NYS Affordable Housing Replaces Crumbling Contaminated Building

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Herkimer Village Affordable Housing Improvements
Tan building in background under demolition will be replaced by parking for adjacent affordable housing with funding provided by New York State.

by Linda Kaidan

It’s taken many years, but the dangerous hulk of a building at the corner of Protection Ave and King Street is finally being demolished. Yesterday a Herkimer County  Official and a Rochester-based asbestos removal contractor supervised the leveling. You can view how it looked just 10 days before.

Dangerous dilapidated structure on King St Herkimer days before demolition.

The property will be repurposed as a parking lot for affordable housing residents in an adjacent complex currently under renovation. 

Herkimer Stoneridge Affordable Housing
Expected Completion 2023

Public parking is woefully unavailable in Herkimer Village. On-street overnight parking is not available either. It would be very helpful if on-street permit parking were allowed for at least one vehicle per residence. This would help many share their homes with others in a time of great housing shortage. 

New Stone Ridge Day Care
Housing Project Funded By New York State

We might also consider multi-story housing. There is much precedence in our municipality.  Ground-level could provide parking for 3 or 4 stories of small to moderate-sized apartment units above.  More public transportation could help alleviate the need for parking and reduce ever-rising fuel and maintenance costs for those dependent on their own vehicles.

New York State’s investment in affordable housing infrastructure is much appreciated :).

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