Poisonings Log

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Left at 1228 hrs. Returned at 1358 hrs to find driveway and porch recently blasted with the usual odorless, colorless volatilized organochloride–probably  in a typical vehicle driveby.  This attack appears to have coincided with the return of kids coming off of school buses at the intersection of Pleasant and King Streets and walking down Pleasant Avenue. None went to any of the street’s gang families’ houses, though that wouldn’t have prevented the attack–all the gang’s garbage people  care about is money. We  observed years ago that poison sprayers appear to be paid by the driveby.

Meanwhile, poisoning of our backyard in the nighttime continues. A hand fogger’s the obvious weapon. Did get a few nice squash out of their this season. Sadly, the pesticide sprayed into the yard in huge volume from the Vargas’ yard killed most of the pollinators. We’ve again found bees and beetles crystalized to leaves by dried pesticide. 


Left at 1115 hrs.  Returned at 1220 hrs. Driveway and porch clean when we left, poisoned when we returned.  As we pulled in, we saw that, the neighboring front porch and sidewalk at 328 Pleasant was filled with adults and kids. Gas does not stay where it is directed–it drifts into adjacent areas.  Landlord Joe Handy’s tenants at 328, the thuggish Vargas’ family, is as we’ve noted, the hub of an extended family  network of  drug trafficking, prime suspects in the current poison gas spraying campaign. Apparently the gang’s depraved indifference extends to their own kids.


Drove out 1807. In 1828. Driveway and porch filled with the usual pesticide upon return.  The usual gang suspects were outside went I left.  The usual symptoms of pesticide poisoning appeared in a few minutes. (Links below.)


Drove out at 0916, returned at 1100. Driveway had been blasted with the usual odorless pesticide producing the usual symptoms. Assume our recent postings highlighting the wholesale drug trafficking of our criminal neighbors via vehicles and their exploited children have cut gang  family income here on Pleasant Avenue.  Oh. One of the gang mom’s blew past our No Trespassing signs yesterday to pound on the door, demanding we check our surveillance footage to see if someone had stolen her kid’s bike helmet. (We doubt it was stolen.) She then called the police to repeat her demand. Our neighbors shouldn’t smoke their own stuff–the cameras are ours, not theirs, and for our protection from their harassment, poison attacks and street beatings. If they don’t like the neighborhood, they should move. 


Out 0731 hrs Took in empty trash bins and went for walk past our street’s numerous gang houses. Driveway clear.

In 0802 hrs Returned from walk. My usual poisoning symptoms and contaminated clothing indicate driveway had been heavily sprayed with pesticide.

Herkimer's Kim Vargis' drugmobile at 328 Pleasant Ave. (NY Reg. JRY 1993)
Kim Vargis’ drugmobile at 328 Pleasant Ave. (NY Reg. JRY 1993) Our house is the blue one to the left.

Our immediate thuggish neighbor, Kim Vargis of 328 Pleasant, continues parking her drug delivery car across the street at her fellow traffickers’ 331 Pleasant and hanging out there. Typically tucked out of sight behind 331/329; sometimes exits via vacant lot next to 329-331. Probably trying to avoid surveillance cams and toxins in the area of her front porch and driveway, left by passing gang vehicles as they spray our property. (We would understand if she moved her family to a safer street.) As always, innocent pedestrians walk blissfully unaware past our house through lingering invisible mists of  odorless pesticide.

There’s been little visible narcotics trafficking on Pleasant Avenue since our Thug House and Drug House posts were published. Amazing how quickly the gang can shut down Pleasant Avenue’s drug and child trafficking–it’s like a light going out.


1211 hrs put trash on curb. Pesticide in driveway and on porch. Note: Kim Vargas has moved herself and her car across the street to driveway of 331 Pleasant, abandoning her porch and driveway, which are exposed to pesticide spraying of our driveway.


Driveby poison gassings of the front of our house have resumed following our posting outing Pleasant Ave’s soaring drug trafficking.

Times – 7/28/20

Out at 1000 hrs, return at 1105 hrs. Front yard had large level of toxins; touching plantings caused the usual reactions to pesticide poisoning. There was no evidence our driveway had been blasted with pesticide during our absence, so the garden might have been consistently sprayed with pesticide since we last entered it on 7/27.

