Easy Spring Garden Herkimer NY

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An easy spring garden for Herkimer Village
We should create an easy spring garden like this one in Portland OR

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to think of growing an easy spring garden. You’ll find that a minimal investment of time and money will bring you bountiful and joyous results. You can see some great examples of community gardens located in Portland, OR. Herkimer can have them too.

Share seeds with friends (over 500 seeds for $1)

I have just ordered 11,000 non GMO heirloom seeds from Amazon.com for only $19. While I have no expectations of planting them all, I think that sharing them with some neighbors might create a rash of enthusiastic gardening. Growing vegetables and fruit with your family and neighbors can save you big bucks on food. You can also learn about agriculture, science, planning and  team work.

Ask for a place to garden if needed

For those of us who don’t have anywhere to garden, it’s time to petition our mayor for some land to use as a community garden.  One place that strikes me as a reasonable location esmithmitigation 1is the recently mitigated gas manufacturing site located at E Smith st and William. It was designated as a play area for children but is very boring and under used right now.

This site is already clean and cleared and has fresh topsoil tested by  the NY Department of Environmental Services. It also has sprinklers for garden watering.

Please contact me (Linda Kaidan herkimerpost@gmail.com) if you would like to talk about community gardening. Or just contact our Mayor directly.

Your new easy spring garden can offer you a great payoff in terms of fun, education and wonderful fresh food. It’s time to get started with planning.

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