Residential fire causes and prevention methods

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Residential fire causes
Prevent your home from burning

Residential Fire Causes

There are numerous residential fire causes. Some of the causes listed by the National Fire Protection Organization are:

  • Cooking – Cooking fires are the most common cause of residential fires.
  • Electrical – These fires are caused by electrical distribution and lighting equipment malfunction. This is a major cause of garage fires.
  • Chemicals and gases – Oily rags are a frequent contributor to fires. Unstable chemicals can spontaneously combust. Such chemicals are often found in the process of meth amphetamine manufacture. There is a high risk of fire and explosion during meth cooking because of the volatile chemicals involved. Alcohol, paint thinner, gasoline and camping fuel are just of few of the dangerous ingredients that may contribute to fire.
  • Smoking materials – The National Fire Protection Organization reported that in 2011 19 percent of home structure fire deaths were caused by smoking materials.
  • Arson – This is an intentional destruction of property with fire as the means. The FBI recorded about 20 arson offenses per 100,000 people in 2010.
  • Fireworks – In 2011 fireworks caused almost 18,000 fires.

Protect your home from fire by taking precautions

The Federal Emergency Management Administration recommends some easy ways to protect your home from fire.

  1. Store flammable materials safely. Gasoline, oil, paint and propane should not be stored inside your home.
  2. Keep flammable materials away from your appliances.
  3. When charging an appliance do not plug multiple devices into the same outlet.
  4. Never use extension cords when charging appliances.
  5. Install a heat alarm rather than a smoke alarm in your garage.
  6. When cooking pay attention and keep things that can catch on fire away.

It is easy to keep safe

When you take means to prevent fire in your home you are keeping your family and your neighbors safe as well. Most preventative measures don’t cost any money at all. They are just common sense good behavior.



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