Morning Mohawk River Walk with Bear

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by Linda Kaidan

Mohawk Valley Walk - River Park - HerkimerI have mapped our extremely excellent morning Mohawk River Walk with Bear the dog. If you live in Herkimer Village, NY you can easily enjoy this experience too – at least whenever weather permits.

Mohawk River Walk Tree Herkimer
Is this Mohawk River tree big enough for you?

Recently, our Village has been getting an amazing makeover, provided by the people who live here. It turns out that we love nature and gardening and whether our budget is big or small, many of us manage to create exuberant environments on our adorable country lanes.

Now featured are flower boxes, gardens, wildflowers, the occasional groundhog, birds, butterflies and a stately and nearly empty river park where you can enjoy the river, ancient trees, a picnic area, fishing and even clean toilets. The best summer fun is just minutes walk away!

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Pleasant Ave. Herkimer, NY is on the Mohawk River Walk

walk 01 - CopyHerkimer River Walk

Walk 1 - Copy

Mowhawk RIver Walk Herkimer
PK’s Pub Pleasant Ave. Herkimer, NY

On to King ST – Herkimer Village NY

Mohawk River Walk Herkimer NY
King St Herkimer, NY
Red Canna Lilies against white fence

Mohawk RIver walk Herkimer, NYMohawk River Walk Herkimer NYMohawk River Walk Herkimer NY

Steele St. Herkimer, NY

Mohwak River Walk HerkimerCorner of Unpaved Kings Rd Herkimer NY and Steele Stwalk 8 - Copy walk 9 - Copy walk 10 - Copy

Mohaek River Walk Herkimer NY
Mohawk River Park approach Herkimer
walk 14
Herkimer Park Toilet–Clean and Standin’ Tall

walk 16 walk 18 walk 19Mohawk River Park Herkimerwalk 22 walk 23

Steele and King St homes herkimer
Steele and King St Homes–Herkimer

walk 21 walk 27 walk 28

Mohawk River Park Walk Herkimer Village

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