Bad Captains sink ships kill people

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Wether you’re a captain of industry, a ship or a nation, it’s clear that bad captains sink ships and kill people. In 2012, the Italian cruise ship, Costa Concordia sank as a result of the captain’s incompetence and dereliction of duty. Captain Francesco Schettino abandoned his ship carrying 4,200 passengers and crew. He was convicted of 32 counts of manslaughter.

Our country’s’s captain  is leading us into the same dangerous waters. But now our entire nation is threatened and much of the world as well. Donald Trump confuses the office of President with that of a totalitarian monarch, creating insane blunders of national policy and international diplomacy that few if any will tolerate for long. He confuses racism with national security, wastes the lives of our armed forces in ill-conceived attacks, threatens to take social security income away from millions of Americans and strives to remove Obamacare, which will cause the deaths of thousands of people each week. All this in just 2 weeks in office!

We the American people, and most people on our planet, fervently hope that some part of our government is working to remove this incompetent from his office. Just like the captain of the Costa Concordia who sank his ship and drowned so many people, our leader is endangering our entire nation and the world.

A quick fix would be to remove this dangerously incompetent leader and all the cabal of sadistic plutorcrats he’s appointed to government office.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a landslide. There is no rational reason why Southern votes should count more than California votes. BTW, California has the highest GDP of any US state and falls within the top 10 highest national economies in the world! Let’s be fair and give this country the leader elected by popular vote.

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