New Mexico Land : Are you an explorer?

Cibola National Forest Five private acres

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Behold five acres of land located in the expansive Cibola National Forest covering 1.5 million square acres.  There is plenty of territory to explore with convenient cell phone service.  The nearest city is Albuquerque, NM and the nearest town Grants, NM (25 minutes to Walmart).

This land is pretty private with nearby human neighbors located at the Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano about 1 mile away. Here, you are surrounded by Cibola National Forest and not too far away, you’ll find El Malpais National Monument with its magnificent petroglyphs. For long term water supply it is possible to collect water without the need for drilling a well.

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NM Land Neighbors

Close by highway

Bat Cave

El Malpais National Monument


Volcanos el malpais


Enjoy this great place to vacation, explore and experience nature at its best! You’ll find Cibola National Forest Five private acres to be an inexpensive place to relax and enjoy nature for years to come. Contact Linda at for more info.