Can you get a better price on your home?

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Getting a better price on your home in Herkimer can be easy. The Village of Herkimer is fortunate to have so many historic homes. Most date from the early 20th century, when Herkimer boomed and craftsmen from Europe and America moved here. From the houses that cluster around King Street’s old Standard Desk Company factory in south Herkimer, to the elegant homes of prosperous merchants and company owners seen in north Herkimer, all were well built and each has its own unique history and charm. Herkimer’s irreplaceable housing stock is only going to increase in value as those to our south look increasingly to Upstate New York as a sound housing investment in the face of increasingly rapid climate change.

If you own one of these Herkimer gems, and are thinking of selling, some remodeling may be in order. Draw up a budget and a design to suit your resources and needs. When considering your options, focus on choosing the most rewarding possibilities. Perhaps it makes sense to add a skylight or upscale window to bring in natural light. You can often find used construction material sources that can bring the same rewards for a fraction of the retail cost.

When selecting materials, ensure they don’t contain unhealthy pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds. Rugs containing olefin can be especially harmful to your health. Martha Stewart has many suggestions for making healthy carpeting and rug choices.

Two high impact but relatively low cost design elements are lighting and art work. Even in an empty house they can create the inviting atmosphere that helps to sell it. Many local artists are typically delighted to exhibit their work for free. They can be found online or by visiting their shops and galleries.

Not everyone appreciates art, but most do. The more vibrant and intriguing of homes are likely to sell faster. Make certain that you price your home well, but don’t give it away. Herkimer’s located in the Mohawk Valley, part of New York’s growing Technology Corridor, far from coastal flooding and a refuge from persistently high temperatures.

If you’d like to do short term rentals while your home is listed for sale, take a look at You can get a lot of design ideas for your home. My daughter’s renting a room in her Brooklyn apartment on Airbnb. The Airbnb lisitng fee is very low. She’s clearing at least $1300 per month for a single bedroom and is typically fully booked. Her furnishings are 100% used and most of the art is the original work of artists who are unknown, but talented and hopeful.

Be creative and enjoy yourself as you go about preparing your Herkimer home for sale. You’ll have fun and make more money.

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