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Stephen Ames Berry


Drive-by gas attacks on our home continuing, on  4/24 we built an airlock:

Herkimer gas attacks airlock
No Herkimer Home Complete without A Gas Attacks Airlock

 This sparked an unrelenting and massive nighttime poison gas attack from the Sykes gang parking lot adjacent to us. (Earlier in the day, Stanley Sykes was heard to bellow that someone had “Fucked me up.”   This as his beloved red SUV was towed away.) 

The gas barrages began at around 8 pm, and  continued into the pre-dawn hours. Again an odorless pyretherin pesticide. The older surveillance camera we keep on the Sykes gang barracks rear at 334 Pleasant Avenue has wretched night vision. but its infrared optics  are great at illuminating gas, given just a little light, which the Sykes gang kindly provided  We’ve shown this useful effect in previous Sykes gang gas attack postings.

First gas attack of 4.25-26 from Sykes gang parking lot, visible only in infrared

We haven’t seen this much chemical poison dispensed by the Sykes gang since their cascading gas attacks of last August, which sickened many along Pleasant Avenue and contaminated much of South Herkimer with a moving, poisonous mist.

Given the huge volume of gas dispensed last night,the barrages had to have involved either multiple hand foggers or agricultural pesticide equipment. Other homes were surely impacted. These charming old village homes are quite porous and  can be penetrated by a Syria-level chemical attack.  Most houses aren’t as hardened against vapors as ours.

We’re eapproaching our second year of poison gassings here along Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue. We’ve had about 50 now. They’re well-documented and apparently tolerated by authorities and ignored by Sykes’ landlord, Jay Smith, who owns both 334 Pleasant Avenue and 341 Eureka Avenue.

0935 – Cat Marley just ventured out for a bit of air in our driveway. A driveby gassing attack followed within 10 minutes. Only a spotter in 331 Pleasant Avenue would have seen Marley, who is a cagey cat. Unsurprisingly many houses around us have fallen vacant, and amid a housing shortage.

Can’t spot any open car windows coincident with the drivebys. Could the Sykes gang’s paymasters  have gone to the expense of outfitting vehicles with foggers affixed to the car undercarriages?


This is our first entry in our Herkimer Spring Gas Attacks log. Seems my posting of yesterday was not well liked by some of our criminal neighbors. (That would be the Stanley Sykes gang and its allies, billeted here on Pleasant Avenue. Our cameras catch some of their activities.) 

Stanley Sytskes coming by to harasss us agan

We and much of Herkimer’s Pleasant Avenue were subjected to a series of poison gas attacks last night. Although we were the intended victims, the Usual Suspects dispensed gas from up the street, from the King Street side of Pleasant Avenue. Others were surely impacted.

The prevailing wind was from the west, spreading the gas down Pleasant Avenue

Multiple poisonous waves were dispensed–pesticides volatized with at least portable electric foggers. To keep off our cameras, criminals brazenly substituted volume for accuracy, staying out off camera range as they hosed the street with poison for hours.

A Series of Cascading Gas Attacks

This series of cascading attacks began at approximately 2330 on 4/23 and continued until about 0500 today. Attackers succeeded in creating an invisible pesticide cloud that took hours to fade.  Its effects were still discernible at 0700 as one walked west toward King Street from 330 Pleasant Avenue (us) past four houses before returning.  We wouldn’t have been the only house touched by the gas. The gas of the season still seems to be the Sykes gang’s favorite, a pyrethrin pesticide, judging from its effects, but the residue bore a chlorine odor.  Many pyrethrin compounds are odorless. (It wasn’t chlorine gas: had it been, people would be dead.)

Typical pyrethrin symptoms are asthmatic breathing, sneezing, nasal stuffiness, headache, nausea, loss of coordination, tremors, convulsions, facial flushing and swelling, and burning and itching sensations. Small children are especially vulnerable.

We haven’t experienced an attack as wanton and depraved as this since a mega poison gas attack of last August,  which affected much of South Herkimer, immersing it in a rolling fog of multiple pesticides one muggy summer’s night. It left behind sick people, dead cats and toxic yards.

Rather than choke the blog with multiple poisoning, we’ll do what we did during last year’s poison gas campaigns, updating this post  as needed and using it as a living document.

Off to wash my gas mask and have some medicinal cognac. (That military training stays with you.) 


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