Dumbest Herkimer Drive-by Gas Attack Ever

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We had a fresh Herkimer drive-by gas attack today (10.11.17), at 1452; possibly eviction related. The sheer irrationality of it is mind boggling. The attack was announced within our hearing then immediately launched before our cameras.

Around 1400, we opened our front bedroom window. In the past, this has sparked poison gas attacks and recently death threats from the Herkimer Handmaiden. But, it’s been a few weeks since the death threats and the last drive-by poison gas attack. (Probably means people were arrested.)

Two women nearby were talking about an eviction which took place today here on Pleasant Avenue. (We saw it. The Herkimer County Sheriff was involved.) The two complained that the eviction was unfair, that someone who owned a house shouldn’t be able to “just kick someone out.” (It’s New York, not Florida. There’s a multi-step eviction process.) The two obviously cared deeply about the person or persons evicted–possibly it was they.

We then heard only one side of the conversation. It ended with one woman warning the other, “You do that, you’re going to get your ass kicked.” (There’s been a major crackdown on poison gas attacks recently. The charge is probably not “spraying” but malicious wounding and conspiracy to commit murder.)

A few moments later, at 1452, came the drive by gas attack. We know exactly when it occurred as the toxic gas came through our open window. It had the usual symptoms of a pyrethrin pesticide. Surveillance cam footage shows only one likely candidate vehicle, a small black SUV. It met all the criteria: window down, slow, stopping and leaving with a screech of tires. (Mea culpa: Camera times need coordinating. System time confirms 1452.)

The front of our driveway’s the primary launch point for poison gas. Perching there signals an attack. The hand foggers used have a range of at least 30 feet. The poison mist launched from there will poison our driveway, our front porch, our garden, our pets and us. It then spreads to affect our neighbors, but sociopaths don’t care about others–they’re sociopaths.

It seems that Herkimer’s criminals believe us responsible for the transitions occurring in Herkimer. Real estate sales are up, rents have skyrocketed. Certainly we’ve served as a catalyst with our in-your-face activist blog. But migration northward is the real reason, as people increasingly move to climate change safety zones, spurred by firestorms in the West and mega hurricanes in the South.

Herkimer sits in a climate change sweet spot, undergoing changes that are only just beginning.  More people are coming. Prices will keep going up. Tenants will be moving on as proprieties are sold.

We’ve given Herkimer a very visible social media presence: No one who moves here and has done their homework has cause to say they didn’t know that Herkimer’s a frontier town. (13,000 + views of our Herkimer YouTube crime videos to date.)

There now seems a belated effort to keep the village’s more volatile personalities out of range of our cameras. Well, yeah, but there are a lot of them.

As for this attack and our attacker her friend’s probably right: she’s going get her ass kicked.



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