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It’s been a long battle. And it’s not over. What began in 2015 as an innocent blog about our pastoral village along the Mohawk has become a war blog, as the drug and child trafficking gangs that had long controlled Herkimer tried to silence us, and in so doing increasingly exposed themselves. Our posts, tweets, and heavy YouTube presence have helped make Herkimer safer, even as more people are migrating to this area in response to climate change. Property sales are soaring.

It’s been rough. We’ve been robbed, poisoned, attacked on the street, harried by complicit cops, our heating system sabotaged and most of our home and yard laid waste by pesticide attacks. Our kids were driven off in Year 1, vowing never to return to Herkimer.

It’s been lonely. Other than a few brave villagers, no one’s much spoken to us since we were duped by non-disclosure into buying this lovely house on a gang-run street. “They’ll kill you if you keep it up,” we were warned.  But then they’ve been trying to dispose of us since before we moved in, our furnace hot air ducts salted with pesticide. Real estate acquisition by poisoning appears to be one of the pillars of the local gang economy.

And it hasn’t been cheap. Our modest income’s adequate for homeowning retirees, but not to defend against well-monied criminals intent on our destruction. Security and surveillance systems and high-speed internet are pricey. We’ve incurred tens of thousands of dollars in property damage and required multiple surgeries for pesticide-related endocrine disorders. We’re now working to reclaim much of our home from pesticide poisoning even as we stave off ongoing poison gas attacks. If you’d care to help, there’s a donation button on this page. And thank you. As for us, we’ll fight on.