NY Regional Temperature Change

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Detailed information on NY regional temperature change is easy to find. Are you curious about local temperature trends over the last ten years? Global warming is on our minds quite a bit these days. Getting the facts about your area will help you be prepared for change. You can obtain historical weather data from the National Climate Data Center for free and you don’t need to write a program to understand it.

Where does temperature data come from?

Data is collected at weather stations and is available for major airports. I chose Syracuse because it is our closest major airport and requested monthly data starting in 2005. This data is free and immediately available!

I created a graph of my findings above. I decided to focus on temperature extremes. I examined July mean maximum temperatures and January mean minimum temperatures. The max mean July temperature was 87.8 in 2012 and the minimum mean temperature in January 2015 was 7.7 F. Our most extreme temperatures occurred in the last 3 years.

Conduct your own temperature and climate research by visiting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration! online.

You will be able to customize your selected data by time, location and type of condition with an easy to use request form.

NY DHSES recommends extreme caution in times of extreme temperature conditions.

Temperature Extremes and Your Health

Too cold

When your body temperature is lower than 95 F, you need to get immediate medical attention and you are at risk of dying. Symptoms of hypothermia are drowsiness, loss of memory and exhaustion.

Too hot

Extreme heat can cause illness or death – especially for those who are unaccustomed to it. People cool their bodies by sweating. High humidity conditions can prevent your body from keeping cool enough. When you become unable to control your heat level by sweating you are in danger of getting heat stroke which can occur when core body temperature is over 105 F. Symptoms include headache,  sweating, seizures, nausea, fainting and inability to pay attention.

Keeping current on NY Regional Temperature Change

Our bodies function within a very narrow temperature range, so we must pay attention to extreme temperatures and take precautions. Investigating NY Regional Temperature Change will help protect us.









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