Rights of Photographers: Herkimer’s Melodie Schulze Cusses Out Old Bag


The rights of photographers are clear, no matter how much this may upset criminals and the ignorant. (But  I repeat myself) Here’s a classic example. (Parents strongly cautioned.)

On September 5, 2015 we heard a knock on our door here in Herkimer. Michelle Schulze, two young female members of her household and a child in a stroller visited our home to urge us to restrain from taking photographs of children in a public area. They reside at 321 Pleasant Ave in Herkimer.

They refused to understand that NY State Law, backed by the 1st Amendment, says it’s OK to take photographs in public places. They think the law of their asphalt jungle is what goes. They were very concerned about a photo taken by my husband of the rather nice pub up the street. Within 2 minutes of his snapping the camera, they were upon us, with accusations of endangering children with our photos and hinted that we were child molesters. It’s important to note that taking photos in public places is a US Constitutional right.

Melodie Schulze Cusses Out Old Bag

Melodie Schulze, the young mom who’d brought her own young child in a stroller and stood under our security cameras, screamed that we had “touched children!” in an obscenity-laced tirade of abuse. Her first concern was obviously her child being photographed, as she brought the child with her to be photographed and recorded during her visit. 

Melodie  Schulze’s harassment had nothing to do with kids, but with our surveillance cameras recording Pleasant Avenue Herkimer’s drug trafficking and her own part in it.

Drug dealers don’t make laws. Legislators do. For those who find slander and menacing a neat way to threaten their foes, time is not on their side. Patterns of previous behavior, facial recognition databases, criminal background checks, security clearances and work histories all tell a story. That story is loud and clear. Conspiring to make up heinous lies about your neighbors to suit your criminal convenience, even as a gang, is dumb.

As is our right, we will continue to take pictures in public and semi-public areas without consulting drug dealers or dubious neighbors. Please conduct private business in private. We’re not criminals, we have no criminal history. US law applies to ALL of us and the rights of photographers are clear.

Just to be clear, you don’t get to create special purpose laws that go against legitimate US laws in our country!

Herkimer’s Slumlords and Drug Traffickers

333 Pleasant Ave Herkimer NY
333 Pleasant Ave Herkimer, Home of Joyce Barton and Douglas Barton

You might think it’s a no-brainer to talk to your neighbors about your street. Well, after a year of living here, we have, and been informed that local slumlords, owning at least 19 homes in the area, ten of them on Pleasant Ave., Herkimer, make tidy incomes from HUD’s subsidized Section 8 housing vouchers program. The landlords are paid directly by the county housing authority. Though required to maintain their Section 8 properties in compliance with HUD Section 8 housing performance standards, you’ll often find these homes in disrepair both outside and inside, in direct violation of HUD requirements and Herkimer zoning codes

On Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue, you’ll find some of it renters, both Section 8 and private, have criminal histories, abuse drugs and their children and traffic drugs. This unwitting but successful connivance between Herkimer’s slumlords and drug traffickers has emboldened the Pleasant Avenue’s criminals with a sense of ownership of street and created a menacing sense of anarchy for homeowners. And made Pleasant Avenue a sanctuary for criminals, a Mohawk Valley pirate hole. But it’s only succeeded because of a silent third party, the Village of Herkimer, whose failure of governance is seen through the condition of the street’s rental properties and its lackadaisical policing. Pleasant Avenue’s volatile mix of besieged homeowners and low-income renters can only become a peaceful, if uneasy one with a regular and effective police presence.

Herkimer's Slumlords and Drug Traffickers
State Police Drug Raid, Brandon Hart Residence, 331 Pleasant Ave., Herkimer, NY (8/1/14)

All residents must realize that private property means private. My driveway is not your play area. Streets are for automobiles and not ballgames and boisterous gatherings. There are many games that can be played on the grass in backyards: basketball, badminton, volleyball and croquet. Reading books aloud can be fun, too. You’ll find it cooler and safer in your own backyards. Hint – Most children play in the backyard or at a school yard, and not in the middle of the street, especially for hours on end, in front of the homes of people their parents don’t like.

