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Treacherous Somangshu Mukherji glaring as he lies to the police.

Somangshu Mukherji’s Brazen Lawlessness And Treachery

Stephen Ames Berry Latest in the ongoing series A Herkimer Kidnapping, which chronicles the illegal taking of our four-year-old grandson ...
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Avram Mukherji Exploring

Somangshu Mukherji And The Little Boy Who Wasn’t There

Stephen Ames Berry Latest in the series A Herkimer Kidnapping Overview After winning sole custody of our 4-year-old grandson, University ...
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Authored by Somagnshu Mukherji U.Mich Music

Somangshu Mukherji’s Vile Email & Restraining Order

Stephen Ames Berry Updated 1/24/21 to include audio transcript excerpts from Michigan Family Court proceedings, and a link to what ...
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Somangshu Mukherji glaring while lying to Herkimer police

Somangshu Mukherji’s Cruel Vendetta

Stephen Ames Berry Somangshu Mukherji's Cruel Vendetta is the latest in an ongoing series exposing the exploitation of a mentally ...
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Herkimer CPS Workers

Somangshu Mukherji and Herkimer’s Rogue CPS Workers

Stephen Ames Berry In March of 2018, in an outrageous violation of New York law, two rogue Herkimer CPS workers, ...
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U. Mich's Somangshu Mukherji sneering at his father-in-law

Somangshu Mukherji’s Raid

Stephen Ames Berry Somangshu Mukherji's Raid occurred on April 11, 2019. It was cunningly planned and brazenly executed. It could ...
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Somangshu Mukherji sent gthese fwarrantless Herkimer sheriff's deputies taking

A Herkimer Kidnapping – Somangshu Mukherji and the Herkimer Sheriff

Stephen Ames Berry "A child is not a dog. No matter whose child. It requires more to lawfully take a ...
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