1630 hrs Returned from errands. Driveway and porch clean. 1800 hrs – went out on porch for 15 seconds and soon had toxic reaction to organophosphate pesticides. It is unusual for our murderous band of neighbors to pump pesticides into our driveway in the evening. Possible they’re hoping to get poison into the house through the exhaust vent of the portable air conditioning unit in our driveway window. Dear neighbors: The air conditioner does not cool the room by taking in hot air, but by expelling it at high speed toward Kim Vargas’ porch. The outgoing stream would also send whatever pesticides were in the driveway toward the Vargas’ porch. (These very limited people believe gas stays where you spray it and that their throwaway  kids’ endocrine problems are just “shit happens”.)


A few weeks ago, we used a chain saw and a pole saw to clear much of the overhanging tree growth obtruding from the yard of neighboring 328 Pleasant, Joe Handy’s Herkimer Thug House, and felled a few bushy scrub trees in our yard that were also occluding our cameras. No attacks from Handy’s tenants the Vargases this time, though some dark mumbling off camera. (Handy’s tenant Kim Vargas seems to think…seems to believe… that she can attack us in our yard  if we trim any bordering branches on “her” side of the fence.)

Following the backyard’s haircut, poison gassing of the yard stopped, until today. Stepping outside this lovely morning, it was obvious from our symptoms that the area had again been blasted with an odorless pesticide, probably in the late night with a hand fogger. And probably in response to our latest post, Joe Handy’s Herkimer Drug House, demonstrating Kim Vargas’ and her family’s wholesale drug trafficking out of Handy’s house. We’ll be broadening our camera and audio surveillance of the backyard, augmenting our security lighting and trimming more brush.


Rear of our yard sprayed late every night for some weeks with high volume of pesticide. Odor indicates may be an arsenic-based pesticide. Most likely source is rear of neighboring 328 Pleasant Avenue. Our surveillance cams are blocked from viewing that part of ours and 328  yard by tent city erected along border fence by tenants of 328. (Kim Vargas and family–landlord Joe Handy of Ft. Plain.) And also blocked by our undergrowth and overhanging tree limbs. When I went to trim the undergrowth I was immediately assaulted by the Vargases. Here’s the video of the assault. Here’s a post about the Vargases–they seem to have connection with area drug thug Curtis Doolen, aka Curtis Cool, a previous 328 tenant. 



1518-1543 Sprayed with pesticide from street while fixing front porch security light and taking out trash. First street side incident since 6/1/20. Perhaps triggered by my having reported 328 Pleasant Ave thug neighbors to police for their harassment of me of 6/7/20.


0730 Found backyard had been sprayed with high volume of pesticide under cover of darkness, either from adjoining 328 Pleasant Avenue or 326. Either are likely candidates, given the demographic of the tenants in both houses and the range of handheld chemical foggers widely distributed by Herkimer gang management to its supporting cast of social parasites. (We call it a policy of “A-bombs for Apes”. (Apologies to apes.))


1125 hrs out – 1230 in. Driveby poison spraying of driveway while I was out. Wore my military gas mask per usual upon exiting the car, but toxin permeated clothing. Usual symptoms began after about 15 minutes: stinging sensation, slight vertigo, joint aches, headache. Small children playing across the street at the time; wind from our driveway in their direction. Kids at 328 Pleasant next door have been absent for several days. 328 backyard deserted.


1000 hrs out – 1124 hrs in. Driveby gassing of driveway. Same symptoms as above (6/1/20).


Seems same poison  pesticide as above,6/1) but sprayed into our backyard intermittently throughout day. First noticed in early a.m. after the cat went out. Only area around rear and side of our property not covered by cameras are parts of 328 Pleasant, rear, and Jay Smith’s 326 Pleasant, rear: Poisoners probably emboldened by fresh scrub currently growth occluding camera that covers rear stairs and porches of both houses.

May 21, 2020

1029 out – 1140 in. Driveby poison spraying of driveway obviously happened while we were out. The usual odorless pesticide.  Although only exposed for about 40 seconds, it took most of the afternoon for my blood oxygen to get out of the low 90’s. Impaired lung functioning during a respiratory epidemic is not ideal. Sadly will have to return to wearing a military gas mask when in driveway or front of our house, and in such lovely weather. Beats dying. 

May 20, 2020

Out at 1344, back at 1454. Driveway filled with the usual odorless pesticide. Cameras show that shortly after I left, our neighbors next door at 328 Pleasant made a phone call, then hurriedly left the porch. The didn’t return until about 1600.  They’re very angry about our new security light. It took multiple police visits before they finally accepted the fact that under New York state law, they have no right to darkness. 

