Climate Change Survival

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Space shades can defend us from global warming
Space shades can defend us from global warming

Climate change survival is an attainable goal that requires the hard work of communities, industries, educational institutions and governments worldwide. In 1000 years, life on this planet will be extinct unless we make sensible changes to the way we live, starting now. One of the most eminent scientists on our planet, England’s Stephen Hawking, has told us that 1000 years from now our planet Earth will have an atmosphere quite similar to that of Venus if we do not take appropriate action. Our surface temperature will reach 250 C or 482 F—a temperature higher than most meals are baked at. I’m not sure if there’s any life on our planet that can withstand this kind of heat, and certainly no animals can. Then there’s the deadly toxic atmosphere.

Some reading this might think, “1000 years, that’s a long time away. I won’t be around then, so what do I care?” They should care: temperature, climate and atmospheric composition are undergoing continuous and alarming changes. Earth will reach a condition inimical to life long before 3015. When will we begin to suffer from this horrible transition? We already have!

But the good news is that this is not inevitable. There’s already an abundance of technology and non-technological solutions that can save us from extinction. These solutions involve controlling our environment through existing, new and near future technologies, as well as by changing the way we live and by participating in communities that encourage shared resources and avoid wastefulness. We must remember if we don’t make the necessary changes some of us will perish sooner than we think and that we will leave a grim legacy for our children.

Shouldn’t our government do something? For success we mustn’t passively expect others to solve problems that are so critical to our common survival. Governments are funding research and development of graphene filters that can remove extremely dangerous pollutants from our atmosphere, oceans and fresh water. Conceptual and prototype work is underway on creating space sun shades to reduce the amount of sun that reaches Earth’s surface. This can enable us to maintain a safe surface temperature. Governments participate in commercial endeavors for the production of green energy which we can see springing up everywhere in the Mohawk Valley. (Our National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is an outstanding source of information on climate change.)

We can support green energy usage and the immediate reduction of greenhouse gases by demanding government action on all levels to provide incentives for green energy, and disincentives for use of harmful energy that pollutes our atmosphere, especially that based on the use of coal.

Care, Cooperate and Share. Consider living cooperatively and sharing resources like cars and participating in local food coops. Whenever possible create local community gardens, kitchen gardens and advocate for homeowners to raise goats and chickens. Think about ways that you can achieve goals within your community rather than wasting resources commuting. Reuse, recycle and share. If you see something wrong – fix it. Don’t ignore it. There’s so much each of us can do and so much we can accomplish as a community.

Let’s do what it takes to survive and thrive as a healthy community on our precious planet. Create an action group in your community now to begin helping your community to fight Climate Change.

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