Vladimir Putin Unifies the World

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Putin unifies the world

A negative example can be just as powerful as a positive one. One example is how Putin unifies the world, sowing madness and mayhem. Through Putin’s puppeteering we have accepted a heinous person as the leader of our nation. He jokes about nuclear war with other national leaders at his Key Biscayne resort, shares classified information in public places, puts enemies of working people in leadership positions, fights against affordable healthcare, plans to gut Social Security, Medicare and public schools.

In support of racism, Trump attacks immigrants to the US including medical doctors and other much needed technical professionals. He doesn’t care how many die from disease or malnutrition.  There are few people who support Trump, indeed the nation and the world are unified against him. From Republicans and billionaires, to poor in rural communities, to most minorities and women, the voice of the people is powerful.

Putin unifies the world with puppet Trump as a negative example. It’s having a positive effect. An exceptional new process is emerging. It will make our country and our planet healthier. Our new found unity will drive creation of a sustainable country with security of food, housing, healthcare and green energy. Thank you, Vladimir Putin.

Linda Kaidan

Author: herkimerblog

This blog is my perspective on dwelling in our small village nestled among beautiful forests, farms and open landscapes. Educated in Israel and the US, I have an MS in Computer Science. My viewpoint has been shaped by world travel, friends and benefactors both strangers and people I know. Linda Kaidan