May 18, 2020

1st significant driveby spraying in months. Driveway filled with pesticide while I was out: 1358 – 1441. Not the Bartons this time. At least one gang-related vehicle went by–a blue pickup carrying Kyle Stone home to 332 Pleasant. Lookouts posted on porch of 328 Pleasant at the time vanished just after I left. They’re chummy with the Syke’s gang’s Carrie Ann Collins, know Curtis Cool, a previous 328 tenant, and don’t like cameras and lights. They don’t believe that our audio feeds work.
Lingering gas would have impacted their kids as they roamed the sidewalk later. But, what you can’t sense can’t hurt you.   

February 28 -March 12, 2020

See below, 2/27. Sameo Sameo. Source? Days when both Barton vehicles are here (across the street at 333 Pleasant), poison gassing happens as below. When they’re gone, spreading joy throughout Upstate NY, we are not gassed. They happily spray when  kids are walking down the street.  Not their kids. (Gas drifts.) Though school buses  no longer stop on Pleasant Ave. after previous gas attacks,  kids and their folks walk to buses at King St and Protection Ave intersections, unawares. 

The Bartons don’t do anything unless they’re paid. They’re probably being paid by our neighboring drug traffickers responsible for the recent flurry of trafficking along Pleasant Avenue. It’s the familiar faces of the Stanley Sykes gang, operating out of Jay Smith’s gang sanctuary at 332 and 328 Pleasant and 341 Eureka. As we’ve said before, we don’t really notice the drug trafficking until and unless gas attacks resume. Then we take action.

February 27, 2020

0910 Porch and driveway recently  blasted with pesticide. Limited number of candidate vehicles. Joyce Barton’s the most likely, with several early morning drivebys by  her. Gale force winds frustrated any afternoon attacks. 

My duty as canary-in-the-coalmine is over for now. Will be wearing my p100 gas mask for the next few days.

Herkimer gas attack mitigation
3.11.17 Herkimer house cleaning outfit

February 23 – 25, 2020

After over a month of enjoying the fresh air of our pastoral village, we’re being gassed again.  It’s been brought on by a spate of warm weather, enduring hatred and probably concern that we may see something on our cameras that the street’s legacy criminals don’t want on our blog. All indicators are that it’s again the granny-beating Barton gang across the street at 333 Pleasant Avenue, with Joyce Barton driving one of the gang’s pesticide-spewing vehicles. 

2/23/20 – We left at 1249 hrs. Returned at 1506. Driveway was filled with the odorless organochloride the gang’s taken to using. A check of our  surveillance footage showed  a lot of vehicles passing our driveway during that time, among them several drivebys of Joyce Barton’s gray compact. 

2/24/20 – I left at 1449, returned at 1537. Only four vehicles went down Pleasant Avenue while I was gone. the only one making several passes of our driveway was Joyce Barton’s battered gray car.

2/25 – 0900 (approx.) Went onto porch and into driveway. Strong lingering presence of an organochloride. (Always a few moments delay between exposure to that odorless pesticide and awareness that you’ve been gassed.) Check of cameras showed Joyce Barton passing driveway at 0720  and 0731.

The only vehicle seen on all three days at the indicated times was Joyce Barton’s.  

Off to look at recent camera footage and see what the gang’s worried about.

January 16, 2020

1426 – 1524 hrs. Typical drive by poison gassing of our driveway while I was out for afternoon shopping, a lingering gift for my return  Probably a single vehicle called in by the Joyce Barton gang across the street from us at 333 Pleasant Avenue.  (Are they on the local tour route? Unable to grasp the use of Google Maps, they’ve taken to prying off their house number. )  This stuff doesn’t happen when they’re away. As always the poison was invisibly blasted  in a concentrated volatilized stream from beneath a specially equipped vehicle. I assume the cold doesn’t affect it, as it has to be heated.

It was a bitter and windy day, so I chanced not wearing a gas mask when I exited the car. Mistake. Most of these gas snipings occur in the afternoon, Herkimer’s legacy gang filth not being early risers. Interestingly, in the past few months, Herkimer’s gang remnants seem to have switched from an organophosphate pesticide to an organochlorine. (I speak as a knowledgeable gassing victim.) Both attack the central nervous system. Organochlorine-based poisons have the advantage of being virtually undetectable without an industrial or military-grade chemical analyzer. They can cause neurological damage and trigger strokes. Kids caught by drifting gas at bus time, as we’ve seen here in Herkimer, will only  complain of headache and dizziness, not of a bad smell–easily passed off as the flu. As we told the state police, a gang going around machine gunning people would be quickly detected and eliminated.

