2016 Weather Extremes – Hotter and colder than ever

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by Linda Kaidan

March 9, 2016             Central Park 77 F

March 9, 2016             48 contiguous states broke record for warmest winter in recorded history

February 15, 2016       NYC record low of 1F

What does this mean?

  • Overall, temperatures are rising much faster than the gloomiest climate models have anticipated.
  • Growing worldwide food shortages will continue to hike up prices for most food products.
  • More people will starve. But many don’t have to because, they can grow food in their own back yards for pennies.

Kmart has fruit and vegetable seeds for $1.59 a pack in their garden department. A pack of Burpee Organic pea seeds can yield about 100 plants. That’s less than 4 cents a plant. It might cost you 5 cents for a tomato plant which can yield 10 to 15 pounds of tomatoes over the course of the summer. That’s right just 1 plant! You can start some plants indoors right now by cutting open a milk container poking some holes underneath, and adding some soil and a seed or 2. Squash, lettuce, tomatoes and kale seem to do well here in the Mohawk Valley. Why don’t you give it a try?

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