The appalling, dangerous and unpleasant traditions that have been allowed to develop here on Pleasant Avenue in Herkimer over the last 4 years are at odds with neighborhood safety. We are entitled to the same  and peaceful and quiet enjoyment of our homes as the rest of the rest of the Village of Herkimer enjoys. We pay taxes for municipal and state services. We expect street brawls, disorderly conduct and  harassment and mob menacing to be nonexistent or immediately squelched by a prompt, firm and consistent police response.

Herkimer is truly one of the most beautiful places to live anywhere. But it’s important to feel that all of our community is safe and that residents respect each other rights. For this to happen, we have our work cut out.

  • Going forward we hope our Herkimer police will promptly curtail illegal assemblies, brawling, harassment and trespassing.
  • Let’s help families teach their children to engage in safe, fun and productive activities in the summer and throughout the year. Free help can come from volunteers and game drives.
  • Let’s ensure that all of Herkimer’s rental homes, both Section 8 and private, are regularly inspected in compliance with local code and HUD performance standards.
  • Help foster good behaviors by installing surveillance cameras and being quick to share clips with police, Neighborhood Watch, and post on WordPress and social media.
  • Focus on and foster self-respect. Everything we do is valuable. Let’s invest in creating, learning and sharing, and divest ourselves of hostile and destructive activities
  • Let’s replace bullying, menacing and name calling with communicating.

Mind Control Drugs – Scariest of All

Avoid Zombie Hordes

Drugs? What drugs?

Mind Control Drugs In Herkimer
Mind Control Drug Use On Children? In Herkimer NY? Absurd!
  • Can make you the zombie puppet of anyone who speaks to you?
  • Can make someone kill themselves with just a few words?
  • Can make you perform an act of unspeakable humiliation?
  • Hand over all your possessions without hesitation?
  • Impoverish your entire family?

There’s a whole family of such mind control drugs. Words associated with them include zombie, puppet, loss of will, memory loss. They’ve been used for decades by Central and South Americans to harvest a cash crop from the unwitting, victims who conveniently forget everything, a side effect of these zombie drugs. If you’re a victim who survives such a mind rape, you’ll have no memory of it. Your assailants will be free to move on to their next victim without fear of exposure, and without the inconvenience of a dead body or a missing person’s report. datura_jimsum

Inexpensive and easily produced, Scopolamine, also called Devil’s Breath, is one of the most common in this family of mind control drugs. It’s often called the zombie drug. Some will tell you it’s difficult to get hold of. Not true—scopolamine is derived from a plant called Datura. It grows abundantly in the wild. In Upstate New York and the Herkimer area, it’s known as Jimson Weed and is found throughout the region, especially in the Mohawk Valley’s fertile river lands.

Dangers of Scopolamine
While many of those who take Scopolamine are unwitting victims, some take it for its hallucinogenic and euphoric effects. Don’t be fooled. This is a sinister drug which can result in death. It is a member of the deadly nightshade family.

Misuse Overloaded
Some people give this dangerous mind control drug to their children to keep them quiet and manageable, especially kids who tend to act out and have other behavior issues. Others,  including trusted friends and relatives, administer such zombie drugs as Scopolamine to manipulate children for sex, either with themselves and friends, or for their pedophile clients. As we know from news reports, there’s a brisk, well-paying business in pimping out children to pedophiles, who are drawn from every socioeconomic group.

Telltale Signs of Scopolamine Controlled Children
Look for abnormally quiet behavior, especially in a group of kids–it’s behavior that’s almost sinisterly quiet. Obvious and significant memory loss is another warning sign. Additional behavior to be alert for is any which looks out of the norm for typical human interaction, such as in group play.  We all have normal patterns of behavior, and when these change significantly, we should ask why. Don’t take this drug or give it to anyone else. If your children are acting strangely try to understand rather than ignore these changes.