The chief acute toxic action of the organochlorine pesticides is on the central
nervous system, where these compounds induce a hyperexcitable state in the brain
leading to convulsions or other less severe signs of neurologic toxicity such as
myoclonic jerking, paresthesias, tremor, ataxia and hyperreaexia. Convulsions
caused by cyclodienes may recur over periods of several days and are also characteristic of acute organochlorine poisoning. 

Poison gas attacks are as stealthy as they are depraved. Unwanted people, especially older ones, just “pass away.” We believe America’s drug and child trafficking  cartels have long used stealth gassing to eliminate unwanted people and acquire property. The true death toll from this domestic terrorism could be mind-boggling.  We do have some thoughts on how to statistically showcase this, but would need access to federal health statistics. Something worthy of exploration by us or the FBI.

December 2019 (through 12/20)

12/13 1445-1451 (approx) Returning home from shopping, unloading groceries. Drive-by blast of usual nasty odorless pesticide from some vehicle’s undercarriage. Review of video footage showed only vehicles of  Joyce Barton, Carrie Ann Bass, aka Carrie Ann Collins Bass, and a small blue sedan passing by. The blue vehicle spent some time in the Barton driveway. I was intentionally not wearing a gas mask: it’s necessary to sometimes be the canary in the coal mine to see if our legacy criminals are still attacking. They are, though there are a lot fewer of them. And of course the cold weather probably inhibits their activities and limits the use of pesticide.

November 2019 

11/18 Drove out at 1610. Returned 1628. On return, found driveway filled with the usual odorless pesticide. (Even with a gas mask, there is a reaction.) Review of surveillance footage showed only four vehicles passing driveway during 18 minutes I was gone. One passed twice: Joyce Barton’s gray sedan. Given the Joyce Barton Gang’s location across the street from us, and their  history of poisoning and beating up their neighboring bloggers, suspicion does fall on Joyce Barton. Again. 

11/15 Drove out at 1:52. Returned at 2:52. Driveway filled with usual odorless pesticide. Pesticide not present when I left. Too many candidate vehicles passed by while I was gone to identify vehicles of interest.

11/12, 11/11, 11/10 Driveway also “sprayed” while care was out, usually for no more than 90 minutes. Surveillance DVR hardware issues prevented recording.   (Equipment now fixed.)

October 2019

Spraying of poison gas in the form of volatilized pesticides resumed. Assume triggered by our recent crime posts outing drug trafficking and gang harassment of us. Whenever we go out, we usually return to find our driveway and porch filled with toxin from drive by “spraying”.  Our backyard is often sprayed from Jay Smith’s neighboring parking lot, especially if we’re seen in it. 

10/13 Driveway spraying by passing vehicle(s). Toxin in driveway and on porch. Our car was only gone for 30 minutes. Only four vehicles passed the driveway during that time. They can be seen on this video beginning at 0.46: 

10/18 Driveway. Toxin. Our car was gone from 1041 hrs to 1225. Too many vehicles passed to make a video of them useful.

Were any of the vehicles in the 10/13 driveby video segment also present in the 10/18-10/20 driveby poisoning time frames?

10/19 Driveway. Toxin. Our car out from 1640 to 1721. Review of surveillance footage showed vehicles passing driveway at 1641, 1646, 1655, 1703, 1708 and 1720.

10/20 Driveway.Toxin. Car out from 1008 hrs to 1130. Nine vehicles passed during that time.

10/21 Driveway. Faint residue of toxin detected mid-afternoon. Our car was in driveway.

10/21 Backyard. Berry sprayed in the face while trimming weeds. See first part of video. Blast of pesticide obviously came from vehicle exiting 341 Eureka, rear. Driver appears to have been Carrie Ann Bass, aka Carrie Ann Collins Bass of Jay Smith’s 341 Eureka.  Vehicle continued spraying toxins into our yard throughout the day as it came and went form the parking lot. This is not unusual: Our yard is sprayed with toxins from 341 Eureka drivers throughout the year. No birds. No bugs. Weeds doing well. (Video, 0:01-0:45) 

September 2019

9/3  1058 hrs exited house to find faint trace of pesticide.  It was gone by the time I returned a few hours later.

