Herkimer Poison Gassings Are Back

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Stephen Ames Berry

Herkimer poison gassings are back. Yesterday’s nice weather signaled the start of the neighboring Stanley Sykes gang’s spring poisoning offensive. They seem to have been provoked by our gardening in our rear and front yards–certainly this sparked some hard looks from their delivery folks in the adjacent parking lot of Jay Smith’s 334 Pleasant Avenue:

Stanley Sykes gang couriers at ease. 334 Pleasant Avenue 4.22.18

Morning Poison Gassings

The first attacks were in the morning from the west. They followed the usual pattern of an insecticide hand fogger dispensing an odorless pyrethrin mist from into our backyard, probably from within the circle noted on the map in a March  posting. As with previous such attacks, it was signaled by the Sykes gang vanishing into their Jay Smith rentals.

Herkimer gas attacks map
Herkimer Gas Attacks Map – March 2018

Afternoon Poison Gassing – The Hand Maid’s Revenge?

Herkimer Hand Maid, Stanley Sykes, Joyce Barton
Herkimer Handmaidan with Sykes’ gangs Stanley Sykes and Joyce Barton (behind screen.) In Bartons driveway

The second of attack of yesterday occurred while we were out, between 1500 and 1608.  We returned to find our driveway filled with poison gas. Shortly afterwards, a young woman who appeared to be the Herkimer Hand Maid was seen looking very pleased with herself, on the sidewalk between the empty lot at 327 Pleasant Avenue and 325 Pleasant Avenue. (The Hand Maid was “referred to services” by the Herkimer Police following her death threat of  9/17/17 against Herkimer Post editor Linda Kaidan, who’d refused to close her bedroom window when ordered to by the Hand Maid. Who was in front of 331.)

Poison Gassing Spotter 331 Pleasant Avenue

Many previous poison gas attacks have been triggered merely by our opening our front door. We assume there’s a Sykes gang affiliated spotter across the street in 331  Pleasant Avenue; it’s the only occupied  house within line of sight of our doorway. The folks on the first floor of 331 are just folks. The 2nd floor, though, has long been tenanted by a known Sykes gang associate, who’s also seen with the Creepy Stalking Meth heads, and the Herkimer Hand Maid. Given the numerous police visits to his apartment ,he’s probably no stranger to the law.

I’m working on completing a major project today but will go through the camera feeds later. 

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