VOC Attack: Usual suspects :(

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Stop Poisoning Marley

Last night at 9:30 PM there was yet another VOC attack in which our cat Marley was poisoned. Pesticides contain Volatile Organic Compounds that’s why we call these attacks VOCing. “Using a pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling is a violation of federal law.”

An early alert was provided by our cat Marley who was sitting on top of  the kitchen table. He does not enjoy VOCing and proceeded to yowl in alarm and vomit in illness as the poison penetrated his body.

Featured prominently were the following:

  • female lookout at well lit 333 Pleasant Ave
  • red vehicle parked in front of 331
  • small black sedan with male occupant in Harriet Tangora’s driveway at unoccupied 328 Pleasant Ave (previously seen at 331 Pleasant Ave on 9/17 when female expressed a desire to kill me for listening to her conversation. Herkimer Police responded).

In a fit of ire, I rushed outside with my flashlight angrily pointed on the ruffians perpetrating this crime for the umpteenth time. This seemed to be effective as they fled the scene. (BTW it’s now over 6 hours later and Marley is again vomiting).

We know we don’t matter to you much but think about the poor cat.

sarcastically yours,

Linda Kaidan


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