9/2  Out at 0958. Driveway clean. Returned at 1158. Toxin in driveway. Heavy rain all morning, ending at 1058. Assume driveway sprayed no later than approx 1100 hrs, given the volume remaining. During that time, seven pedestrians walked past the driveway, including a small child with his father. This was a heavy and lingering application of pesticide that would have affected the sidewalk and street. It only takes a few seconds exposure to produce flu-like symptoms lasting into the next day. 

9/1  driveway sprayed between 0541 and 0935. Mild residue when I came out at 0935. No vehicles before 0541. Toxin typically dissipates within 60-90 minutes depending upon volume sprayed and weather conditions.

8/30/19 Poison gas sniping is back after a long break.  Returning from short trips, we often find our driveway and front porch dosed with volatilized pesticide. Lookouts are obviously posted and given the early hour, probably the Joyce Barton gang on their side porch opposite us.

The poison is probably an organophosphate, given the familiar symptoms.  After being outed last week blasting me in the back with pesticide, care has been taken not to stream poison into our driveway when one of us is standing there, surveillance cameras rolling. Probably a single vehicle with the usual concealed poison dispensing apparatus tucked underneath.  We’re not yet seeing a return to the bad old days of multiple vehicles blasting us with poison 24/7, often in convoy.

Poison detected in driveway and on porch upon return home on the below dates and times:

8/30  Out 0854  in at 1013

8/27  Out 0930 in at 1034

8/25  Out at 1342 in at 1409


12/18/18 Spraying of pesticide at our house from inside neighboring 328 Pleasant Avenue has not been an issue for the last week.  Ended after we noted and mitigated a probable pesticide fogger spraying portal opposite our porch. Property now tenanted by suspected Sykes’ gang holdover who seems to have a close working relationship with longtime Jay Smith tenants at 326 Pleasant Avenue–aka The Drunks and Blondie Deadeyes- Herkimer’s Amanda West.)

Herkimer poisoning portal
Herkimer poisoning portal. Suspected basement pesticide flogger firing port in basement of 328 Pleasant Avenue, opposite our porch.
Herkimer poisoning portal secured
328 Pleasant Avenue poisoning portal plugged







Fresh spate of late night poison gas attacks. (Below)  Coincides with curtailment of high-volume drug trafficking from drug and child trafficking  gang compound next door. (334 Pleasant-341 Eureka Avenues) Our recent postings may have been a catalyst. 

12/4 0136 From either 328 property or street. 

12/3  0045 From either 328 property or street. 

12/2  2358 From either 328 property or street. One candidate spraying car passing slowly down street at 2358.

11/25 Very visible poison gas attack from neighboring drug and child trafficking lot. Merited its own post. 

11/17-11/19  2245 Poison gas attacks have switched from 334 Pleasant Avenue to neighboring property at 328 Pleasant Avenue, rear.  Seems to be automated pesticide dispenser on a timer. This property is the recently-sold landmark Curtis Cool House and source of the first observed poison gas attack on us.  (Poisoners later stopped using pesticides containing particulates, thus avoiding camera detection.)

11/16  2315   2nd wave of gas from 334 Pleasant Ave. (Gang compound)

2245  Usual blast of gas from 334 Pleasant Ave. (Gang compound.)

0930 Sprayed by some passing vehicle while shoveling our driveway. Not a Barton vehicle. 

11/13-11/15. Foul weather precluded poison spraying.

Note: Barton’s truck has been brought back on line as a spraying vehicle. Most of the Bartons’ poison gassing is opportunistic and from Joyce Barton’s car: we appear, she sprays. Or, if we’re out,  our driveway’s sprayed. Poison of choice remains an odorless organophosphate. 

11/12   0030 Gas attack from Sykes gang compound.

11/11    2240 & 2230 Gas attack from Sykes gang compound

11/10    2240 Gas attack from Sykes gang compound

1/7/18  No gas attacks from detected from Sykes gang compound. (2nd day of new lighting on that side of our house.)
 0954-1104 We were out. Volatilized pesticide sprayed into driveway during this time. Driveway filled with an organophosphate seemingly just prior to our return. Cameras show one of the Sykes gang’s white delivery.  cars slowly passing out driveway at 1053 hrs . 

