Mind Control Drugs – Scariest of All

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Avoid Zombie Hordes

Drugs? What drugs?

Mind Control Drugs In Herkimer
Mind Control Drug Use On Children? In Herkimer NY? Absurd!
  • Can make you the zombie puppet of anyone who speaks to you?
  • Can make someone kill themselves with just a few words?
  • Can make you perform an act of unspeakable humiliation?
  • Hand over all your possessions without hesitation?
  • Impoverish your entire family?

There’s a whole family of such mind control drugs. Words associated with them include zombie, puppet, loss of will, memory loss. They’ve been used for decades by Central and South Americans to harvest a cash crop from the unwitting, victims who conveniently forget everything, a side effect of these zombie drugs. If you’re a victim who survives such a mind rape, you’ll have no memory of it. Your assailants will be free to move on to their next victim without fear of exposure, and without the inconvenience of a dead body or a missing person’s report. datura_jimsum

Inexpensive and easily produced, Scopolamine, also called Devil’s Breath, is one of the most common in this family of mind control drugs. It’s often called the zombie drug. Some will tell you it’s difficult to get hold of. Not true—scopolamine is derived from a plant called Datura. It grows abundantly in the wild. In Upstate New York and the Herkimer area, it’s known as Jimson Weed and is found throughout the region, especially in the Mohawk Valley’s fertile river lands.

Dangers of Scopolamine
While many of those who take Scopolamine are unwitting victims, some take it for its hallucinogenic and euphoric effects. Don’t be fooled. This is a sinister drug which can result in death. It is a member of the deadly nightshade family.

Misuse Overloaded
Some people give this dangerous mind control drug to their children to keep them quiet and manageable, especially kids who tend to act out and have other behavior issues. Others,  including trusted friends and relatives, administer such zombie drugs as Scopolamine to manipulate children for sex, either with themselves and friends, or for their pedophile clients. As we know from news reports, there’s a brisk, well-paying business in pimping out children to pedophiles, who are drawn from every socioeconomic group.

Telltale Signs of Scopolamine Controlled Children
Look for abnormally quiet behavior, especially in a group of kids–it’s behavior that’s almost sinisterly quiet. Obvious and significant memory loss is another warning sign. Additional behavior to be alert for is any which looks out of the norm for typical human interaction, such as in group play.  We all have normal patterns of behavior, and when these change significantly, we should ask why. Don’t take this drug or give it to anyone else. If your children are acting strangely try to understand rather than ignore these changes.

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