 326 Pleasant Avenue–aka The Drunks and Blondie Deadeyes- Herkimer’s Amanda West.)

Herkimer poisoning portal
Herkimer poisoning portal. Suspected basement pesticide flogger firing port in basement of 328 Pleasant Avenue, opposite our porch.
Herkimer poisoning portal secured
328 Pleasant Avenue poisoning portal plugged







Fresh spate of late night poison gas attacks. (Below)  Coincides with curtailment of high-volume drug trafficking from drug and child trafficking  gang compound next door. (334 Pleasant-341 Eureka Avenues) Our recent postings may have been a catalyst. 

12/4 0136 From either 328 property or street. 

12/3  0045 From either 328 property or street. 

12/2  2358 From either 328 property or street. One candidate spraying car passing slowly down street at 2358.

11/25 Very visible poison gas attack from neighboring drug and child trafficking lot. Merited its own post. 

11/17-11/19  2245 Poison gas attacks have switched from 334 Pleasant Avenue to neighboring property at 328 Pleasant Avenue, rear.  Seems to be automated pesticide dispenser on a timer. This property is the recently-sold landmark Curtis Cool House and source of the first observed poison gas attack on us.  (Poisoners later stopped using pesticides containing particulates, thus avoiding camera detection.)

11/16  2315   2nd wave of gas from 334 Pleasant Ave. (Gang compound)

2245  Usual blast of gas from 334 Pleasant Ave. (Gang compound.)

0930 Sprayed by some passing vehicle while shoveling our driveway. Not a Barton vehicle. 

11/13-11/15. Foul weather precluded poison spraying.

Note: Barton’s truck has been brought back on line as a spraying vehicle. Most of the Bartons’ poison gassing is opportunistic and from Joyce Barton’s car: we appear, she sprays. Or, if we’re out,  our driveway’s sprayed. Poison of choice remains an odorless organophosphate. 

11/12   0030 Gas attack from Sykes gang compound.

11/11    2240 & 2230 Gas attack from Sykes gang compound

11/10    2240 Gas attack from Sykes gang compound

1/7/18  No gas attacks from detected from Sykes gang compound. (2nd day of new lighting on that side of our house.)
 0954-1104 We were out. Volatilized pesticide sprayed into driveway during this time. Driveway filled with an organophosphate seemingly just prior to our return. Cameras show one of the Sykes gang’s white delivery.  cars slowly passing out driveway at 1053 hrs . 

11/6/18  No poison gas attacks detected. Note: coincident with the installation of additional lighting illuminating parts of previously dark Sykes gang compound suspected in poison gas attacks. (Below)

11/5/18 0430 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.)

11/5/18   1835 L. sprayed by Barton poison gas spraying truck while on front porch.

11/4/18 – 2210, 2223 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.)

11/3/18  2330 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.) 

11/2/18 0038 & 0045.  Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.) 

Joyce Barton Forever – No longer posting times on observed attacks from the Barton gang. Attacks are ongoing daily from about 0600 to 1900. The Barton gang (across the street at 333 ) have both vehicles outfitted to spray pesticides from beneath the chassis.  After exposure of their sprayin’ truck on line, (below) Joyce now sprays organophosphates exclusively from her green GMC sedan. She blasts pesticide into our driveway whenever she goes out, and whenever we go out. It’s clearly a labor of hate and now perhaps her only source of income. 

11/1/2018  approx. 0030 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.) Possibly rear doorway of 334, or corner of 332-334 driveway. Heavy duty organophosphate. Suspect the use  of a large agriculture pesticide dispenser on a timer.

10/29/2018 1743 Returned from shopping. Driveway filled with organophosphate.

10/27/2018 approx. 2340 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.) Firing point possibly vehicle parked  backwards adjacent to the alley between us (330) and 332. Occurred during Sykes gang’s homecoming party for Stanley Sykes, about which we’ll have a posting. Given exact same time as attack of 10/25 and use of  same pesticide, suspect the use again of a large agriculture pesticide dispenser on a timer.

10/25/18  approx. 2340 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.) Possibly rear doorway of 334, or corner of 332-334 driveway. Heavy duty organophosphate. Suspect the use  of a large agriculture pesticide dispenser on a timer.

10/10/18  0412 Volatilized pesticide mist sprayed into backyard and  down driveway  from rear of 328 Pleasant Ave. Undergrowth and trees prevents direct view of that portion of that area. Multiple clicks of fogger  heard. Mist detected on camera as it entered our yard and driveway. 328 Pleasant is easily accessed from back yards of adjacent Pleasant and Eureka Avenue houses. 0730: Driveway found filled with pesticide when door briefly opened.  Handfogger discharge triggering from the above area are heard nightly, anywhere from 2300-0545.


Herkimer poison gassing ruck
Herkimer NY- Typical Poison Gassing Vehicle

10/9/18  1141 – 1335 Driveway sprayed with volatilized  organophosphate while we were out.  Assume from 1 or more foggers mounted under passing vehicle(s). Intentionally not wearing gas mask upon our return to see if drivebys have resumed. They have. 

10/3/18  1300-1345 Backyard sprayed with volatilized  organophosphate from fogger. Direction: from either neighboring Eureka Ave property or close by Pleasant  Avenue backyard.

0960-1138 While out, driveway sprayed with volatilized  organophosphate; assume from underbody of passing vehicle(s). Unusually, no vehicles at Bartons during this time.

10/2/2018   Poison gas attacks have resumed. This is the 20th month of poison gas attacks on us here on Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue. We’re beginning  our poison gassing log again, so as not to choke up the blog with constant  gas attack postings.   (Elsewhere this is called attempted murder. In Herkimer’s it’s just”sprayin'”.)

Gassing of our driveway and ourselves ended for a few weeks last month, following Linda Kaidan’s exposure of the neighboring Joyce Barton gang’s poison spraying truck. The truck is still safely there across the street in the Barton’s driveway. It comes and goes at will. The Bartons have switched to  Joyce Barton’s car as their primary poisoning platform, gassing us several times a day. (I was outside the other day and was blasted with the usual high pressure burst of volatilized pesticide, fired from beneath her car.) 

Joyce Barton Herkimer gang
Joyce Barton of Herkimer’s Barton Gang, sending a little love our way.

The pesticide is extremely corrosive, invisible and odorless–probably a highly toxic organophosphate, given it’s symptoms.  Organophospate victims have a 15% fatality rate. Venture outside into our driveway or yard without a hazmat suit and military grade gas mask and you risk being sicked.  The toxin does not stay in our driveway. Winds send it  wafting into Pleasant Avenue or into our neighbors’ homes and yards, per usual.