11/6/18  No poison gas attacks detected. Note: coincident with the installation of additional lighting illuminating parts of previously dark Sykes gang compound suspected in poison gas attacks. (Below)

11/5/18 0430 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.)

11/5/18   1835 L. sprayed by Barton poison gas spraying truck while on front porch.

11/4/18 – 2210, 2223 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.)

11/3/18  2330 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.) 

11/2/18 0038 & 0045.  Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.) 

Joyce Barton Forever – No longer posting times on observed attacks from the Barton gang. Attacks are ongoing daily from about 0600 to 1900. The Barton gang (across the street at 333 ) have both vehicles outfitted to spray pesticides from beneath the chassis.  After exposure of their sprayin’ truck on line, (below) Joyce now sprays organophosphates exclusively from her green GMC sedan. She blasts pesticide into our driveway whenever she goes out, and whenever we go out. It’s clearly a labor of hate and now perhaps her only source of income. 

11/1/2018  approx. 0030 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.) Possibly rear doorway of 334, or corner of 332-334 driveway. Heavy duty organophosphate. Suspect the use  of a large agriculture pesticide dispenser on a timer.

10/29/2018 1743 Returned from shopping. Driveway filled with organophosphate.

10/27/2018 approx. 2340 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.) Firing point possibly vehicle parked  backwards adjacent to the alley between us (330) and 332. Occurred during Sykes gang’s homecoming party for Stanley Sykes, about which we’ll have a posting. Given exact same time as attack of 10/25 and use of  same pesticide, suspect the use again of a large agriculture pesticide dispenser on a timer.

10/25/18  approx. 2340 Volatilized pesticide sprayed at the side of our house from direction of the 332-334 Pleasant Avenue parking lot. (Sykes Gang compound.) Possibly rear doorway of 334, or corner of 332-334 driveway. Heavy duty organophosphate. Suspect the use  of a large agriculture pesticide dispenser on a timer.

10/10/18  0412 Volatilized pesticide mist sprayed into backyard and  down driveway  from rear of 328 Pleasant Ave. Undergrowth and trees prevents direct view of that portion of that area. Multiple clicks of fogger  heard. Mist detected on camera as it entered our yard and driveway. 328 Pleasant is easily accessed from back yards of adjacent Pleasant and Eureka Avenue houses. 0730: Driveway found filled with pesticide when door briefly opened.  Handfogger discharge triggering from the above area are heard nightly, anywhere from 2300-0545.


Herkimer poison gassing ruck
Herkimer NY- Typical Poison Gassing Vehicle

10/9/18  1141 – 1335 Driveway sprayed with volatilized  organophosphate while we were out.  Assume from 1 or more foggers mounted under passing vehicle(s). Intentionally not wearing gas mask upon our return to see if drivebys have resumed. They have. 

10/3/18  1300-1345 Backyard sprayed with volatilized  organophosphate from fogger. Direction: from either neighboring Eureka Ave property or close by Pleasant  Avenue backyard.

0960-1138 While out, driveway sprayed with volatilized  organophosphate; assume from underbody of passing vehicle(s). Unusually, no vehicles at Bartons during this time.

10/2/2018   Poison gas attacks have resumed. This is the 20th month of poison gas attacks on us here on Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue. We’re beginning  our poison gassing log again, so as not to choke up the blog with constant  gas attack postings.   (Elsewhere this is called attempted murder. In Herkimer’s it’s just”sprayin'”.)

Gassing of our driveway and ourselves ended for a few weeks last month, following Linda Kaidan’s exposure of the neighboring Joyce Barton gang’s poison spraying truck. The truck is still safely there across the street in the Barton’s driveway. It comes and goes at will. The Bartons have switched to  Joyce Barton’s car as their primary poisoning platform, gassing us several times a day. (I was outside the other day and was blasted with the usual high pressure burst of volatilized pesticide, fired from beneath her car.) 

Joyce Barton Herkimer gang
Joyce Barton of Herkimer’s Barton Gang, sending a little love our way.

The pesticide is extremely corrosive, invisible and odorless–probably a highly toxic organophosphate, given it’s symptoms.  Organophospate victims have a 15% fatality rate. Venture outside into our driveway or yard without a hazmat suit and military grade gas mask and you risk being sicked.  The toxin does not stay in our driveway. Winds send it  wafting into Pleasant Avenue or into our neighbors’ homes and yards, per usual.